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Comparing some of the jutsus that Sasuke used during the course of the series (image via Pierrot)

5 most difficult jutsus Sasuke ever does in Naruto (And 5 easiest ones)

Sasuke is one of the most popular and beloved characters in the Naruto series. While he played a big part in saving mankind from Kaguya, he was also the main antagonist for a short period earlier in the series.

He is an exceptionally skilled and able shinobi who has mastered some of the most challenging jutsus in the series. Here are some of the most difficult and easy jutsus he has used throughout the series.


Some of the most difficult jutsus that Sasuke used in the Naruto series

1) Indra’s Arrow


Indra’s Arrow is considered to be the pinnacle of Lightning Release. This technique is named after Indra Otsutsuki, Hagoromo’s son. Sasuke uses this technique by absorbing the chakra from all nine Tailed Beasts and creating a longbow and an arrow in his perfect Susanoo.


This technique was so powerful that it was able to negate the effects of Naruto’s Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken in Six Paths Sage Mode. This certainly is one of the hardest techniques that Sasuke used during the series.

2) Amenotejikara

Sasuke using Amenotejikara (image via Naruto)

This is a time-space jutsu that can be used only by those who possess the Rinnegan. It’s a very technical jutsu since it allows Sasuke to shift between spaces.

This allows him to escape incoming attacks by instantly shifting to another space. He has also switched places with a weapon in a strategic manner that allows him to trap his enemies. This is a difficult jutsu that not many can perform.

3) Chibaku Tensei


This is another technique that only Rinnegan users can perform since it utilizes the Deva path of the doujutsu. This allows the user to create a black sphere-like object that creates an extremely high attractive force that pulls everything towards it when hurled into the sky.

But instead of creating a black sphere, Sasuke used the rubble to create those spheres. Once he completed creating those satellites, he was able to control them and move them remotely as well. This jutsu requires the user to be adept at using the Rinnegan.

4) Rinnegan Genjutsu

Sasuke's Rinnegan using which he casts Genjutsu in the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Genjutsu, as such, is a difficult skill since it requires very fine chakra control. Rinnegan Genjutsu is one of the most effective Genjutsu techniques since it can be used to cast Genjutsu on the Nine-Tailed Beasts.

It could also be used to create an illusion such that the target collapses, believing that they have been struck by a powerful track.

5) Kirin

Sasuke using performing Kirin in the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

This technique utilizes actual lighting, and to do so, the conditions must be right. If there are no clouds that could cause a thunderstorm, one would have to use Fire Release to make thick clouds.

After which, the user would utilize the lightning, which would strike the ground in one-thousandth of a second. This technique is highly technical and efficient, provided the user has time for preparation. Sasuke created this technique in the Naruto series.

Some of the easiest jutsus Sasuke has used in the Naruto series

1) Fire Ball jutsu


This is one of the most elementary Fire Release techniques that Sasuke used at that age. Being an Uchiha, he specializes in Fire Release and Lightning Release, which was why he could use this jutsu quite effectively.

Sasuke was trained by his father, Fugaku, who was interested in his younger son’s development since he was always compared to Itachi, who was considered a prodigy by some of the greatest shinobis.

2) Chidori


Chidori is by no means an easy technique since it required Sasuke to channel his chakra into a stream which was not easy, to begin with.

But compared to jutsus like Indra’s Arrow, which is considered the pinnacle of Lightning Release techniques, Chidori is far simpler. Sasuke managed to learn this technique at a young age as well.

3) Shadow Shuriken technique


This is a technique that Sasuke used during the earlier parts of the Naruto series. Sasuke would throw two shurikens, one of which is cloaked in the shadow of the shuriken flying directly above it.

This technique was used in the fight against Zabuza, and Naruto had disguised himself as one of those shurikens. It’s a simple technique that most shinobis are expected to know since it only involves precise throws of a projectile like a shuriken.

4) Substitution jutsu

This is one of the most elementary techniques that every single shinobi is expected to know in the series. This allows the user to replace their body with a block of wood, creating a sense of illusion for the enemy.

In reality, the attack would have hit a block of wood, and the user can use that opportunity to go on the offensive and attack their target. Sasuke has used this jutsu on a few occasions.


5) Lion’s Barrage


Lion’s Barrage was a Taijutsu technique that Sasuke used during the earlier parts of the series. He would kick an opponent into the air and follow right behind them.

He would then position himself in a manner that would allow the user to counter mid-air, but he would kick the target further into the air and then ultimately kick them down. This was a technique he incorporated after watching Rock Lee fight.

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