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Shouko and Tadano in Komi Can't Communicate (Image via OLM studio)

10 most likable characters in the Komi Can’t Communicate anime

Komi Can’t Communicate is definitely one of the most wholesome anime of Spring 2022, along with shows like Spy X Family and Kaguya-same: Love is War. But even within a romantic comedy, viewers are bound to have favorites, and even have characters they dislike.

Thoug most characters in this anime have their own charms, this article lists some of the most wholesome and likable characters introduced in the anime till now.

Finished watching Komi San Wa Season 1! Really enjoyed it!

Charming, like the characters, that one episode with the smash bros Melee reference was fun. The funniest parts of the anime was people overreacting over every little thing that had to do with Komi San. 🤣Fun anime

Spoilers for the Komi Can’t Communicate anime ahead.


Some of the most likable characters introduced in

Komi Can’t Communicate season 1 & 2


10) Netsuno Chika

Netsuko Chika was first introduced in Komi Can’t Communicate season 1, during the sports festival. She initially misjudges Shouko to be cold and stand-offish, but warms up to her after seeing her determination to win even after tripping and falling down.

True to her character-theme of ranking people in celsius degrees, Netsuko acknowledges her competitive spirit to be an enthusiastic 120 degrees.


9) Nakanaka Omoharu

Nakanaka is one of Shouko’s classmates at school. Her personality and mannerisms are defined by her chuunibyou tendencies. But she is also one of the first people who become friends with Shouko, after Tadano and Najimi.

Nakanaka is shown to be a bit of a tsundere, feigning nonchalance when Shouko visits her house, attempting to get closer to her by introducing her to video games.

A less pleasant side of her personality comes to the forefront whenever Yamai Ren tries to compete with her for Shouko’s attention, both wanting to be her best friend. But overall, Nakanaka is a pretty likable character in the anime.

8) Komi Shousuke

Shouko’s younger brother, Shoosuke, was briefly seen in season 1 of the anime, but didn’t leave much of an impression beyond his obvious good looks and inheriting the Komi family’s social awkwardness.

But season 2 episode 4 gave viewers a glimpse into his personality, revealing that his relationship with Shouko is much like any sibling bond, with Shousuke grudgingly following his sister around the store and judging her gift choices.

Please, Shosuke 🤣

Anime: Komi Can't Communicate
#KomiCantCommunicate #KomiSan

He begins speed walking away as soon as Shouko tries to make him talk to the cashier, but proves to be full of surprise, the narrator stating that Shosuke could speak when he had to, he probably just does not like it.


7) Komi Masayoshi

Komi Masayoshi might seem like a silent and intimidating presence on the outside, but the anime proves that he is just as misunderstood and socially anxious as his daughter. Despite his poor communication skills, he tries to bond with his daughter, taking her out for ice cream in season 1 and asking about her school life.

He appears stoic but has a goofy side to him, which makes him uncannily similar to Shouko.

In season 2 episode 3, he sees her looking excited upon hearing the sweet potato truck going by, and wordlessly hands her some money to go buy roasted sweet potatoes.

6) Otori Kaede

Otori is one of the few classmates Shouko was able to open up to near the beginning of the series, without Tadano’s help. Like most of their classmates, Otori wanted to be friends with Shouko, but her laid-back nature meant that she was not obsessed with her like the others.


Her personality also allowed her to approach Shouko directly, and with a little mediation by Onemine, Shouko was able to become friends with the gentle girl, who some of the boys in their class described as being “a bit like a mother” during one of their fantasizing sessions.

5) Komi Shuuko

It goes without saying that this list would be incomplete without Shouko’s mother. Komi Shuuko was first introduced in season 1 of the anime and proved to be the utter opposite of her daughter in terms of personality. She is as extroverted and talkative as Masayoshi, Shouko and Shosuke are silent, but she seems comfortable with being the only one talking.

She is shown to have a cheerful and bright personality with a mischievous streak, asking Tadano and Shinobino to kiss as a dare during Shouko’s birthday party in season 2 episode 4.

4) Osana Najimi


Osana Najimi is a hit-or-miss character among audiences, despite their obvious popularity among classmates. But they are undeniably a force of nature, and primarily responsible for concocting scenarios that push Tadano and Shouko closer to each other, either intentionally or otherwise.

But the overall verdict of most Komi Can’t Communicate fans is that Najimi is a moodmaker in most episodes and a likable character overall.

3) Onemine Nene

Onemine Nene is the default “big sister” of the class, always considerate and highly perceptive. She is the first person who noticed Shouko’s crush on Tadano and teases her about it. She also notices Tadano’s growing interest in Shouko even before he himself does, pushing them closer and supporting them from afar.

In season 2 episode 2, she even takes a picture of Shouko petting a cat and sends it to Tadano, knowing he will appreciate it. She is the classmate whom everyone likes.


2) Tadano Hitohito

Tadano Hitohito is a gentleman through and through, even if he is considered average or ordinary in Komi Can’t Communicate. His observational skills surpass even Onemine’s, enabling him to easily look past people’s outward appearances and accurately guess how they thought processes work.

Tadano is a character who is often overlooked by his classmates, but is immensely liked by audiences for his thoughtfulness and for being a generally nice person.

Not only does he help Shouko make friends and go out of his way to make her happy, but also becomes friends with Katai in season 2 when the latter is at the verge of giving up.

1) Komi Shouko


Shouko is, unsurprisingly, the most beloved of all the characters in the show. Despite barely speaking, her adorable mannerisms and gentle nature have won the hearts of fans of the series.

Her goofy side only makes her more appealing, making her human and not the idolized ’goddess’ that most of her classmates saw her as at the beginning. Audiences are charmed as she tries to gradually overcome her communication disorder, and viewers find themselves cheering at every little headway she makes.

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season Ep 3
It was funny watching Nakanaka and Yamai trying to understand Komi better. Tadano asked them to guess what Komi was thinking in different situations. They didn't do well at it #KomisanwaKomyushouDesu #KomiCantCommunicate #KomiSan

Komi Can’t Communicate features an ensemble of odd and quirky characters who might or might not be appealing to viewers. But all of them become friends who Shouko cherishes, and that grants them bonus points.

Even characters like Agari Himiko and Yamai Ren, clearly created to satirize s*xual fetishes and p*rversion, are thus somewhat redeemed.

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