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Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

15 most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters as of right now

Dragon Ball Super, the anime series that has captivated fans worldwide, has ushered in an era of awe-inspiring power and riveting battles that push the boundaries of the franchise's legendary combat. With each passing episode, new characters with unimaginable strength and formidable abilities have emerged, leaving fans in awe of their breathtaking feats.

In this article, we take a look at the top 15 most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super, examining their extraordinary transformations, awe-inspiring battles, and the indelible impact they have had on the series.


Disclaimer: This list is subjective and arranged in no particular order.

Broly, Beerus, and more: Top 15 powerful Dragon Ball Super characters


1) Goku

Goku from the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Goku, the Saiyan warrior hailing from Universe 7, continues to be the epitome of power and growth in the ever-expanding world of Dragon Ball Super. Driven by an insatiable thirst for self-improvement and an unwavering passion for martial arts, Goku has surpassed numerous boundaries to achieve astounding transformations and unfathomable power levels.

At the forefront of Goku's arsenal are his primary forms: Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct. Super Saiyan Blue, the fusion of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan, imbues Goku with a radiant blue aura, amplifying his strength, speed, and energy to unfathomable heights.

This form showcases Goku's indomitable will and the culmination of years of training and battles. Ultra Instinct Goku is a transformation where his body moves and fights on pure instinct, granting him unparalleled reflexes and speed. It pushes Goku's combat abilities to their limits, allowing him to dodge and counterattack with remarkable precision.


2) Vegeta

Vegeta from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Vegeta, the prideful rival and fellow Saiyan to Goku, has embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and transformation in the world of Dragon Ball Super. Driven by an unrelenting desire to surpass his long-time rival, Vegeta's unwavering determination and grueling training regimen have led to the emergence of unique and awe-inspiring transformations.


One of Vegeta's most remarkable forms is Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, an advanced iteration of the already formidable Super Saiyan Blue. This transformation not only amplifies Vegeta's raw power to astonishing levels but also enhances his speed and energy control to an exceptional degree.

The fusion of immense strength, lightning-fast movements, and precise energy manipulation make Vegeta a force to be reckoned with in battle.

3) Jiren

Jiren from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Jiren, the enigmatic and awe-inspiring warrior hailing from Universe 11, left an indelible mark on Dragon Ball Super with his exceptional power and unwavering determination. As a formidable member of the esteemed Pride Troopers, Jiren boasts a level of strength, speed, and energy manipulation abilities that surpasses the limits of most warriors.

The magnitude of Jiren's power is nothing short of breathtaking. His raw strength allows him to effortlessly overpower adversaries, rendering even the most skilled fighters helpless in his wake.

His blinding speed enables him to evade attacks with uncanny ease while delivering devastating blows with unparalleled precision. Additionally, Jiren's mastery of energy manipulation allows him to unleash awe-inspiring techniques that shake the very foundations of the battlefield.

4) Beerus

Beerus from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Beerus, the enigmatic and awe-inspiring God of Destruction of Universe 7, stands at the pinnacle of power in the Dragon Ball Super universe. Tasked with the vital role of maintaining balance in the multiverse, Beerus possesses godly ki, an energy that surges through him, granting him an immeasurable level of strength and unrivaled destructive capabilities.

The sheer magnitude of Beerus's power is awe-inspiring. With each movement, he exudes an aura that commands respect and fear. His energy attacks, such as the Sphere of Destruction, possess an annihilating force capable of reducing planets to cosmic dust with but a mere flick of his finger.

Even Goku and Vegeta, two of the most formidable warriors in the multiverse, find themselves outmatched and humbled by Beerus's godly might, struggling to match his immense power.

5) Broly

Broly from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Broly, the legendary Saiyan survivor hailing from Universe 7, burst onto the Dragon Ball Super scene with an electrifying debut in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly wields a raw power that surpasses anything seen before. His physical might and energy levels reach unfathomable heights, making him a truly formidable and unpredictable opponent.

What sets Broly apart is his ability to continuously grow stronger throughout battle. With each passing moment, his power increases exponentially, evolving in response to the intensity of the fight. This unique trait makes Broly an ever-present threat, as his adversaries must contend not only with his existing strength, but also with the potential for even greater power to be unleashed.

6) Frieza

Frieza from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Frieza, the iconic and malevolent antagonist from Dragon Ball Z, makes a striking return in Dragon Ball Super, armed with newfound power and formidable transformations. Following his resurrection, Frieza embarked on a rigorous training regimen, pushing his limits to unlock the Golden Frieza form.

The Golden Frieza transformation catapults the already powerful tyrant to new heights of strength, rivaling even the might of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. Bathed in a radiant golden aura, Frieza becomes an awe-inspiring force to be reckoned with. His power surges to unimaginable levels, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with some of the strongest fighters in the multiverse.

7) Hit

Hit from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Hit, the renowned assassin hailing from Universe 6, stands as a testament to the versatility and ingenuity of warriors in Dragon Ball Super. With his unique set of abilities, he has carved a reputation as one of the most formidable opponents in the entire multiverse.

At the core of Hit's exceptional powers lies his signature technique: Time-Skip. This extraordinary ability allows him to momentarily freeze time, granting him a decisive advantage during combat.

With Time-Skip, Hit can effortlessly evade attacks and launch devastating counterattacks before his adversaries even have a chance to react. This unparalleled control over time places him in a league of his own, as he turns the tides of battle to his favor with each calculated movement.

8) Goku Black/Zamasu

Goku Black and Zamasu from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Goku Black and Zamasu, two enigmatic entities woven together through a sinister fusion, stand as an ominous menace to the very fabric of the Dragon Ball Super universe. The fusion between these two malevolent beings grants Goku Black access to Goku's unparalleled fighting prowess and Super Saiyan transformations, merging it with Zamasu's immortality and godly powers, resulting in a nightmarish convergence of strength and malice.

The repercussions of this fusion reverberate throughout the cosmos, as Goku Black and Zamasu become an unstoppable force capable of obliterating entire universes with ease.

Their malevolence knows no bounds, as they lay waste to countless planets and wreak havoc on all who dare to oppose them. The Future Trunks arc showcases their chilling reign of terror and establishes them as formidable adversaries, their dark presence casting a shadow over the Dragon Ball Super narrative.

9) Toppo

Toppo from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Toppo, the resolute leader of the Pride Troopers and a prominent figure in Dragon Ball Super, proves himself to be an incredibly formidable warrior. While initially overshadowed by the immense power of his comrade Jiren, Toppo's true capabilities come to light during the Tournament of Power, where he astounds both allies and foes alike.

During the tournament, Toppo reveals his unwavering resolve by discarding his sense of justice and embracing a more ruthless mindset. This pivotal transformation allows him to tap into an unprecedented wellspring of power.

Through sheer will and determination, Toppo ascends to the status of a God of Destruction, a monumental leap that dramatically augments his already formidable strength and destructive capabilities.

10) Dyspo

Dyspo from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Dyspo, an esteemed member of the Pride Troopers hailing from Universe 11, showcases a mastery of speed and agility that sets him apart from many other warriors in Dragon Ball Super. With his remarkable abilities, Dyspo can reach velocities that defy comprehension, thanks to his unique technique known as Super Maximum Light Speed Mode.

Once Dyspo activates this extraordinary mode, he becomes an unstoppable blur, effortlessly darting across the battlefield with unparalleled swiftness. His movements become almost imperceptible, leaving opponents bewildered and struggling to anticipate his next attack.

The sheer velocity at which Dyspo launches his strikes grants him a considerable advantage, making it incredibly challenging for adversaries to keep up with his blinding speed.

11) Moro

Moro from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Within the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga, a new malefactor emerges, captivating readers with his insidious ways and insatiable thirst for power. Moro, an ancient sorcerer of unparalleled malevolence, stands as the principal antagonist in the riveting Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, introducing a level of danger and cunning that tests the mettle of our beloved heroes.

Moro's ancient lineage grants him an awe-inspiring ability: the power to absorb the energy and life force of both planets and living beings. This unique attribute sets him apart from any adversary encountered before, as his strength grows exponentially with each consumed essence. With each stolen life force, Moro becomes more formidable, his power spiraling to unfathomable heights.

12) Whis

Whis from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Whis, the enigmatic angelic attendant and martial arts instructor of Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, stands as one of the most awe-inspiring and influential characters in Dragon Ball Super. As an angel, Whis possesses an otherworldly power that places him on an entirely different plane from most other beings in the universe.

Endowed with godly ki, Whis radiates an aura of immense energy that dwarfs the capabilities of even the mightiest warriors. This energy grants him incredible speed, strength, and reflexes, enabling him to effortlessly outmaneuver and overpower his adversaries.

His movements are so swift and graceful that they appear almost instantaneous, leaving opponents stunned and incapable of mounting a coherent defense.

13) Ultra Instinct Goku

Ultra Instinct Goku from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Ultra Instinct Goku, a transformation that warrants special recognition due to its sheer power and monumental impact, has left an indelible mark on the Dragon Ball Super series. When Goku harnesses the power of Ultra Instinct, a state where his body moves and fights purely on instinct, he transcends the limitations of conscious thought and taps into a realm of unfathomable power.

In this state, Goku's reflexes become lightning-fast, surpassing the speed of even the most formidable opponents. His body effortlessly dodges and counterattacks with unparalleled precision, making it seem as though he can predict an adversary's every move. The sheer fluidity and grace with which Goku moves in Ultra Instinct form are a testament to his mastery over his own body and the pinnacle of martial arts prowess.

14) Fusion Characters

Fusion Character from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

The fusion technique, a recurring theme in the Dragon Ball Super series, has consistently delivered awe-inspiring results, producing some of the most powerful and memorable characters in the franchise. Whether through the Potara earrings or the Fusion Dance, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta has given birth to legendary beings that transcend the abilities of their individual counterparts.

Vegito, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta through the Potara earrings, exemplifies the extraordinary power that fusion can bring forth. This fusion combines the strength, skills, and powers of both Saiyans, resulting in a being with unparalleled might.

Vegito's power surpasses even that of Goku and Vegeta in their most formidable forms, such as Super Saiyan Blue. His presence alone strikes fear into the hearts of adversaries, as he effortlessly unleashes devastating attacks with astounding precision.

15) Future Trunks

Future Trunks from the anime (image via Toei Animation)

Future Trunks, the half-Saiyan warrior from an alternate timeline, has captivated fans with his incredible growth and displays of power throughout the Dragon Ball Super series. After witnessing the destruction caused by Goku Black and Zamasu in his timeline, Trunks embarks on a relentless quest to protect what remains of humanity.

Armed with his Super Saiyan transformations, Trunks evolves from a young, determined fighter to a seasoned warrior capable of taking on formidable adversaries.

Trunks' journey in Dragon Ball Super showcases his unwavering determination to surpass his limits and protect those he holds dear. Despite the unimaginable challenges he faces, Trunks refuses to back down, embodying the indomitable Saiyan spirit. This unwavering resolve fuels his growth and pushes him to unlock even greater levels of power.

Final thoughts

Dragon Ball Super anime (image via Toei Animation)

The Dragon Ball Super series introduces a vast array of incredibly powerful characters, each with their unique abilities and transformations. From Goku and Vegeta's tireless pursuit of strength to the overwhelming power of Jiren and Broly, the Dragon Ball Super universe pushes the boundaries of power levels and battles.

As the series progresses, new characters continue to emerge, adding to the ever-growing list of formidable fighters. The constant evolution and escalation of power in Dragon Ball Super ensure that fans will always be captivated by the extraordinary abilities and epic battles of these iconic characters.

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