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The alien progenitors of the Naruto universe (Image via Viz Media)

10 Otsutsuki members in Naruto, ranked based on design

Naruto fans will likely remember the moment, at the end of Shippuden, when an alien dropped in from space to become the final boss. They will likely remember this as a bizarre Deus ex machina, and it absolutely was, but the concept has since developed.

The Otsutsuki Clan are a parasitic family of aliens who travel the galaxy, consuming the life energy of every planet they encounter. A millennium before the events of the story, a clan member arrived on Earth and gave mankind Chakra, creating shinobi.


Note: This contains some spoilers for Naruto: Shippuden and Boruto. The article reflects the author's opinion.

Naruto: Ten best Otsutsuki Clan members, based on design


10) Asura

The originator of the endless feud (Image via Viz Media)

Asura is the younger son of Hagoromo and carried a chip on his shoulder for the rest of his life. Naruto loves to depict events recurring endlessly, so the first iteration of the Naruto vs Sasuke rivalry occurred between Asura and his brother.

Asura is the progenitor of the Uzumaki and the Senju clan, making him responsible for both the Hidden Leaf Village and its greatest son.

Design-wise, there just isn't much going on with Asura. He looks like one of the proctor characters from the Chunin exams. He's cool to watch in motion, but as a static design, he's dull. The first Naruto is a boring concept for a final boss.


9) Indra

The older brother (Image via Viz Media)

The elder son and Ashura's eternal rival, Hagoromo's firstborn son, loses the battle for his father's attention but wins the competition of looking cool. Indra is the ancestor of the tumultuous Uchiha clan and the creator of ninjutsu.


Similar to his brother being the original Naruto, Indra is the original Sasuke and the basis for every figure before him.

Indra also resembles a normal human being, but his haircut looks a bit cooler. Indra has a near omnipresent Sharingan, which adds some flair through his red eyes.

He also wears some rock star-esque eye makeup that adds a splash of color to his design. The duo wear the same outfit and have the same hair color, so it's the subtle details that separate them.

8) Toneri

The sole survivor on the moon (Image via Viz Media)

First depicted as the villain of The Last: Naruto the Movie, Toneri spent most of his life isolated on the moon. He holds an unrequited love for Hinata and an overwhelming hatred of mankind.

Toneri seeks to destroy mankind for weaponizing the Chakra that his family gave them. His motivations are routinely justified by his sad backstory and life spent alone.

Toneri has soft features and pale skin. He lost his eyes, but steals a pair from Hanabi, granting him cool glowing irises. Rather than the emblems most of his clan wears on their cloaks, he has them tattooed on his collarbone.

His more androgynous anime boy appearance stands out against Asura and Indra, even though he's less important to the plot.

7) Hamura

The younger twin (Image via Viz Media)

Hamura is the son of Kaguya and the twin brother of Hagoromo. He and his brother were the first beings to use Chakra. The duo did battle with their mother, sealing her away. Hamura lived on the moon to watch over her and later died peacefully in bed, surrounded by loved ones.

Hamura is the first ancestor of the Hyuga clan and the most peaceful member of the clan. He's a horned, long-haired, white-eyed man in the traditional garb of his people. He's the first on the list to bear the horns of his people, and they add a lot to his design.

6) Kinshiki

Momoshiki's bodyguard (Image via Viz Media)

There isn't much going on with Kinshiki's place in the narrative. He's a very powerful warrior who was capable of crafting energy weapons. He acts as the muscle for his foster son and later sacrifices himself to ensure his boy's success.

Kinshiki is the only member of the group with a unique body shape. Every team needs a big guy, and his sheer mass makes him unique. Kinshiki lost part of a horn in a duel with Sasuke, and that battle damage also contributed to his unique appearance.

5) Hagoromo

Kaguya's eldest (Image via Viz Media)

The Sage of Six Paths who traveled to Earth to give mankind Ninshu. Hagoromo is recognized as the second most powerful being of all time. He seals his mother away within himself to become the first jinchuriki. He's one of the most important figures in the Naruto universe.

Hagoromo bears a striking face, with his facial hair, horns, and third eye. He's the first design on the list to feel truly alien. Anyone looking at Hagoromo would recognize him as a powerful godlike being, and that level of design clarity is impressive.

4) Urashiki

The new arival (Viz Media)

Urashiki is exclusive to the anime, he was supposedly drawn up for the movie but was cut for time. He travels to Earth to find the God Tree, like his siblings. He steals the attacks of his foes and does battle with a variety of the series' heroes. He seeks to steal the Tailed Beasts' chakra but is taken down at every turn by Naruto and his friends.

Urashiki's default appearance isn't all that interesting, but once he eats his own eyes and unlocks his final form, he's staggering. His horns turn into wing-like growths, his fingers become horrific talons, and his new avian form is striking. When this clan unleashes their monstrous form, they start to become much more interesting designs.

3) Kaguya

The grand finale of Shippuden (Image via Viz Media)

Kaguya is the matriarch of the clan and the secret final adversary of the original Naruto. She became the Ten-Tails and the first being to wield chakra on Earth. She went mad with power and was imprisoned by her twin sons for generations. Sometime later, she was revived to face off against the heroes of the show.

Kaguya is the baseline example for her clan, she's the design that is most associated with the Otsutsuki. Her rabbit-like horns, flowing hair, pure white eyes, and red third eye stand out. She's a spectacular design as the final foe of Naruto. Furthermore, Kaguya is instantly recognizable as a threat.

2) Isshiki

The leader of Kara (Image via Viz Media)

The adoptive father of Kawaki and the voice inside of Jigen, Isshiki is not the most important Otsutsuki member, but he is interesting. He was meant to be sacrificed by Kaguya for the God Tree, but he survived his encounter with her. Living for years within the monk's body, Isshiki found his target in Kawaki.

Isshiki is an incredible design, his asymmetrical head, one dead eye, bizarre scalp detail, and fashionable outfit are excellent. He's monstrous, one of the only designs that looks effortlessly menacing. Isshiki could star in a horror anime, but he's a perfect villain in Naruto.


1) Momoshiki

Boruto's curse (Image via Viz Media)

Momoshiki arrives on Earth, just like most of the clan, to investigate Kaguya and seek the God Tree. He's one of the first big threats faced by Naruto's son Boruto. After a do-or-die battle, he places a mark on the boy.

Boruto's Karma is one of the most important parts of the ongoing narrative, so Momoshiki's influence remains long after his death.

Momoshiki's early design isn't all that interesting, but his monstrous third form is one of the coolest designs in Naruto history. After consuming Kinshiki, he becomes an immensely threatening figure.

The multiple golden eyes, wild hair and black paint make up for a menacing sight. He's a perfect villain design, and his later appearances only make him cooler each time.

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