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Marvel's Galactus vs. Dragon Ball's Beerus fanmade image (Image via leopoldthebrave wiki/Paleomario66)

10 Marvel universe characters who can beat Dragon Ball's Beerus

Of all the universes, Dragon Ball Super's Beerus, aka "God of Destruction," taking on characters from the Marvel universe would be an exciting fight to behold. Considering Beerus can vaporize planets with his nails and has never been seen fighting at full power, it's quite the matchup, considering he can trounce many in Marvel.

Using a godly and cosmic level of power with the characters available, this article will attempt to dive into 10 Marvel characters that could prospectively take on Beerus in a 1v1 matchup.


Note: Beerus' full power has yet to be tapped. This will contain plenty of guesswork. It is also subject to the author's opinion and will contain abridged Marvel history and spoilers.

These Marvel characters might beat Beerus


1) The One Above All


The One Above All sees through many eyes, builds with many hands, and is, in general, the supreme ruler of the Marvel multiverse. He is the ultimate god and cosmic source of good and love in the Marvel universe. Rarely intervening unless necessary, the One Above All is split between this form and its demonic counterforce entity, the One Below All.

Like the One Above All, they are omnipotent, compassionate, omniscient, and omnipresent. It only comes down to aiding those who need the air in times of genuine crisis. The One Below All is the opposite, as it destroys and consumes everything in near mindless hunger to destroy life and make way for a new universe to spawn.

Beerus would be in trouble - an understatement - though the God of Destruction hasn't fought at his hardest. All things considered, Beerus would be wise to steer clear of this matchup.


2) The Beyonder


Nothing is impossible for the Beyonder to accomplish. The Beyonder proved this statement in the crossover Secret Wars, where he teleported heroes.

This included The Hulk, Spider-Man, members of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers, alongside many villains like Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Ultron, and Galactus massive patchwork planet called Battleworld and had them battle for his amusement.

The Beyonder's powers have generally fluctuated due to Marvel's penchant for retcons. To simply these powers, The Beyonder is indeed a reality-warping god. He conquered Earth with a thought, created Battleworld with pieces from hundreds of planets, can assimilate knowledge throughout the multiverse, and can easily change matter and reality at will.

He was at one time only surpassed by the One Above All. Seeing as his entire thing is accomplishing things with a mere thought, Beerus probably wouldn't stand a chance.

3) Thor (Old King version)


In an alternative universe, one of many in the Marvel Universe, Thor fused with the Phoenix Force and began fighting on cosmic levels against the literal forces of darkness and entropy.

After darkening the sun, Loki had to try killing the embodiment of darkness, the All-Black, only to be gutted by Gorr, the god butcher. It took all of Thor's strength and Loki's illusions to destroy the god butcher's supermassive black hole that would've destroyed all existence.

In the epilogue, Thor also sacrificed himself to stop the literal embodiment of darkness and entropy from consuming the universe.

He would be a good match for Beerus, considering this feat of cosmos shaking and shattering proportions. Beerus has never fought all out, so it may be more than a bit of a challenge.

4) The Marquis of Death


The Marquis of Death is a multi-versal cosmic horror that's wiped out entire multiverses. An alternate version of an ordinary boy named Clyde Wyncham Jr. became this horror after slaughtering villains that came to kill him.

The Marquis of Death has the power to alter reality as he sees fit. He's done so by wiping out the entire Multiverse and was only stopped from battling his prime self and then his apprentice, a magically altered Doctor Doom.

Seeing as Beerus doesn't quite reach the level of being able to destroy entire multiverses (that's Zeno's job), he probably would be killed by the Marquis of Death.

5) The Living Tribunal


The Living Tribunal, aka the Living Trinity, is meant to be a Marvel multi-versal safeguard. They are intended to protect the multiverse from an imbalance of mystical forces, preventing Good or Evil from overwhelming the multiverse.

It also has three sides to its personality: the front face of equity, the hooded right face of necessity, and the left of revenge. All three must agree before intervention.

The Living Tribunal is powerful enough to obliterate planets, turn stars into supernovas with a mere flick, and was powerful enough to nullify the Infinity Gems. The Tribunal was powerful enough to rival and overcome Infinity and Eternity and sealed off an alternate Earth to prevent devastation from spreading outward.

Like the One above All, only probably able to take advantage of the three heads needing to agree, Beerus would need to avoid tangoing with this one.

6) Eternity


Eternity is the Marvel Universe incarnate. Essentially, the representative being of all that is and will be in the universe, all the planets and beings live within Eternity. He is the alpha and omega end of the Marvel Universe and brother to Inifinity, who represents infinite growth.

Though Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion represent concepts, they are by no means weak. Eternity is the personification of time, and as such, his powerset includes nigh omnipotence, unlimited power to manipulate time, energy, matter, space, magic, or reality, and restoring planets that are destroyed.

Trying to tango with Eternity is probably beyond Beerus, considering how Eternity is the universe. That's what Zeno is for!

7) The Celestials


The Celestials are older than the cosmos itself and are the actual progenitors of humanity and mutant kind. A war between them shattered the first multiverse. the Celestials are involved in creating new universes, including that of the Prime Marvel Universe, aka universe 616. They also send the Eternals down to ensure civilization develops to birth a new Celestial.

They are as giant as Galactus and dwarf over planets. Since they were born from planets, this is a given. They are meant to create new planets and galaxies and have powersets to match.

They can alter reality and shape the universe, have nigh immortality and omnipotence, and are powerful enough to withstand combined blows that can shatter planets.

Beerus is already below the power set of the multiversal destroyer Zeno, so to say he doesn't have a chance against the creators of Marvel's universe is a bit of an understatement. The above is an abridged history and powerset too long to fit here.


8) Galactus

Galactus eats planets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the most hostile Celestial the Marvel Universe has. It takes a lot of smarts and the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and damn near all of the Marvel Universe, to even dent Galactus.


He even overcame Odin, the ancient Sorcerer Supreme Agimotto, and affected entire galaxies while fighting Mephisto. He also possesses unlimited strength and is practically immortal.

His only real weakness is his ceaseless hunger. It's speculated by Oblivion that if his ancient fight against other cosmic beings like The Other and Scrier hadn't ceased, they would've destroyed the multiverse.

Beerus may have one advantage. He can quickly destroy planets, but not enough to stop this Marvel giant from consuming as much as he needs.

9) Legion


Here's an obscure X-Men character that's practically an Omega-level mutant. Omega levels mean they have no foreseeable limitations on their powers, for the record. This list includes such massive hitters as Emma Frost, Jean Gray, Franklin Richards, and Vulcan.

It was a tossup between Franklin Richards and Legion, but Legion won out. Because despite the practical omnipotence of Franklin Richards, he also suffered from his divine power being lost after restoring reality.

On the other hand, Legion has such a huge variety of powers, it's ridiculous. Everything from time manipulation to reality alterations and reflecting any attack are all him to control depending on the personality he takes on.

This would heavily depend on the persona being put out, but arguably, the strength of his strongest time and reality-warping personas would be able to pressure, if not defeat, Beerus. It won't be easy, but it's doable.

10) Mad Jims Jaspers


A conservative British politician with reality-warping abilities. Seriously, though, Jaspers isn't a Marvel villain to be trifled with. His powers and abilities can dwarf even cosmic-level entities.

Like Dragon Ball Super's Zamasu, it became necessary to destroy an entire timeline to stop his powerful reality-warping from bleeding into the omniverse and infinity itself.

To be clear, one of the Jaspers had the power to warp and twist reality to the extent where he had to be teleported to a universe where there was no mass or matter to manipulate to beat him.

He's considered especially dangerous in the Marvel universe and his ability to warp reality has even given him the ability to reconstitute his body, even in a vacuum.

Beerus would probably need Zeno's help if Jaspers ever gains the infinite reality-warping power and nearly goes Infinite Zamasu on a Marvel universe.

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