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Deku is a rather divided figure in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

4 reasons why some My Hero Academia fans hate Deku (and 4 reasons why they love him)

Despite being the main character of My Hero Academia, Deku provokes very different responses from the community.

Most anime protagonists are universally loved within their fanbase, such as Luffy from One Piece. The same cannot be said for Izuku Midoriya, better known by the hero name Deku. Although he maintains high popularity in My Hero Academia, Deku also has a noticeable hate base.


There are several reasons why Deku is a polarizing figure in the community. Fans may have a very different idea of what they want from this series. This article will take a look at what makes Deku loved and hated.

Reasons why some My Hero Academia fans don't like Deku


4) He is too forgiving of Bakugo


At the start of My Hero Academia, Bakugo adamantly bullied Deku for lacking a Quirk. He even gave him the inspiration for his hero name, which is a Japanese abbreviation for "good for nothing." Bakugo even told Deku to end his own life by jumping from a rooftop.

Some fans greatly dislike how Deku easily forgave Bakugo. He is more than willing to let people walk over him, which can be off-putting to watch. Deku even looked up to Bakugo, despite his disgusting actions.

3) Deku is overshadowed by more interesting characters


More than a few detractors consider Deku to be a bland character. He barely has any flaws he needs to overcome. By comparison, Bakugo has to learn to control his emotions and work alongside his teammates. He even demonstrated his character growth by winning in the Joint Training session.


For this reason, Bakugo regularly beats Deku in My Hero Academia polls. It's rare to see the main character not placed first in their own series. Deku even gets overshadowed by the likes of Shoto Todoroki and Tomura Shigaraki. Their motivations are far more interesting to watch.

2) His abundance of Quirks takes away the suspense


The Joint Training arc fractured the entire fanbase. Deku didn't just inherit One For All, but also every single Quirk from previous users.

The main problem is that he can escape undesirable situations by relying on random Quirks. He still has a few unknown ones left, so fans are worried they could become a convenient plot device. If Deku is in danger, he could suddenly gain a power-up from nowhere.

Some fans would've preferred he stayed as the underdog rather than become an overpowered hero. In My Hero Academia, Deku has already far surpassed the rest of the students.

1) Deku went from average to destined for greatness


At the start of the series, Izuku Midoriya was a very ordinary boy born without a Quirk. However, after nearly sacrificing himself to save Bakugo from a sludge monster, All Might was impressed by his act of heroism. This is how Midoriya received his One For All powers.

For some fans of My Hero Academia, it takes away from the intended message that anybody can be a hero. It turns out that Deku was always meant for greatness simply because he got it handed to him.

Later in the series, he also fulfills the "chosen one" archetype by inheriting every Quirk from past One For All users. This makes it very difficult to relate to him since he is no longer a regular person.

Reasons why some My Hero Academia fans love Deku

4) Deku never gives up


No matter what, Deku will never give up in My Hero Academia. This was best seen in the Forest Training Camp arc when he fought Muscular.

A regular Detroit Smash wasn't enough to bring down the superpowered villain. Instead, Deku had to exceed his limitations and use a 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash. He doesn't have an ounce of quit within his body.

Deku's resolve to save his friends is truly admirable. Not many characters in My Hero Academia share his indomitable willpower.

3) He cares for his friends and family


Deku is always there for the students of Class 1-A. Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Ida saw this firsthand during the Entrance Exams. He saved the former from a giant robot, which deeply inspired the latter.

Throughout My Hero Academia, Deku was also very supportive of his mother, Inko. After the Forest Training Camp incident, he promised her that he wouldn't go beyond his limits and destroy his body anymore. Deku has a moral code that he abides by, making him a good role model.

2) Deku has some really awesome fights


My Hero Academia fans can always expect Deku to have epic fights. He often pushes himself far past his limits, such as the Overhaul fight in the Shie Hassaikai arc. With the help of Eri and her Rewind Quirk, he destroyed the villain with a Full Cowl - 100%.

Whether it's fighting Todoroki at the Sports Festival, or defeating Gentle Criminal to save the School Festival, Deku's fights are intense and emotionally driven. They tend to be the main highlights of their particular arcs.

1) He is truly a hero


Even before he was given a Quirk, Izuku Midoriya was more than willing to put his life on the line. My Hero Academia fans saw this very early on when he tried to rescue Bakugo from a sludge monster.

Deku truly believes in making the world a better place, even if this means putting himself in danger. Even without a Quirk, Deku felt the need to perform a good deed. Otherwise, Bakugo would've ended up in a bad situation. Heroes don't always save people, but they can always try to help them.

All Might himself took notice and decided that Deku should carry on his legacy. It is not an easy task in My Hero Academia, yet Deku has certainly exceeded his expectations. This is why some fans are firmly behind Deku. He sets a very good standard to follow.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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