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Jiraiya Sensei (Image via Naruto Anime)

5 Naruto characters who were effective mentors (and 5 who weren’t as influential)

In anime, mentorship is an incredibly important mechanism for progressing the plot. Teachers are a gateway to higher learning, as they are trained in the art of Jutsu and other forms of education.

However, not all mentors are effective with their teaching skills. Moreover, some students are not compatible with their teachers. It is not unusual nor should it be considered a bad thing.


Not all mentors are world renowned heroes or villains. Some simply wish to complete their work while looking after their students.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.


5 Naruto characters who were effective mentors

5) Jiraiya

Jiraiya is one of the great Sanin (Image via Naruto Anime)

Jiraiya is known as a great Sanin in the land of Fire, and he rightfully earned the title through his efforts. However, is he effective at teaching? In the past, he trained the original members of the Akatsuki.

Later, he trains Naruto Uzumaki in hopes of making him a great ninja. Jiraiya is essential in making the Akatsuki great, and personally trains the future Hokage.


4) Asuma

Asuma, son of the Third Hokage (Image via Naruto Anime)

Asuma is in charge of the sensory team and is a great instructor. He helps them with their sensory training techniques and brings out the best in them, even though he can be lacking at times.


He truly shines when he teaches Naruto Uzumaki about Wind Nature Transformation Justu. He is diligent in his teachings and instrumental to Naruto's learning curve.

3) Yamato

Yamato trained Team 7 (Image via Naruto Anime)

Yamato, a late addition to the reformed Team 7, is their temporary teacher. He is accomplished and fights Sasuke briefly for a time. During his teachings, he tries to guide Naruto into not relying on Kurama too much.

A patient man, Yamato suppresses the Nine Tails and encourages the protagonist to utilize his own jutsu in order to strengthen himself.

2) Killer B

Killer B taught Naruto (Image via Naruto Anime)

Killer B is the only Jinjuriki besides the protagonist to have survived and defeated an Akatsuki assassination attempt. During his unity with the Eight Tails, he teaches him how to come to an understanding with the demonic force.

He helps him take control of the Nine Tails chakra for a while and is the first stepping stone in helping the boy reconcile with Kurama.

1) Toad Sages


After Jiraiya is killed by Pain, Jinjuriki is determined to learn from the Toad Sages in order to defeat the latter. Fukakashu and Shima agree to teach him and help him learn senjutsu, as well as other techniques.

They help him master Sage Mode and Frog Kata. Highly effective and competent masters, their style of fighting and training help him accomplish several of his ambitions.

5 characters who were less influential mentors

5) Ebisu

Ebisu (Image via Naruto Anime)

Every person has a different learning technique, and Ebisu just could not click with the young Jinjuriki.

Trying to teach him how to walk on water was a difficult feat, and so the child grew frustrated. Though Ebisu is a great ninja, his teachings cannot be translated well on certain students.

4) Danzo

Danzo plans to fight Sasuke and take his sharingan from him! #Shippuden

Danzo is the leader of Root, a secret spy organization that uses its members for subterfuge. Sai is one of its members, so Danzo decides to teach him the ways of a spy. The lives of Root members are difficult and filled with horror, yet he does not care, as Konoha was his first priority.

A cruel man, Danzo sucks the life out of Sai and turns him into a killing machine. As part of Root, members have to kill each other in order to suppress any emotions they may have, so Sai is ordered to kill his dear friend. However, his friend dies before he could murder him. Regardless, Danzo's methods of training were detrimental to Sai.

3) Minato


Minato Namikaze is a sensei to Kakashi, Rin, and Obito, yet he does not have any influence over them. In fact, they influenced each other more than he did.

Kakashi is already a prodigy, while Obito learns many things under Madara. A Hokage of Konoha and Minato's influence can be felt throughout the village, yet his own teaching methods do not make a difference.

2) Orochimaru


Orochimaru is considered a great teacher in terms of power structure, yet the aftermath of his training is not a pleasant time for most people. Some of his proteges have commited mass murders and or felonies in his name, yet most resort to dissecting their victims in order to please him.

He kidnaps children and trains them in the art of ninjutsu after experimenting on them. His student, Sasuke, went on to commit mass treason while his another student caused a world war. Orochimaru is not exactly a great teacher in terms of how he manages his students.

1) Kurenai

Kurenai’s methods cannot be defined in simple terms (Image via Naruto Anime)

Kurenai is neither a legendary ninja nor is she a particularly terrible Shinobi. She is a genjutsu master, yet her teachings do not transfer well later on in the series.

She is ineffective as a teacher, as her students are not talented enough in genjutsu resistance and offensive techniques. Further, all her students are defeated in the first Chunnin Exams.

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