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Some Naruto moments are uncomfortable to watch (Image via Sportskeeda)

10 times Naruto went too far

Naruto is a series that has taught a lot of fans about morality, friendship, and doing the right thing. Even the evilest of villains in the show can sometimes teach the viewer a lesson or two about letting your emotions get the best of you. But not everything in the series is as wholesome and educational.

There were several moments where the series took things to the extreme. These scenes were either comedic moments that did not get the intended reaction or were just created to shock the viewer.


Here are ten moments where the show Naruto took things too far for the viewers' liking.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s views and will contain spoilers.


10 moments where Naruto stepped over the line

1) Sasuke used Karin to kill Danzo

This is the moment Sasuke became a true villain (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Naruto Shipuden)

After learning the truth behind the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke was not in the best mental state. His fight with Danzo, the man responsible for the tragedy that befell his family, did not help at all. Sasuke was becoming more and more deranged by the second, completely falling into darkness by the end.

Danzo thought that using one of Sasuke’s allies as a shield would stop the Uchiha from killing him. He, Karin, and the viewers were shocked when Sasuke not only did not stop but also impaled both Danzo and Karin with his Jutsu. This moment was too dark for many fans and is still one of the most heinous crimes Sasuke has ever committed in his life.


2) Naruto kidnaps Sasuke and tricks Sakura

@superjump360 @AaliyahSita @Ka_San_Hinata Lol
He wanted to kiss her to
+ Naruto is the one who was manipulating Sakura by pretending to be Sasuke

The first half of the series was undoubtedly more comedic than the rest. Still, some of the jokes used during these early episodes were somewhat inappropriate for a kids' show. Case in point, Naruto kidnapping Sasuke, taking his form, and almost tricking Sakura into kissing him.

Naruto knew what he was doing was wrong, but he was too excited by the idea of kissing his crush to remember. The show may have presented this moment as just a passing joke with no consequences, but in the real world, something like that would be punished immediately. Consent is not a joke, and Naruto was scarily close to ignoring this fact.

3) Jiraiya spying on women


Speaking of consent, Jiraiya may be an amazing Shinobi and have a great heart, but he is still one of the worst perverts in Naruto. Since he was first introduced, Jiraiya made it clear that he was a deviant and had no intention of changing his ways.

He brazenly peeped at women while they took a bath, without caring who could see him. Jiraiya would continue to ignore the idea of consent with the excuse that it was just research for his books.

4) Neji tried to kill Hinata

Neji’s kill intent was stopped. Hinata could be kill that time #throwback

The Hyuga clan has one of the most problematic seals in the entire Shinobi World. To protect the secrets of their Kekkei Genkai, the members of the ostracized secondary branch are given a special seal that will destroy their Byakugan upon their deaths. It also forces them to protect and safeguard the members of the main branch.

Neji was justifiably angry because of this, but he let his frustrations out on someone who did not deserve it, his cousin Hinata. Neji and Hinata fought during the Chunin Exams and Neji took this opportunity to try and kill his cousin as revenge for the actions of the main branch.

Neji’s anger was understandable, but he had no reason to almost kill his cousin because of this, seeing as Hinata had nothing to do with his seal.

5) Kankuro vs Sakon and Ukon


The Sound Four were the first real threats the members of the Sasuke rescue mission had to fight. For Kiba, this involved facing the brothers Sakon and Ukon, who could merge their bodies with almost any living creature to kill them slowly. Kiba had to be saved by Kankuro from these terrifying opponents, although Kankuro proved to be just as scary as the villains.

The puppeteer trapped the siblings inside one of his inescapable puppets. Instead of taking them to Konoha or incapacitating them, Kankuro decided the best way to deal with them was to use his blades to kill them slowly. This was an incredibly dark and somber moment, considering even Kiba was horrified when it happened.

6) Hiruzen asked Itachi to kill his own family

Itachi just did what he was asked to do (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Naruto Shipuden)

Stopping the Uchiha from starting a civil war inside Konoha was the right thing to do. Asking the heir of the family to kill all his relatives to protect, as well as traumatize, his brother was not. It could be argued that Hiruzen did not have a lot of options to prevent the Uchiha insurrection but even then he could have thought of something else.

Fans understand the idea of maintaining peace and choosing to protect the majority of the village over the small Uchiha clan. What fans do not understand is the thought process behind asking a young boy to murder his family. Asking Itachi to kill his loved ones was probably the worst decision Hiruzen took as Hokage.

7) The Iburi clan massacre


Orochimaru is one of the worst individuals to have come out of Naruto. His obsession with power and Kinjutsu drove him to conduct horrible experiments that caused pain, suffering, and death to hundreds of people. One of his most despicable actions in the series was tricking the Iburi clan into letting him experiment on their children.

The Iburi were a clan that had a Kekkei Genkai that gave them the power to transform into smoke. Sadly, they were not always in control of this ability and could die from turning into smoke in a dangerous environment.

Orochimaru told them he would help them find a cure by using children as test subjects. In reality, he only wanted to obtain the Kekkei Genkai of the family and kill almost everyone to achieve this goal.

8) Leaving Hidan buried alive

@KenXyro @Rhymestyle Idk who I feel worse for. Garlic Jr or Hidan. Mans literally buried alive while in pieces. I wonder how he’s kicking it in Boruto. 🤔

Hidan was a horrible and twisted villain who enjoyed money and killing innocents. He made a pact with a deity named Jashin that granted him immortality in exchange for human sacrifices. Because of this, Hidan will not die no matter what kind of wounds are inflicted on him.

After he killed Asuma, Shikamaru decided to avenge his teacher by getting rid of Hidan once and for all. He tricked the Akatsuki member into entangling himself with several wires that had bomb tags attached to them.

This did not kill the immortal being, but it did destroy his body and left him buried underground. The idea of Hidan being completely alone and unable to die even after being buried is terrifying for a lot of fans.

9) Lee’s drunken Fist


Children should never ingest alcoholic beverages, seeing as this could cause them many problems in the future. Knowing that, it may be unwise to let one of your young characters obtain a power-up from becoming drunk, which is exactly what happened with Rock Lee.

Whenever Lee would drink sake, something that should not have happened in the first place, he would become a master of the Drunken Fist. There have been several characters in pop culture who have used this technique in the past, but none of them were minors. Showing this could have led to children trying to get drunk to become as powerful as Lee.

10) Karin’s backstory


Many characters in Naruto have tragic backstories that made fans empathize with them throughout the series. While most of them were horrible in their own right, Karin’s is a tad bit too much for fans to bear. After her mother died, Karin was taken by the people of Kusagakure.

Nevertheless, they did not help her because they felt bad for the little girl, they did it because of her powers. Anyone who bites into Karin will immediately be healed from most wounds, even lethal ones.

They forced the girl to heal soldiers day and night, without any consideration for her health. The idea of grown men biting into a child to heal themselves is beyond creepy for Naruto fans.

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