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Shoto Todoroki as he appears during the Sports Festival (Image via Bones)

5 most introverted Anime heroes (& 5 extroverts everyone loves)

There is an exorbitant amount of anime available to be watched. Thousands upon thousands of shows have been created. Some of them are original anime, and some are based on source material.

Some of the characters have a more reserved nature throughout these anime, and others are more outgoing and expressive. Regardless of these traits, they are still loved by anime fans all over.


Here are five of Anime's most introverted characters and five characters that are their exact opposites:

5 introverted anime characters that caught everyone's attention


1) Tomioka Giyu

Tomioka Giyu (Image via ufotable)

Giyu is the Water Breathing Hashira in Demon Slayer and one of the show's strongest characters. Despite this, however, he does not seem to be incredibly popular.

Most of the time, when Giyu is on screen, he tries to keep to himself. Especially whenever Shinobu Kocho is around. She likes to take little jabs at Giyu, but he never responds. He is also quiet and rarely talks unless someone says something to him first.

2) Hinata Hyuga


Since she was a little kid, Hinata Hyuga has always been shy and insecure. She would always keep to herself, even when kids her age were around. This was especially true if Naruto was near her.


However, towards the middle of Naruto Shippuden, Hinata began to break out of her shell. She became less shy and more confident as more time passed.

3) Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo (Image via J.C.Staff/Egg Firm)

When he was younger, Saiki Kusuo was an open and expressive child. He liked to play harmless pranks on others while he was developing his powers, and this would make him smile uncontrollably.

However, as he grew up, he realized he had to hide his powers from people. It would be much harder for him to be accepted by society and make friends if everyone knew he had strange abilities. As a result, he began to close up emotionally and kept to himself.

4) Shoto Todoroki


Shoto Todoroki is incredibly popular among anime fans. During the first season and part of the second season, Todoroki always kept to himself. His goal was to become the number 1 hero without using his right side to spite his father.

However, his entire life changed during his fight with Midoriya during the U.A. Sports Festival. Midoriya helped him overcome his solitary life, and he started to make friends. He realized trying to spite his father was not the right motivation to become a hero.

5) Legoshi


Legoshi was very timid during season 1. He also showed many insecurities about being a wolf. His friends expected him to be an aggressive carnivore who loved to eat meat, but he was the exact opposite.

Even with his main group of friends, he would not interact with them much unless prompted, but he began to break out of his shell after meeting Haru. He became close friends with Haru and quickly developed a crush on her.

In season 2, he developed a desire to protect her from other carnivores in the world, so he became much more confident and mentally strong. But he still retains some of his introverted tendencies.

5 incredibly outgoing and extrovert anime characters that are popular among fanbases

1) Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto has always been lively and outgoing. Even when he was shunned by adults and bullied by kids his age, he never lost his jolly attitude. Fans first got a glimpse at his personality in episode one of Naruto and immediately fell in love with it.

The young Uzumaki had painted graffiti on the Great Stone Faces and was being chased around the village by Iruka Umino. Ever since then, Naruto has been a favorite character to many anime fans, and those who have never watched the anime or read the manga know who he is.

2) Rengoku Kyojuro


Rengoku Kyojuro is one of the most loved anime characters of all time. He was always incredibly enthusiastic, and sometimes his cheeriness came off as strange. He also always has a smile on his face and has immense courage.

His outgoing personality and love for family had fans falling head over heels for him. Despite seeing him on screen for a short time, many fans expressed their sadness and shock when Akaza killed him.

3) Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume (Image via Bones)

Mei Hatsume was first introduced in season 2 of My Hero Academia. This was the beginning of the U.A. Sports Festival.

Although Mei is not a student in the hero course, fans fell in love with her character. She used the sports festival to showcase her various hero tools to hero equipment manufacturing companies. Using only the tools she invented, Mei got further than many hero course students.

During her fight with Iida, she used her rambunctious personality to advertise to the manufacturing companies, and she was successful. The corporations were impressed by how far she got in the festival and wanted to work with her.

4) Astolfo

Astolfo in Fate/Apocrypha (Image via A-1 Pictures)

Although he was originally summoned by an evil sadist who liked to torture people for fun, Astolfo always remained incredibly friendly during Fate/Apocrypha. When meeting someone for the first time, he was never shy and always had a smile on his face.

Even after epic battles that could have resulted in his death, he was very sociable. He was always excited for what came next in his journey and stuck close to Sieg.

5) Yukihira Soma


Yukihira Soma always spoke the truth, whether he realized it came off as harsh or not. He was also able to befriend practically anybody. The people who hated him at the start of the show, like Nakiri Erina, became some of his closest friends. Even people he had not met until later seasons easily became friends with him.

Soma was gifted in not only the art of cooking but also in making friends and expressing himself. He is the exact opposite of many introverted anime characters.

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