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Itachi choking Sasuke (Image via Studio Pierrot)

20 choking Sasuke memes every Naruto fan needs to see once

The "choking Sasuke meme" from Naruto gained worldwide popularity back in 2019 and has remained prevalent ever since. The meme shows a scene from the original Naruto series where Sasuke tries to square off against his older brother, Itachi, despite being woefully underprepared and lacking in strength and technique of the latter's caliber.

Itachi ends up punching his younger brother and then chokes him against a wall. The scene turned into a global meme with the eldest Uchiha being replaced by any character, animal, or person who is angled in such a way that it looks like they are the ones choking Sasuke. In this article, we are going to look at 20 such hilarious memes that would make every Naruto fan chuckle.


Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's opinions, which are subjective.

From earning the wrath of Mikasa to fried rice: 20 unforgettable times choking Sasuke memes became an internet sensation


20) The power of meme review

Choking Sasuke meme with Pewdiepie (Image via Youtube)

Pewdiepie is a veteran when it comes to reviewing memes. He took it upon himself to review the "choking Sasuke meme" in 2019 and rated it 4 out of 5 stars. In this meme, the Swedish YouTuber seems to be having a gala time choking the life out of Sasuke. His happiness was shared by many other fans who made identical edits choking the young, edgy shinobi.

19) The secret formula

Choking Sasuke meme with Mr Krabs (Image via Twitter)

Mr. Krabs is known for two things: his love for money and the Krabby Patty secret formula. This meme is hilarious because Sasuke clearly tried to challenge Mr. Krabs to a duel to possess the secret formula to the delicious Krabby Patty recipe. However, he lost and got choked against the wall instead.

Sasuke might be fueled by his hatred for Itachi, but his strength is no match in front of Mr. Krabs and his secret formula.

18) 10% of his powers

Choking Sasuke meme with Shaggy (Image via Twitter)

This is a crossover meme with the almighty Shaggy from Scooby-Doo franchise. Fans have been joking for a long time that the character is an all-powerful being in reality who has the power to defeat anyone in the universe. There are countless memes of Shaggy taking on Superman, Goku, and even Lord Beerus using 20% of his powers.

In this meme, it just happens to be Sasuke's bad luck that he crossed someone like Shaggy and got outclassed. The Scooby-Doo character had to use only 10% of his power to defeat the raven-haired Uchiha.

17) Upgraded Mangekyō Sharingan


It is only fair that Itachi would make an appearance on this list. The Akatsuki member choking Sasuke all those years ago resulted in this huge meme trend on the internet. Through the power of the "choking Sasuke meme," Itachi has clearly unlocked the next stage of his Mangekyō Sharingan, which is three Sasuke's choking each other.

16) Tom Nook's bells


This is particularly hilarious for anyone who has played Animal Crossing. Tom Nook is a character in the game who always tries to squeeze more bells out of the players and is relentless in his pursuit.

In this meme, Sasuke is being choked by him after failing to pay him the bells in time. This is a hilarious premise, but it also reminds players what happens when they don't pay up in time. The raccoon might look friendly. However, he can even take down a trained shinobi like Sasuke with ease.

15) Mikasa needs answers


Mikasa Ackerman is a strong female protagonist from Attack on Titan, and she is fiercely protective of Eren. She has gone face-to-face with multiple titans for Eren, so it stands to reason that Sasuke won't be enough to stop her.

Hence, Mikasa choking Sasuke falls right in line with her character, making this a perfect meme. Since she would do anything for Eren, no emo ninja could stand in her way.

14) Bully Maguire


We saw a new version of our beloved Peter Parker in Spiderman 3. After getting infected with the Venom symbiote in the movie, Parker becomes aggressive and full-blown emo. Moreover, his cringiest moments from the movie were compiled and given the title "Bully Maguire."

Bully Maguire is a strong and cocky guy, so it stands to reason that he would dislike Sasuke and try to "put some dirt in his eyes." For this meme, he violently chokes the younger Uchiha while looking royally pissed. Suffice to say, Sasuke should pick his battles more carefully and steer clear of super-powered symbiotes like this one.

13) Gordon Ramsay doesn't approve


Everyone knows how harsh of a critic Gordon Ramsay is and how easy it is for cooks to mess up in front of him and get called "an idiot sandwich." Still, Sasuke seemed brave enough to challenge the veteran chef and face the inevitable consequences. We see him get choked by Gordon Ramsay as he tells the young ninja how weak he is and how much he lacks seasoning.

12) Work of a Stand

Choking Sasuke meme with Jotaro and his stand (Image via Twitter)

Jotaro Kujo is a no-nonsense protagonist whose edgy traits fall in line with some of Sasuke's own. They both like to stay aloof and be universally rude to everyone. However, Jotaro's Stand, Star Platinum, is enough to deal with Sasuke.

A Stand can't be seen by normal humans, so we can only see hand prints on Sasuke's neck and no actual assaulter. Although we don't see the attacker, Star Platinum choking the life out of Sasuke should set him straight.

11) Shrek is fed up

Choking Sasuke meme with Shrek (Image via Twitter)

Shrek is tired of people calling him names and coming into his swap unannounced. However, Sasuke seems oblivious to these details, leading to the situation depicted in the meme. Shrek even uses wordplay to let Sasuke know "it's over for him" or, in this case, "ogre." The meme is perfect as it uses the much-loved Shrek from meme culture and Sasuke who was hated by the otaku community for his rogue ninja way.

10) Dr. Doofenshmirtz's new invention

Dr. Doofenshmirtz choking Sasuke (Image via Twitter)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a wacky scientist who keeps churning out bizarre inventions. In this meme, he came up with a brand new invention dedicated to Sasuke. He invented the "Choke-inator" to effectively strangle the young shinobi. With this invention, Sasuke stands no chance against the evil scientist.

9) The power of flex tape

Choking Sasuke meme with Phil Swift (Image via Twitter)

Phil Swift would do anything to show the power of flex tape. Therefore, in this meme, he decided to choke Sasuke and saw his entire village in half. As such, Sasuke should have never doubted the power of the flex seal since he ended up inviting the wrath of Phil Swift. A fun meme, this shows the lengths Phil Swift will go to ensure people buy flex tape.

8) Fried rice is fed up of Sasuke

Fried Rice choking Sasuke (Image via Twitter)

This one's really unique and hilarious because it features a wok of fried rice choking Sasuke. He doesn't even seem to find respite alone, with his own food actively trying to assault him. The entire world seems to be against Sasuke, even his own fried rice. Thus, he should always be alert near this dish to avoid any choking.

7) One choke man

Choking Sasuke meme with Saitama (Image via Twitter)

Saitama is the strongest character in One Punch Man and probably the entire animeverse, as he can settle any fight with a single punch. So, it would really be boring and mundane for him to choke Sasuke as this meme depicts. It was a huge mistake on Sasuke's part to even challenge Saitama. No wonder he ended up getting choked by Caped Baldy.

6) Darth choker

Darth Vader force choking Sasuke (Image via Twitter)

The Star Wars community brought Darth Vader and the "choking Sasuke meme" together in a beautiful blend of perfection and rolled out this meme where he chokes Sasuke with the power of the force. This meme can be enjoyed by both Star Wars and Naruto fans, making it a near perfect meme.

5) Is this choking Sasuke?

Choking Sasuke meme crossover with "Is this a Pigeon?" meme (Image via Twitter)

This is a crossover meme where "choking Sasuke meme" and "Is this a Pigeon?" does a fushion dance and fans get this hilarious output with the guy choking Sasuke while saying "Is this Sasuke?." Even when meeting new people, the young Uchiha just can't seem to catch a break and always ends up getting choked.

4) South America is not a fan

Choking Sasuke meme with South America's map (Image via Twitter)

Sasuke messed up big time, which is why the entire continent of South America is choking him in this meme. This is one of the most hilarious takes on the "choking Sasuke meme" and is bound to make fans chuckle with its creativity. He should steer clear of the continent in order to avoid any conflict in the future.

3) Real Sasuke

Choking Sasuke meme with Bakugo (Image via Twitter)

My Hero Academia's Bakugo has been called a copy of Sasuke by a lot of Naruto fans, and for a good reason. They share a lot of key traits, such as being jealous of the protagonist, being edgy for no reason, and always being arrogant.

However, in this meme, Baukgo seems sick of the comparison and resorts to choking Sasuke, as he tells him that only one of them can remain. This meme goes perfectly with Bakugo's hot-headed character.

2) Real enemy

Choking Sasuke meme in a loop to infinity (Image via Twitter)

This meme perfectly encapsulates why the meme trend started in the first place. Sasuke does this to himself by making awful life choices and pushing everyone around him away. Thus, everyone gets pissed at him and starts to choke him inevitably. He is the real culprit behind all of this, as shown in this meme.

Sasuke chokes himself in an eternal loop here, which fits perfectly with his self-sabotaging nature. He sets himself up to be the villain and gets choked by everyone in return, even his fried rice.

1) Multiverse of Choking

Choking Sasuke meme with Dr. Strange (Image via Twitter)

A near-perfect meme, it pits Doctor Strange against Sasuke. Unsurprisingly, everyone can guess the results. The Sorcerer Supreme displays how powerful he truly is by using his magic to choke multiple Sasuke's at once. The young Uchiha can use shadow clone jutsu for all he likes. However, he is still no match for Doctor Strange and his bizarre arsenal of magical powers and time-bending abilities.

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