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Sakura and Sarada about to collide! Cha! (Image via Studio Pierrot)

10 most iconic Naruto catchphrases, ranked

Naruto has many iconic catchphrases from Sakura's heavy exclamation of "Cha!" to "Believe it!"

This helps mold and shape the personality, or at least gives some dimension to the character saying it. It's the same with other shonen anime and anime catchphrases.


With that in mind, here are Naruto's most iconic catchphrases ranked by memorability and repetition.

Note: All this is just the author's opinion. Further, the article will contain Naruto spoilers.


Naruto's 10 most iconic catchphrases

10) Kore/Yo


Konohamaru's way of ending sentences is rather rude, as the word Kore (translated as "Hey!", "Oi!", or "Yo!") is used to address someone inferior or an equal. Konhamru used it a lot when speaking, since he didn't exactly have anyone's respect.

Konohamaru had to drop his catchphrase when disguising himself as Naruto when posing as him in the Hokage acceptance ceremony. That part was funny at the very least, otherwise, it's a common phrase unless someone uses it to be rude.


9) Usuratonkachi/You Loser


This disrespectful phrase was hurled at Naruto during the early days of the series by teammate Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke had said this about Naruto plenty of times due to his perceived superiority over Naruto, since he only saw his teammate as some chump who got lucky. It dropped when Sasuke killed Itachi.

In Boruto, Sasuke modified the phrase to usuratonkachi, meaning someone who hates to lose, to show his respect for Naruto and Boruto. The derogatory phrase is memorable for how many times Naruto and Sasuke fought and bickered, and the new phrase is gaining traction as a sign of Sasuke's growth among fans.

8) Nazenara/That's Because


On the one hand, Nazenara sounds like a casual phrase in conversation. On the other hand, it was Shino's catchphrase that helped Naruto identify Shino when he returned to the village in Naruto Shippuden. Nazenara is also a word used to mark Shino as having an odd speech pattern.

Given that Shino is a rather odd person who prefers bugs to people, it suits him well. It can be used in common speech, mostly as a response to an assertion or question asking for an explanation. Again, it is also Shino's common verbal tic which helps get the character down for fans as an oddball.

7) Geijutsu wa bakuhatsu da/Art is an explosion!


Akatsuki explosives expert Deidara had this catchprase. It formed the core belief of his art: essentially, art is a single, beautiful, fleeting moment that makes an impact like an explosion does.

Deidara often used it to reinforce his twisted explosive art as he destroyed things or maimed people with it.

The catchphrase was also Deidara's last words before he divebombed Sasuke Uchiha with a massive clay bird during Naruto Shippuden. Its use there, combined with the many forms of explosive "art" Deidara used throughout the series, made the phrase iconic in many fans minds.

6) Seishun/The Power of Youth!


This catchphrase is more of a motto, but it forms Might Guy's core belief in not only youth but the power of staying young. Its true meaning is known only to Guy and a few select others, but whatever its true meaning, it makes Guy as infectiously positive and willing to break himself training and fighting.

It was even referenced when he opened the Eight Gates and kicked Madara Uchiha practically into the stratosphere later on in Shippuden. It helped that Rock Lee and his son Metal Lee also picked up on it to continue their training and optimism.

5) Bakayarō! Konoyarō!/Fools, ya fools!


Killer B raps quite a lot, and this phrase is used on friends and foes alike. It's mostly derogatory though, reserved for enemies who dare to step up to the Eight Tails Jinchuriki with hostility.

It suits him since he aspires to be the world's greatest rapper, constantly writing down rhymes in his rhyme book even if they're duds.

He often gets rhymes from fighting opponents too, so he often pauses in battle to write them down. It's definitely memorable in its usage, even calling out some pretty powerful people with it.

Killer B ain't a slouch in the power department either, so it's no idle insult or boast.

4) Mata Kondo Da/Again, next time


Well, this is a heartbreaking catchphrase. It belonged to Itachi Uchiha, and was used alongside poking Sasuke's forehead as an apology for not having time to spend with him. Unfortunately, it was also used by Itachi when he died as he said there wouldn't be a next time.

Sasuke would also use it at the end of Shippuden, poking Sakura's forehead and saying she'll see him next time.

It's a memorable phrase for how many times Itachi used it, representing a nostalgic feeling for a past long gone and Sasuke's promise to return.

3) Mendokusē/How troublesome/What a drag


Shikamaru Nara embodies the phrase "brilliant, but lazy." Hence, the catchphrase. Shikamaru's history with the catchphrase is that he used it as a kid in response to any sort of challenge or responsibility that he was faced with, as a complaint or an excuse to avoid work.

After the Sasuke Recovery Mission arc, Shikamaru changed it up to use it on tasks that he'd anticipate despite the hefty challenge. It helps that it's very easy to say too, granting it memorability from that and its constant usage was a major indicator of Shikamaru's slacker attitude.

2) Shannarō!/Cha!


Sakura Haruno's phrase of choice is infectiously forceful and aggressive, which is why it's loved amongst fans. She mostly uses it when angry or annoyed by Naruto's antics. It was mostly used by Inner Sakura, a manifestation of her inner anger, aggression, and true feelings but came out more in Shippuden.

As for why it's memorable? Sakura used it when hitting things and people, and Sarada in Boruto does the same too. Though it has no direct translastion, it's often translated to "Hell yeah!", "Hell no!", or "Damn it!".

The Cha! is more well known and used among English speakers, especially after something particularly difficult.

1) Dattebayo/Dattebane/Dattebasa (You know/Believe it)


This phrase has to be an Uzumaki family tradition, because Naruto, his mother Kushina, and his son Boruto all use it and variations on it. Naruto used it at the end of his sentences as if it was a period or exclamation point. With Kushina, it was when she was angry or annoyed. Boruto uses it the same as his dad.

As for memorability? It's one of the most iconic anime catchphrases. It's used by fans seriously and unironically, and sometimes in memes too.

The phrase, "Believe it!", despite being dropped from the Chunin Exams in the English dub of the show, got used a lot. "Dattebayo" remains Naruto's staple catchphrase.

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