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Golden Frieza as he appears in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

5 Dragon Ball characters who can beat Golden Frieza single-handedly (& 5 who never will)

The Golden Frieza transformation in Dragon Ball Super seems to be Frieza's most significant power-up to date. He gained this ability through training to increase his power level. This was the first time he had ever engaged in any sort of training, so the results were quite impressive. However, this transformation had a huge drawback.

Since Golden Frieza produces so much power, it uses up stamina incredibly quickly. This prevented Frieza from sustaining this form for long periods, thus allowing him to be defeated. However, he has since fixed this mistake after undergoing mental training in Hell. Now, he is more powerful than ever.


5 characters in Dragon Ball who would demolish Golden Frieza without much effort


1) Goku


Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball series and seems to have unlimited potential. Golden Frieza absolutely demolished Super Saiyan Blue Goku during the Resurrection 'F' Saga but lost to the Saiyan after he reached his time limit.

After Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct, Golden Frieza now has no chance of defeating him. He can dodge and counter each of Frieza's attacks with ease.

2) Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super Volume 18: Ultra Ego Vegeta new illustration!

Vegeta is Goku's strongest rival and most intense competition. He achieved Super Saiyan Blue like Goku but was able to defeat Golden Frieza. Although Frieza was weakened immensely after his fight with Goku, so this does not seem like a concrete win. However, after obtaining Ultra Ego, Golden Frieza has no chance against Vegeta.


3) Jiren

Jiren as he appears during the Tournament of Power (Image via Toei Animation)

A fight between Jiren and Golden Frieza has already happened, and Jiren came out on top. During the Tournament of Power, Android 17 and Golden Frieza teamed up against Jiren and brought him to his knees. Although he seemed to be on the brink of defeat, Jiren did not give up. He got up and seemed to be stronger than ever. The sheer power of the ki he released was enough to deactivate Frieza's Golden Form and return him back to only his Final Form.


4) Lord Beerus


Although Lord Beerus can serve as comedic relief at times, it must not be forgotten that he is a God of Destruction, the strongest one at that. His very presence can paralyze Frieza in fear because Frieza knows what Beerus is capable of. He can completely obliterate Golden Frieza with one attack, and he might not even need to use Hakai to do it.

5) Broly

Broly has already fought Golden Frieza in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Although Frieza's initial transformation into Golden Frieza pushed Broly back, he was not strong enough to fight back against Broly's overwhelming strength. Their duel consisted of Broly constantly pummeling Frieza into the mountains until Gogeta arrived and cut the fight short.

5 characters who stand no chance against Golden Frieza

1) Krillin

Krillin as he appears in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game (Image via Arc System Works)

Krillin has been with Goku since the original Dragon Ball anime and is loved by fans everywhere. He is one of the strongest earthlings in Dragon Ball and has undergone rigorous martial arts training his entire life. However, he still does not hold a candle to Golden Frieza. He would be defeated quickly after Frieza transforms, allowing Frieza not to worry about the time limit.

2) Piccolo


Piccolo was once Goku's greatest foe but has since changed. He is now one of Goku's closest friends. Piccolo and Goku have fought dangerous opponents together, and Piccolo is willing to do whatever needs to be done to protect Earth. However, there is nothing he can do to save Earth from Golden Frieza. Piccolo might last longer against Frieza than many others due to his quick thinking, but he will lose in the end.

3) Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan, an earthling like Krillin, has also been around since the original Dragon Ball anime. He once trained under the devious Master Shen but has since joined Goku's side and befriended him.

He was a member of Universe 7's team for the Tournament of Power, so it is no doubt that he is strong. However, Frieza is stronger. Golden Frieza may not even be needed for him to take down Tien in a fight.


4) Cabba

Cabba as he appears during the Tournament of Power (Image via Toei Animation)

Cabba is a Saiyan Warrior from Universe 6. Although he is considered one of the strongest fighters on Universe 6's team for the Tournament of Power, Frieza was able to defeat him without any difficulty.


Cabba launched a high-powered ki blast at Frieza, causing the latter to go Golden. Frieza was thus able to defeat Cabba in only a matter of seconds as his power was too immense.

5) Frost

Frost is a member of the same race as Frieza and is the Universe 6 version of Frieza. Realizing this, Frieza pretended to take Frost under his wing and teach him a few tricks on how to fight. However, this was only a ploy to make Frost lower his guard and take him out with one powerful ki blast.

Frieza may have had to resort to cheap tricks and manipulation to eliminate Frost, but he would not even break a sweat defeating him in a real battle.

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