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His personality can either irritate or inspire Shinobi (Image via Naruto Anime)

5 Naruto characters who were envious of his success (and 5 who wished him well)

Several characters have either despised or admired Naruto, respectively. It's not surprising as his personality can annoy one greatly. However, if one were to look deeper into his persona, they would see his determination shine brighter than any negativity.

There have been many instances in which his ideals have clashed with others. This has led to several battles where he has tried to beat his ideals into his opponents, often literally. His heart is golden, yet sometimes his methods fail to sway some people.


However, some greatly admire him in every sense of the word. They see him as more than a vessel for the Nine Tails. His kindness speaks to them, so it's impossible to dismiss him.

Characters who disliked Naruto


1) Sasuke

Sasuke’s rivalry was central to the plot (Image via Naruto Anime)

Sasuke hated the blonde Shinobi for his annoying and childish personality. The hate was mutual as their personalities were far too different. Over time, their rivalry becomes more apparent as danger ensues.

However, Sasuke has gained a bit of respect for him over time. But it was short-lived as he left to pursue a path of darkness and folly.

2) Kabuto


Kabuto played him for a fool in every word during the Chunin Exams. He sees him as nothing more than a brat who doesn't deserve his status. The boy was nothing more than a nuisance that had to be discarded.


Perhaps he feels a bit jealous since he has no personality. While Naruto suffers from the curse of the Tailed Beasts, Kabuto suffers from having no identity.

3) Sakura

Sakura punches the blonde frequently (Image via Naruto Anime)

Sakura Haruno saw Naruto as simply an annoyance. She hardly got along with him, though he greatly loved her in every word. His love and belief in her strength helped her through her battle with Ino Yamanaka.

However, she still beat him at frequent intervals. She never truly appreciated him until they grew into adulthood, though her treatment towards him can never be forgotten.

4) Neji


Neji believed that fate determined who would succeed in life. He saw his fate as an expendable member of the Hyuga clan as his curse mark determined his origin from birth.

He regarded Naruto as a useless Shinobi destined for failure and believed that he couldn't destroy his resolve.

5) Gaara


Gaara despised not only the blonde Jinchuriki but the world itself. His Tailed Beast controlled his every thought and movement. He embraced the demon, so the demon fully possessed him.

Eventually, Shinobi beat him so severely that he was forced to change his ideology. Later, they become good friends and Jinchuriki understands the curse laid upon them.

Characters who wished him well

1) Hinata

Hinata has always loved him (Image via The Last: Naruto the Movie)

Hinata has always admired him to an unrelenting degree. While other girls would admire the beauty of Sasuke, she found Naruto even more beautiful. To put it lightly, she found his soul to be a work of art.

She loves his determination and offers him an ointment to heal his wounds. She's inspired by his Ninja Way and adopts it into her lifestyle.

2) Jiraiya

One of the best teachers in all of Anime, Jiraiya Sensei!

The pervy sage was one of Naruto's biggest supporters as he sought to train him. Jiraiya taught him to walk in the water and encouraged him to expand his jutsu art.

A caring teacher, Jiraiya was like a father to him. He took care of him in his early teens and refined his Rasengan.

3) Kakashi

Kakashi’s shoulder is always there when you need it. #boruto #naruto

One of Jinchuriki's teachers, Kakashi, appreciated his students like a father. He taught him to rely on his teammates and never underestimate the enemy. He helped him overcome many a hurdle during his formative years.

Though he might seem uncaring, he truly admired him. He never judged him for being a Jinchuriki and encouraged him to open up to his teammates.

4) Iruka

Iruka is his first teacher (Image via Naruto Anime)

Originally a teacher at the academy, Iruka seems to regard him as a problematic student. However, he truly wants him to pass the exam to achieve his dreams. Iruka was one of the first teachers to express this sentiment.

When Jiraiya passed away, Iruka found him sitting alone in the dark streets of Konoha. He comforted him and encouraged him never to give up.

5) Konohamaru


Though their relationship started rocky, Konohamaru looked up to him. He acts like a tsundere around him when he aspires to be like him.

He even teaches his son, Boruto, how to use the Rasengan. It goes to show that his helpful nature extends to his son.

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