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Vegeta as seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

10 Marvel Universe superheroes who wouldn't stand a chance against Vegeta from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta is one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise, and he often draws comparisons to Marvel superheroes as a result. Being such a large multiverse of stories and incarnations, there are certainly those who surpass not only Vegeta but all Dragon Ball characters.

The home base of Marvel Comics is the Earth-616 line of characters, which represent the heroes in their base forms. When going off of the 616 variants, there are many that Dragon Ball’s Vegeta can overpower, which may not be the same in other universes.


Here are 10 Marvel Universe superheroes from the Earth-616 universe who are no match for Vegeta from Dragon Ball.

Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man, and other 616 Marvel heroes who are no match for Dragon Ball's Vegeta


1) Spider-Man

Spider-Man as seen in the Marvel comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Despite Spider-Man's many skills, there’s almost no scenario in which the standard web-slinger is stronger than Dragon Ball’s Vegeta. His smarts and skills are impressive, but his overall strength and power is relatively lacking in this comparison.

From physical strength to various abilities, New York’s web-slinging superhero is severely outclassed.

2) Hawkeye

Hawkeye as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Hawkeye’s main powers are his sharpshooting accuracy via the use of a bow and arrow. Even taking Hawkeye at his most powerful, he likely wouldn't be able to even lay a scratch on his Saiyan opponent.


Comparing the two in base or any other form, it’s clear he’s weaker than the Prince of all Saiyans.

3) Black Widow

Black Widow as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Much like Hawkeye, Black Widow is a normal human who merely excels in a specific form of combat. Without having superhuman powers of any kind, it’s essentially impossible for her to become stronger than Vegeta.

The necessary skills and strength simply aren’t there, in nearly every version and form of the Russian assassin.

4) Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Squirrel Girl’s powers are somewhat unimpressive, relatively speaking. She is in possession of super strength, particularly in her jaw region, but Vegeta also possesses such strength.

Having trained at more than 400 times Earth’s gravity, it’s unlikely her superhuman strength surpasses his.

5) Daredevil

Daredevil as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is certainly an impressive hero within the Marvel Universe, boasting superhuman strength. However, considering Vegeta’s aforementioned gravity training experience, it’s unlikely Daredevil’s superhuman strength is the superior one here.

6) Ant-Man

Ant-Man (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Ant-Man’s strength varies depending on his size and which variant of the superhero is being considered. In his standard-size base form, however, he has the strength of a typical human male.

Obviously, removing all bells and whistles, there’s simply no way he can match Dragon Ball’s Vegeta in terms of strength, let alone surpass it.

7) Star-Lord

Star-Lord as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Although stronger than the average human male thanks to his hybrid body, Star-Lord still falls short of superhuman strength. Lacking this important skill, it’s extremely likely that he’s weaker than Dragon Ball’s Vegeta, who trains in hundreds of times Earth’s gravity just to get a good workout in.

8) Falcon

Falcon as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Falcon’s strength is classified as “peak human strength” rather than superhuman strength, indicating that he can’t quite crack the barrier that is humanity.

Meanwhile, Super sees Vegeta quite literally training with and adapting the forms of Gods. Clearly, his strength is on a higher plane than the Marvel superheroes.

9) War Machine

War Machine as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Like Falcon, War Machine is also classified as having peak human strength rather than superhuman strength.

Also like Falcon, he has no chance of surpassing Dragon Ball’s Vegeta while still being bound by the chains of mortality.

10) Black Panther

Black Panther as seen in the comics (Image via Marvel Entertainment)

Black Panther makes for an interesting comparison in strength to Dragon Ball’s Vegeta. His suit allows for the manipulation of kinetic energy, granting him short bursts of incredible strength. However, other heroes on this list have been assessed in their base form without any equipment.

Black Panther’s own natural strength is classified as peak human strength, much like the others on this list. Also like the others on this list, this unfortunately means Vegeta’s strength is on a higher plane than his own, clearly identifying him as the weaker of the two.

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