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5 Bleach characters who nobody likes (& 5 who redeemed themselves)

Tite Kubo’s Bleach has a complex cast of characters. The overall cast has up to 30 people, with each one being unique in their own little ways. But with such a large cast, there are going to be ones that fans dislike.

While the quality of Bleach’s writing can resonate differently for everyone, this list will look at the characters who are universally disliked.


However, this does not mean that a character cannot have a redemption arc. Inasmuch, this list talks about five characters who have not made their place in the audience's hearts, and five whom the audience has warmed up to.

This list will only look at characters from canon arcs, not filler.

[Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers for Bleach anime and manga, and reflects the writer’s personal views. Some of the embeds contain depictions of canon-typical violence. Discretion is advised.]

5 Bleach characters who are universally disliked


5) Kon

When Bleach was released, it was common for anime and manga to have some kind of mascot. For Bleach, that was Kon. The fans’ response, however, was less than warm.

Kon’s attitude and antics earns him the fans' ire, and he is not relevant to the plot either. He is a major part of the early days of Bleach, but as the series goes on, Kon falls into the shadows.


4) Momo Hinamori

Momo Hinamori becomes Sosuke Aizen’s Lieutenant when he serves with Gotei 13. The audience reception to her has not been great. Due to her soft and timid personality, she does not win over a lot of people. But what really seals the deal is her loyalty to Aizen.

Due to Aizen’s actions, one of which involves impaling her longtime friend Toshiro, many fans remain in disbelief that Momo still thinks there is good in him.


3) Tousen

The blind captain-turned-traitor, Tousen, is a character who often shows up on Bleach fan forums as one of the most disliked characters, and for good reason. Tousen often preaches that he follows the path of least bloodshed, but joins Aizen, creating a lot of bloodshed in the process.

While it is revealed that his preaching is nothing more than lip-service, Tousen earns the fans' ire when he blatantly insults a longtime friend, doing nothing but standing around most of the time, and becoming generally forgettable.

2) Orihime

Imagine if Tsukishima's downfall was the fact that he now had to deal with Orihime's cooking #Bleach
4:40 AM · Apr 17, 2022

Bleach's red-haired waifu earns a spot on this list as the reception of the fanbase at large was fairly negative, especially towards the series finale. Her powers make little sense, the reasoning behind how she gets them was vague, and her character does not see any progress.


1) Zommari

Zommari made the wrong assumption that a Shinigami's main concern is humanity's well-being. And they're not invalidating his survival-of-the-fittest mentality either. For the only objective of a Shinigami is maintaining the balance of all realms.
10:22 AM · Apr 16, 2022

Zommari Rureaux is an Espada serving under Aizen, and makes his first appearance during the Hueco Mundo invasion arc. His strength is his speed, but his personality makes fans despise him. Loud and rude, Zommari Rureaux becomes loyal to Aizen while ill-treating every Shinigami in the series.

5 Bleach characters who redeem themselves

5) Aizen

While at first disliked for his OP illusionary powers, which often infuriated fans since there was no clear way to counter it, to becoming on top of every fight since he becomes a 5D chess master, Aizen comes a long way in the series.


Aizen manages to earn some fan credit when he becomes a ‘good guy’ during the manga’s last arc. Eating humble pie from Ichigo’s beatdown also helps him achieve redemption in the eyes of the fans.

4) Soi Fon

Soi Fon has had to work hard to earn the fan’s love. Initially, Soi Fon does not endear herself to the fanbase, as she is portrayed as a cold, no-nonsense woman with a massive crush on Yoruichi, .

But after a few spin-offs and bonus materials, plus some character growth on her part alongside a few interesting fight scenes, Soi Fon manages to work her way back up from the bottom.

3) Gin


Gin Ichimaru is not disliked in the fanbase, as he is more or less just ‘there’ during the plot. While he has his supporters due to his cool and creepy demeanor, Gin does not initially matter to the plot.

When it is time to stab someone in the back, Gin rises to the occasion, performing a magnificient strike on Aizen, even if it is for naught. Further, Gin’s almost-romantic relationship with Rangiku endears him to the fandom.

2) Renji

Renji first comes across as an incompetent thug during his introduction. Given that he loses to Ichigo despite having centuries of experience over him, Renji does not solidify himself as a threat. Additionally, he has plans to kill fan favorite Rukia due to a vague rule in Soul Society.

But the fans come around when he does, setting out to save Rukia. They have had Renji’s back ever since.

1) Captain Byakuya


Byakuya is not initially liked in the Bleach fanbase as he tries to arrest and execute Rukia, his sister-in-law due to a vague reason, which is that the latter is guilty of ‘breaking Soul Society’s Laws.’ Further, his smugness does not help either.

It is only after the Soul Society arc that fans warm up to his icy personality and hidden silly side. His younger, more temperamental self in the flashbacks helps turn fan opinion around as well.


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