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Sakura Haruno (Image via Naruto Anime)

10 most pointless anime characters of all time

The term pointless can be seen as subjective in the grand scheme of things, and some would be correct in that assessment. In terms of anime, this can make or break a character. In terms of usefulness, fighting is the core theme of shonen and should be utilized.

The utter chaos that can ensue from a weak character can have terrible consequences for the dynamic of an arc. Power is only subjective to those in battle, especially those who survive.


Training can only take someone so far unless plot armor says otherwise. Nothing can be done about it, whether one wishes for it or not.

Note: This article is based on the views of its writer.

Sakura and Happy among most pointless characters in anime

1) Shino

Shino specializes in insect-based techniques (Image via Naruto Anime)

Shino was a Shinobi in the land of Fire. He had power over insects and worked with Hinata and Kiba. He was a pointless ninja because he hardly did anything in the anime.

He is hardly shown in the anime, so his Jutsu goes uncalled for in later arcs throughout the series. He doesn't seem to strive for much, and his powers fall to the wayside.

2) Kiba

Kiba uses Akamaru in his ninjutsu (Image via Naruto Anime)

Kuba was a Shinobi in Konoha who used Akamaru as part of his ninjutsu. However, he was utterly pointless as he hardly ever won a serious fight.

He claims to want peace for Konoha, yet Naruto utterly annihilated him during the Chuunin Exams by farting on his face.

3) Hinata

Himata uses an ocular ability (Image via Naruto Anime)

Hinata was once the heiress to the noble Hyuuga Clan, who specializes in the way of the Byakugan. Despite this, she was relinquished from the title of heir and forced to reconsider her options.

She is pointless because she has hardly won a fight. In the Chunnin Exams, she was severely wounded by her cousin Neji, a boy of lower rank, and he advanced to the finals. Her other failures come into play daily, and it's a wonder why she hasn't died yet.

4) Sakura

Sakura Haruno hails from no clan, nor does she possess any particular Jutsu. However, Tsunade took hold of her and tried to teach her the ways of a medical ninja.


It was not meant to be, as her abilities are nothing more than child's play. When battling Sasori, she needed help from Lady Chiyo, or else she would have perished. Her pointlessness knows no bounds.

5) Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy has the power of celestial keys (Image via Fairy Tail Anime)

Lucy comes from a prosperous background, though she aims to become the strongest mage. Her ambition could be seen as inspiring, though the execution is baffling.

Her celestial spirit keys were rendered pointless in the face of danger as Natsu had to rescue her in several battles. Even though she can summon multiple spirits a day, it isn't very meaningful.

6) Happy

Happy the Blue Cat Mage (Image via Fairy Tail Anime)

Happy is a blue cat that specializes in magic. He has the ability to fly and wishes to help Natsu along his journey to greatness. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Happy isn't that great an ally.


His flight and magical abilities are not as functional as they could be in terms of battle. His pointlessness adds nothing to the battles, and his motivations fall flat.

7) Omaeda

Omaeda and Gegetsuburi have the most intense and damaging food fight! Coming Soon! hyperurl.co/1j7cnj #BraveSouls
4:10 AM · Aug 15, 2018

A lieutenant of the Second Division, Omaeda works for the Soul Society under Captain Sui Feng. However, he doesn't deserve the title as his strength is nonexistent.

He was defeated by Ichigo in one hit in an embarrassing fight, though it could hardly be called that. As a lieutenant, he didn't put up much of a fight to be called such a thing.

8) Sado

Sado was a human who joined the Soul Society at a young age. Despite him winning and losing some battles, his powers lessen during certain arcs, thus his pointlessness.


During the Ryoka Invasion, Sado encounters Captain Shunsui, and they engage in a fierce battle. However, he's brutally defeated in an embarrassing loss.

9) Hitsugaya

Tōshirō Hitsugaya 日番谷 冬獅郎
10:30 AM · Aug 10, 2021

Hitsugaya is one of many souls to be the Captain of the 10th Division. Despite possessing such a title, he needs help more often than not in certain circumstances. His pointlessness expands in specific battles during the anime.

In his fight with Luppi, the battle came to a draw as he escaped. Hitsugaya should have captured him when he had the chance but failed.

10) Momo



"But what that signifies is that I am here as 'the officer responsible for the Fifth Division'. Not as 'Captain Aizen's subordinate'. That man is now the enemy of Soul Society."

10:43 AM · Apr 21, 2020

Momo is a lieutenant of the 5th Division. However, her usefulness stops there as she usually needs a partner to balance out certain fights, or else she will fail.

As she fights for the 10th Division, it seems as if everything collapses in the heat of the moment. When the battle comes to a draw, her pointlessness is palpable.


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