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Kyoka is more powerful than most fans give her credit for (Image via Studio Bones)

10 most underrated Hero-students in My Hero Academia, ranked

Many students from My Hero Academia’s world are praised because of their outstanding abilities, like Deku or Bakugo, who are amongst the strongest in their class. Unfortunately, this has taken the spotlight away from many other amazing young Hero prospects who have the potential to be some of the best.

When you have classmates that can level entire cities with a single punch, it is normal for people to not give you the attention you deserve. To give some love to the Hero-students who try their best but are not as famed as their classmates, we will be ranking the 10 most underrated students from My Hero Academia.


Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion and will contain spoilers.

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10) Juzo Honenuki

Juzo as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

At first, the idea of softening anything you come in touch with does not seem like a great Quirk to have. Nonetheless, Juzo has proven that this ability is incredibly powerful in the right hands. Juzo has used this power in some incredibly creative and efficient ways several times in My Hero Academia.

He is also one of the students who entered U.A. via recommendation, which means that underestimating him is not a good idea. His Quirk is not as flashy and destructive as others, but it has an infinity of different uses, like rescue work or infiltration.

9) Mezo Shoji

Shoji needs more recognition (Image via Studio Bones)

Fighting a Hero with a normal amount of limbs is already difficult enough for many villains in My Hero Academia’s world. Imagine how tough it would be for them when they have to face someone with an infinite amount of extremities.


Shoji’s Quirk not only gives him an advantage in hand-to-hand combat, but it can also be extremely useful for recognizance missions and spy work. The biggest weakness Shoji’s Quirk has is the strange body it gives its users, although this could also be used to intimidate opponents.

8) Denki Kaminari

Kaminari using his Quirk (Image via Studio Bones)

Denki may not be a brilliant student or have the best control over his Quirk, but we can be certain he is one of the hardest working hero-students in My Hero Academia. Kaminari has the power to create electricity from his body, a Quirk that is already powerful on its own.

Still, we need to think about what this means for the user. Kaminari normally uses this power to incapacitate enemies by electrocuting them. But he could do so much more, like mess with a person’s nervous system, dismantle electronic devices, or even use his discharges to revive someone whose heart stopped beating.

7) Camie Utsushimi

Camie as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

While most Heroes in the My Hero Academia universe prefer a direct approach when battling villains, some are more fond of stealth and deception. Camie is one such Hero, with a powerful Quirk that allows her to create any kind of illusion she can imagine.

There are endless ways in which her abilities can be utilized, given that the only limit is her imagination. It would help greatly when trying to trick villains into revealing information or creating terrifying images that make bad guys surrender.

6) Kyoka Jirou

If someone had told me a few years ago that Jirō would face AFO, I would never have believed it. But now that I see it, all I can say is thank you for doing it possible Horikoshi-Sensei

This panel is AMAZING!!!

Jirou is not the most confident Hero-student in My Hero Academia, but she has more than proved how strong she can be. Her Quirk, Earphone Jack, gives her two jack-like appendages in her ears that she can use to hear or transmit any kind of sound.

Thanks to her support items, like her boots, she is not only one of the best spies in the series, but also a powerful range fighter. We have seen her use her heartbeat as a weapon, as well as use it to amplify the power of her comrades' attacks. Her Quirk is extremely versatile and this makes her a great support or front-line fighter.

5) Koji Koda

Koji does not like to speak often (Image via Studio Bones)

Koda does not have a lot of screen time in My Hero Academia, so many people underestimate just how powerful his Quirk is. Anivoice gives Koda the ability to talk and control any kind of animal he can come in contact with. He normally uses this to control small animals like birds or insects. This is an amazing ability for a spy or a rescue hero, although his power still has a lot more to offer.

Koda could create a massive army of the most dangerous animals in existence, and they would all be under his control. Tigers, leopards, bears, and several other dangerous creatures could come to the aid of Koda during a fight as long as he knows where to find them.

4) Tenya Ida

Ida's speed is amazing (Image via Studio Bones)

In a world like My Hero Academia's, where people like Deku and All Might, who can run kilometers in milliseconds exist, having super speed is not all that impressive. Even then, the velocity and strength Ida can gain thanks to his Quirk are nothing to laugh at.

Ida has proven several times throughout the series that he may not be one of class 1-A’s heavy hitters, but he is still a mighty hero. Thanks to engines in his calves, Ida can run at speeds that few people can perceive, as well as gain enough acceleration to increase the strength of his quicks exponentially.

3) Shihai Kuroiro

Shihai as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Fear of darkness is one of the most common phobias a human can have. This fear can become overbearing when considering Heroes like Shihai, who can control and merge into anything with a dark color, exist. Shihai has one of the most underrated and powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Being able to hide and merge with anything on the darker end of the color spectrum has many impressive implications. Thanks to his training, he can also control and move the objects or beings he possesses, which means Shihai is probably amongst the strongest Heroes at night. He can control anyone as long as they are covered in shadows, making villains basically useless against him when it is dark.

2) Neito Monoma

Monoma can stop being annoying sometimes too (Image via Studio Bones)

Monoma is probably one of the most hated Hero-students My Hero Academia has to offer. Yet, he is also one of the most powerful of all, thanks to his Quirk, Copy. With a single touch, Monoma can copy any Quirk in existence, and he has the brain power to make effective use of almost any power.

The implications of this ability go far beyond what the series has presented us with. Monoma could copy the Quirks of powerhouses like Bakugo or Todoroki, and use them to end almost any fight in seconds. The Quirks he copies are not permanent, but it is reasonable to assume this would not be an issue as long as he can defeat the villains quickly.

1) Momo Yaoyorozu

Day 5 : Favourite quirk

This one also a reason to why Momo is one of my fav. Creation is such an interesting quirk because it has an absurd restriction that will only let knowledgeable and creative people the possibility to use its full potential.

Which can be very overpowered

Momo’s Quirk is probably the most overpowered ability behind Deku and AFO’s. Momo can create anything she wants from her body as long as she knows the object's molecular structure. Nevertheless, this is not the only trait her Quirk possesses, as we have seen her do so much more, even though it was unconscious.

Momo can create any kind of technological device and automatically have it programmed to work as she likes. This signifies that she can also code any device using her Quirk, something that's incredibly powerful in the world of My Hero Academia.

Fans also theorized that she could create objects, like her iconic Bo staff, out of any material she wants, although she does not seem to be aware of this. Momo can be prepared for any problem in seconds, meaning she is extraordinarily more powerful than she thinks.

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