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Milotic does look like a Dragonair evolution (Image via OLM Incorporated, Pokemon Journeys)

10 Pokemon with the most beautiful designs, ranked

The world of Pokemon is full of amazing creatures that go beyond what audiences could have imagined. From dragons to legendary birds, the franchise has many great and inspiring designs that can appeal to anyone.

But some designs are just stunning to look at. Their colors, aesthetics, and the small details that complement their designs make them a treat to the sight.


10) Shaymin (Land Form)

Smol round Shaymin? Yeah sir, but make it Christmas themed 🦔
Parece mentira que siendo mi Pokémon favorito apenas lo dibuje xD

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One of the most beautiful legendaries of them all, Shaymin is such a cute Pokemon to look at while in Land Form. Shaymin’s design knows how to use the grass-type traits of the creature to make it look adorable.

A bush-like fur on top of a cute hedgehog, with flowers on either side of its head. Shaymin is a great example of a beautiful design. And while its Sky form is still pretty cute, the landform takes the cake.


9) Bewear

Most bear-inspired Pokemon in the franchise are designed with intimidation in mind. But Bewear came during the seventh generation to break that stereotype. Bewear is the cutest bear in the franchise with a cuddly and lovable appearance.


That does not mean it is not a dangerous creature. It is very territorial, and its arms still possess massive strength that could gravely harm anyone who approaches without caution. A cute and amazing design that hides a mighty power behind it.

8) Mega Diancie

@ThatForte @Lewchube I know, right? It created a rapier out of diamonds to duel a Mega Gallade! It's a darn shame Diancie doesn't have THAT for a signature move...

Diance’s base form is still stunning, but its true beauty appears when it transforms into Mega Diancie. The elegant design encapsulates the creature’s calm and friendly nature, with vibrant colors that complement each other well.

The small details we can see in the design only increase this creature’s cuteness, like the small crystals that hang from the bottom of its body. The power it possesses to create diamonds with only its hands only increases the beauty of this mythical Pokemon.

7) Buneary

Just some cute Buneary and Pikachu moment 🤎#anipoke

Buneary has been one of the cutest Pokemon in the franchise since it was introduced back in the fourth generation. An adorable bunny with a soft and fluffy design makes you want to hug it.

Buneary’s has many traits in its favor to make it one of the most beautiful creatures in the franchise. The bunny-inspired form, the soft white fur it has on its ears and legs, and its shy and friendly attitude by nature make Buneary one of the loveliest bunnies in the series

6) Sylveon

The beautiful Sylveon! PKMN commission for @BromwellDropout's friend, Renata

Eevee's Fairy-type is one of the cutest designs the franchise has ever seen. Sylveon’s appeal starts with the fact that it needs a lot of love for and from its trainer to achieve this form. This affection is seen in its design

The vibrant colors that make it stand out amongst others, and the ribbon-like aesthetic it possesses, made it an instant hit with most fans. This, added to its friendly nature and cheerful personality, are just some of the few reasons Sylveon is one of the most beautiful Pokemon.

5) Beautifly

267/365 Beautifly! 🦋

Beautiful Butterfly!
I had time today to go a little extra

#pokemon #pokemonart

Beautifly is the best example of a pretty and cute butterfly Pokemon. Its big eyes represent its bug-type nature while also making it look friendly and adorable. They are different enough from insects to avoid the creepy factor.

Beautifly is a Pokemon that loves interacting with others, spreading beauty everywhere with its vibrant colors and the shining pollen it leaves behind. Beautifly is the perfect example of a graceful and cuddly insect type.

4) Primarina

Primarina is beautiful!

Primarina’s design inspires ancient legends of beautiful sirens, and it shows. It also has a charming and alluring voice, which it uses to perform for those Pokemon around it. Primarina is a creature that loves to showcase its skills in battle and contests.

Its regal and prideful stance, helped by its long hair and siren-like tail, makes its design so beautiful and artistic. It is also a very hard-working creature, having been practicing its singing since its first stage to becoming the Prima Donna it was always destined to be.

3) Gardevoir

I must admit, this gardevoir is beautiful, I really liked it a lot
#gardevoir #pokemon #sfw

When discussing beautiful Pokemon, Gardevoir is one of the first creatures to come to mind. Since the third generation, Gardevoir has been the go-to example when talking about elegance and grace in the series.

Its white and green colors and red accents work perfectly to make Gardevoir look beautiful and graceful. Gardevoir’s Mega Evolution helps it by accentuating the details that make its original design so beautiful.

2) Alolan Ninetails

An Alolan Ninetails and her baby Vulpix
#Pokemon #fanart

Ninetails has always been an example of grace and regal appearances in the franchise. But this design became even more beautiful after its Alolan form was introduced. Its red and intense fur turns into a white and soft color, making it appear made of snow.

Alolan Ninetails' design is one of the simplest ones on the list, but it works so well as an example of beauty evolving from an already lovely design. The addition of its blue and piercing eyes makes it one of the most beautiful Pokemon.

1) Milotic

Cant get over how beautiful Milotic is 🥺

Milotic is the definition of grace and elegance. To evolve into Milotic, Feebas needs to obtain a higher than average beauty rating, making it a difficult creature to spot and even harder to capture. A Pokemon so beautiful it is said it started art in the world.

Milotic normally does not interact with humans, but when it does, its beauty is such that their hearts instantly forget every bad emotion they feel. Its simple but colorful design works excellently in making it a memorable and beautiful water type.

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