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Relationships can be complicated in anime (Image via David Production, Zero Chan)

4 anime characters cheated on (and 4 always faithful)

Some anime characters are faithful to their partners to the end, while others have the unfortunate fate of getting cheated on.

It's worth mentioning that this list will only feature anime characters who were canonly cheated on and not those in the fanon. Hence, there won't be something like Naruto on this list, as Raikaga x Hinata isn't canon.


On the opposite side of the spectrum are faithful anime characters who never cheat on their beloved. Even if they're tempted or otherwise mistaken to be cheating, it's ultimately revealed that they never went through with the act.

For some fans, it's wholesome to see happy couples in this way.

Four anime characters who got cheated on


4) Katsura Konoha (School Days)

It ends horribly (Image via TNK)

School Days technically has its origins as a questionable visual novel, so it's not surprising that the anime would still have some of those themes. In this case, Katsura Konoha was with Itou Makoto, and he had an affair with Seika Saionji before cheating on Seika and Katsura later on.

It's a divisive anime, although for more reasons than just Makoto's actions. Still, it counts for this topic. There's a lot of cheating going on here, which makes the tragic ending all the more inevitable.


3) Takashi (Death Parade)

This cheating plot is only a small part of the 'Death Parade' anime (Image via Madhouse)

Takashi is a faithful husband who supports his wife, Machiko. However, he's had suspicions of unfaithfulness, and the two play a game of darts with their lives at stake. During the game, it's revealed that Machiko cheated on Takashi and that she was only with him for the money.

Interestingly, Machiko was pregnant and did claim that Takashi was the father. In the end, the latter's soul is sent to be reincarnated, whereas Machiko's soul is sent to the Void.

This plotline is only relevant in the first two episodes of the anime.

2) Nana Komatsu (Nana)

Nana Komatsu has been cheated on a few times (Image via Madhouse)

Nana Komatsu is a character who got cheated on twice. First, her boyfriend, Shoji Endo, was with Sachiko Kawamura. Second, her husband, Takumi Ichinose, did the same deed with Reira Serizawa. The poor girl couldn't catch a break.

Nana Komatsu sought romance in her life, which makes these unfortunate incidents quite sad for fans of the character. Even worse for those fans is that the manga has been on hiatus for over a decade.

Still, this show is one of the most recommended ones for viewers who want a plot where one of the main characters gets cheated on.

1) Suzi Q (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Some fans didn't like what happened to Suzi Q (Image via David Production)

Suzi Q is the wife of Joseph Joestar, the main protagonist of the second part of the popular anime series. However, the act of infidelity that's relevant to this topic happens by the time part four comes out (Diamond is Unbreakable).

The new protagonist in this part is Josuke Higashikata, the child of an affair between Joseph Joestar and Tomoko Higashikata. Naturally, this means that Suzie Q got cheated on for this to happen.

There have been numerous discussions in online forums as to whether or not Joseph cheating on Suzie Q was out of character or not. All that matters is that it did happen.

Four anime characters who were always faithful

4) Yusuke Urameshi (YuYu Hakusho)

Botan is the more enjoyable character, but Yusuke is with Reiko (Image via Pierrot)

Yusuke Urameshi's main love interest (and later fiance) is Keiko Yukimura. Although some fans might prefer shipping him with Botan, it's worth noting that the relationship between those two characters isn't romantic. It's purely platonic.

It would've been very scummy if he didn't end up with Keiko, given all they've been through with his death at the beginning of the series. In the end, Yusuke loves Keiko, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

3) Keiichi (Ah! My Goddess)

Keiichi ends up with Belldandy in this lighthearted and comedic anime (Image via AIC)

Ah! My Goddess is an interesting anime where an engineering student named Keiichi Morisato dates a goddess known as Belldandy. There are moments when the suspicious Urd tries to make her moves on Keiichi in the name of helping out Belldandy, almost tricking him into getting with her.

Fortunately, Belldandy stops her in time. Of course, there are other moments where it's easy to mistake him for cheating, but they're not as close as what happened with Urd. Their relationship is heartwarming to watch in the TV show, OVA, and movie.

2) Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Boruto)


Shonen animes seldom have cheating, so it's no surprise that Sasuke would be another example of a faithful husband. Still, there is a minor plot where Sasuke Uchiha's daughter, Sarada Uchiha, has some suspicions of Karin Uzumaki being her birth mother rather than Sakura.

It's all a red herring, and Sasuke still loves Sakura. He might have been gone for a long time, but he wasn't doing anything questionable with other women. Many women have their eyes on him in the anime, but that's not enough to doubt his loyalty to Sakura.

1) Gohan (Dragon Ball Super)


Gohan's relationship with Videl has gotten a lot of focus throughout the series, making his loyalty to her touching.

There does come a moment in Dragon Ball Super where Barry Khan tries to blackmail Gohan by showing Videl some pictures of him kissing another girl. However, it's not what it seems like, as Gohan would never think of betraying Videl like that.

Instead, that girl (Cocoa) makes the first move to kiss him. Barry happens to take photos of that incident, but Videl isn't so easily tricked. She knows that Gohan would never willingly do that, and Barry's plot falls apart.

Predictably, Gohan is still with Videl after all of these years.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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