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Karin using Adamantine Attacking Chains in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

10 powerful clan's secret techniques in Naruto, ranked

Commonly known as Hiden, the secret techniques in Naruto have mostly been confused with the classification of Kekkei Genkai. However, these techniques remain confidential within the clan and are passed down from generation to generation only to the members. These techniques are so complex that even a Sharingan user can't observe them.

Although these techniques remain a secret and clan members are prohibited from revealing them to others, they can be taught if the user is willing. While most of the secret techniques that have been featured in Naruto are rooted in Yin or Yang Release, a few of them are a combination of Fuinjutsu and Kekkei Genkai.


Powerful Hiden Techniques in Naruto, Ranked

10) Face Copying Technique

Agari Kaisen using the special mask to perform Face Copying Jutsu in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Face Copying Technique is a formidable version of the Transformation technique, commonly associated with the Kedoin clan in Naruto. It's considered flawless because even a Ninken won’t figure out the person's actual identity using the Face Copying Technique by smelling the scent.


Moreover, the user can only copy the appearance, which can last for days. However, unlike the Transformation technique, the user of the Face Copying technique has to wear a special mask. It also requires a long time to activate this technique.

9) Fury


The Fury technique is one of the deadliest techniques in Naruto that didn’t receive the spotlight it deserved. This technique was developed by En no Gyoja and his granddaughter Hotaru and passed down to his cherished student Hato. Before Hato could entrust Fury to his son Shiranami, he killed him and obtained it.

Executing the Fury technique creates an enormous and devastating explosion, capable of wiping out an entire in a flash. The technique was so powerful that En no Gyoja gave the scroll to one of his trusted clan members to unseal and destroy it.

Shiranami was a highly skilled and immensely talented shinobi as he enhanced Fury with his Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Life Technique Release: Creation of Heaven and Earth.

8) Curse Mandala


Curse Mandala is considered an ancient ninja art that only a few members of the Fuma clan were able to master. The only known user of this technique in Naruto was Arashi. The user traps their opponent in a chakra-infused pyramid-shaped cage to perform this technique.

After imprisoning the target, users of this technique can shrink the size of the pyramid by bringing their hands together. However, if the user fails to maintain the pyramid or if their targets somehow break free, it causes the cage to explode. Users caught up in the explosion deal with serious injuries, but the target in the middle of the cage remains safe without a scratch.

7) Hydrification Technique


The Hydrification technique is the Hozuki clan of the Hidden Mist's signature Hidden technique in Naruto. It allows users to liquefy their bodies partially and entirely at will. Using this technique, users can escape confinement, hide within a body of water, and can even dodge lethal blows by liquefying the impacted area.

A prominent member of the Hozuki clan Suigetsu has shown utmost versatility with his secret technique. He was able to enlarge his arms by pumping water into them and was also able to fight the Eight-Tails by performing Tate Eboshi.

6) Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique


The Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique is a secret technique associated with the Aburame clan, regarded as one of the noblest clans of Konoha in Naruto. Immediately after their birth, every member of the clan is fused with insects, where their bodies are altered to colonize thousands of insects.

The Aburame clan members use these insects in combat, tracking enemies, and impersonating their host. Several species of insects like Kikaichu, Kochu, Rinkaichu, Kidaichu, Shokaichu, etc. Each species of insect holds different overwhelming capabilities than the other

5) Calorie Control: Butterfly Mode


The Akemichi clan is one of the noble clans of Konoha, renowned for their ability to manipulate the size of their body in Naruto. The clan members keep themselves fat by overeating to store calories, which they will convert into chakra to perform overwhelming Calorie Control techniques.

One of the most powerful abilities of Calorie Control is the Butterfly Mode, which requires a large amount of chakra and subsequently shrinks the size of the user. Most members use Three Colored Pills to initiate this technique as it converts excess fat rapidly. Users gain a tremendous boost in their overall strength by transforming into Butterfly Mode.

4) Mind Body Switch Technique


The Mind-Body Switch Technique is the hallmark of the famed Yamanaka clan in Naruto. Unlike other techniques in Naruto, the Mind-Body Switch is neither offensive nor defensive, as the user performs this technique to transfer their consciousness onto their targets and take control of their entire body.

After successfully executing Mind Body Switch, the user’s body enters into suspended animation. The Yamanaka clan mainly uses this technique to gather intel and interrogate the targets in the Konohagakure Intelligence Division.

3) Shadow Imitation Technique


The Shadow Imitation technique is a powerful secret technique of the Nara clan, who are known for manipulating shadows with their Yin Release. Users of this technique can merge their shadows with their targets to completely restrain their movements and control their target’s body like a puppet.

Although it limits overstretching their shadows and holding their targets, some highly skilled members of the Nara clan in Naruto, like Shikamaru, can overwhelm their targets for an extended period.

The clan members have also created deadly variants of this technique like the Sewing Technique and the Neck Binding Technique, which can kill the targets in the blink of an eye.

2) Adamantine Attacking Chains


Adamantine Attacking Chains is an incomplete version of Adamantine Sealing Chains. It is regarded as one of the most complex Hidden techniques of the Uzumaki clan that only a few were capable of mastering. The only known user of this technique in Naruto is Karin Uzumaki.

After executing this technique, a user manifests chains capable of attacking the user and destroying anything the user aims at. The chains are also capable of ultimately binding a target to nullify their chakra and eventually kill it.

1) Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees


The only person who has mastered Wood Release in the entirety of Naruto is the legendary first Hokage Hashirama Senju. After so many efforts to reproduce this Kekkei Genkai, only Yamato managed to inherit it. However, his versatility and prowess with Wood Release still don’t match with the likes of Hashirama.

Although there have been numerous Wood Release techniques, only one manages to fall into the category of secret techniques: the Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. Using this technique, the user summons rapidly growing dense trees that can capture the target to constrain them and drain their chakra reserve entirely and partially, which depends on the user's will.


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