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The mark of Fairy Tail guild (Image via Studio Pierrot)

10 strongest villains in Fairy Tail, ranked

Throughout Fairy Tail's long run, the magical realm of the series has produced a slew of noteworthy characters. Each of the series' major heroes has a distinct personality as well as incredible magical abilities.

Certainly a great hero is a show-stealer but for every good to shine out, we need an equally terrific antagonist, and Fairy Tail provides plenty of them.


Many villains have shown that they harbor a decent side, and many others surpass their super villainy bounds. Only the most heinous and depraved Fairy Tail villains survive until the end. In this list, we'll look at some of Hiro Mashima's most frightening villains from his iconic shonen series.

10 strongest villains in Fairy Tail, ranked


10) Erza Knightwalker

Erza Knightwalker (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Erza Knightwalker is a secondary antagonist in Fairy Tail's Edolas arc. She is a member of the kingdom of Edolas, the Second Magic Division's Army Captain, as well as Erza Scarlet's Edolas counterpart. Erza is an experienced warrior who has killed Edolas' Mages due to her exceptional combat abilities. Her strength is sufficient for her Earth Land counterpart to see her as a viable opponent, signifying parity in fighting prowess.

Erza Knightwalker, unlike Scarlet (her earthly version), is nasty and brutal, exhibiting no pity for her foes and slaughtering them mercilessly. She was responsible for the deaths of nearly half of Edolas Fairy Tail's members, giving her the moniker 'fairy hunter.'

9) Brandish

Brandish as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Brandish's Magic allows her to manipulate matter, and is capable of toppling whole kingdoms on her own, earning her the moniker 'Country Demolisher.' Brandish is tough, she withstood a strong whirlwind from an upgraded Neinhart, and emerged almost unscathed or mocked, with only minor scratches and scrapes on her body.


Brandish has also demonstrated the ability to alter objects ranging from weaponry to more sophisticated ones such as the entire biological structure of a human. This allows her Magic to explore a wide range of possibilities.

8) Ultear

"Live my share of life. And fight" :)
I loved this part in the manga.

Ur's daughter Ultear possesses a wide range of magical powers. She has been a part of the council in the past. She once headed the Seven Purgatory Kin and was an inevitable part of Grimoire Heart. Ultear demonstrated her power by pushing Gray backward with just a simple kick.

Her major skill is the arc of time. When she fights, she distorts or controls time as a weapon. She can do a great deal with this magic, such as fast-forwarding the age of entities.

7) Larcade Dragneel


Larcade is a significant antagonist in the Fairy Tail animanga series. He is a Spriggan 12 member and is the third most powerful one in the group, following Irene and August. He also has an egotistical side, claiming that he is the greatest wizard capable of conquering Acnologia, the Dragon King. He was likewise confident in his ability to overcome Sting, only to have his hopes dashed.

Larcade is also considered to be the second most powerful Etherious. His abilities mostly consist of magic that manipulates a person's body's sensations and exploits them to his benefit, eventually driving them to eternal death.

6) August


August, the Wizard King, was later discovered to be Zeref's son, therefore it's no wonder that he possessed extraordinary powers. August was likely the most powerful human wizard during the era. He was thought to have greater magical abilities than Zeref himself.

August was primarily a wizard, but he was also a skilled hand-to-hand warrior and a master of his staff. His power allowed him to immediately replicate and master any sort of magic, except holder-type magic, which was his lone vulnerability.

5) Hades

Hades as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Despite his age, which is likely decades older than Makarov's, Hades had unimaginable physical power. He exhibited his strength when he hurled his chains toward Makarov's Gigantic form and effortlessly swung him during the fight on Tenrou Island. With little to no magical strength and sans Devil's Heart, Hades had incredible stamina since he remained awake while being hurt after a barrage of full-power assaults.

Hades believed he was beyond the bounds of humanly good and bad, yet his terrible deeds screamed bloody murder. While he professed to be upset by the fact that he had to attack his old guild, he showed no remorse for his actions.

4) Mard Geer


Mard Geer is a Zeref-created Etherious who founded Tartaros and is unquestionably its most powerful member. Mard Geer faced The Celestial Spirit King and came out victorious (however, he didn't have the last laugh).

Mard Geer is arrogant and continually dismisses his feelings in favor of his cold intellect, which he finds repulsive. When he debuted, Mard Geer had an aura of invincibility around him, owing to his abilities of Memento Mori.

3) Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Irene's goodwill and goals got twisted into frenzied insanity throughout her existence as she sought retribution and reclaimed her human body. Irene was Erza's mother and was the one who first developed Dragon Slayer magic. Irene endured nearly three years of agonizing torture, punishment, and disgrace.

The strength of the power eventually converted her into a villain. She wielded almost endless magical powers and devised new methods to utilize them to annihilate enemies.

2) Acnologia

Acnologia as seen in Fairy Tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Acnologia, one of the original Dragon Slayers, was devoured by his strength and transformed into a merciless monster. He wreaked havoc wherever bad ideas started to congregate in his mind. Acnologia, who has lived for nearly 400 years, was a master of close combat, having effortlessly dispatched the Dragon Slayers who stood in his path.

The former dragon slayer became the most powerful and feared person on the face of the Earth. On Tenrou Island, he assaulted the most powerful members of Fairy Tail, and it was only Mavis' timely intervention that saved them.

1) Zeref

Zeref as seen in Fairy tail (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Black Wizard, Zeref is regarded as the most dreadful wizard in history, trailing the paths of murder, devastation, and monsters. Some of his ardent followers attempted to resurrect him by using his mystical instruments of resurrection, while others awaited his unleashing.

Even more ludicrous is the fact that his abilities physically channel deterioration, meaning they may kill or gravely harm practically everything they come into contact with. He can't fully manage his abilities since whatever he loves, gets destroyed if it comes close to him.

While there have been many powerful villains in Fairy Tail, do let us know in the comments section below who else you would like to see on the list.


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