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Naruto helping Boruto create a giant rasengan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

5 times Naruto was embarrassed of Boruto (and 3 times he was proud of him)

Disclaimer: Boruto manga and anime spoilers ahead!

Boruto Chapter 66 ended on a devastating note, with Kawaki using his newfound karma powers to fight against Borushiki and fatally pierce through him.


The chapter not only showed a horrified Naruto watching his son die in front of him but also highlighted how much the protagonist had matured as a character.

This becomes especially evident when we look back at his immature and entitled behavior towards the beginning of the series, especially in the manga. These were some instances when his actions were quite childish and, at points, objectionable.


Five moments when Boruto caused Naruto to be embarrassed of him

5) Vandalized the Hokage mountain


This was something Naruto, too, did as a child. However, in Boruto’s case, it came across as highly annoying.

Being an orphan, Naruto was desperate for any reaction to make people acknowledge his existence, even if it was an annoyance.

However, Boruto's decision to deface his father’s likeness on the Hokage mountain to get his attention seems overkill, considering he was well-loved and had a comfortable life with his family.


4) Lashed out when he was unable to activate jougan

The mysterious ocular dojutsu, Jougan, was unveiled early in the Boruto series. However, the young Uzumaki's control over it was still sketchy.

Boruto acted ridiculously pompous when it first awakened because Toneri called his eye "the star of hope" in a dream. He also threw a tantrum and lashed out when he could not activate it.

3) Was disrespectful to Sasuke

Pre-Momoshiki arc Boruto came across as both entitled and spoiled. Of course, Naruto's decision to prioritize work over his daughter's birthday was not a very wise move. However, Boruto should not have used his father's tragic past as an orphan to explain why he didn't care.

In a way, this was similar to how Sakura badmouthed Naruto to Sasuke when they were first assigned to the same team. But the younger Uzumaki did not stop there and proceeded to try to punch Naruto when he came home, punching Sasuke by mistake.


When Sasuke tried to reprimand him for not listening to Hinata, he acted rudely towards Sasuke. He even tried to fight Sasuke when storming into the Hokage office, intending to confront and square up to Naruto.

2) Led to Naruto missing the Hokage ceremony

While this was overall a funny incident, Boruto’s actions led to Naruto missing the event he had dreamed of since he was eleven years old. His pointless struggle to prevent Himawari from bringing her stuffed teddy with her led to it ripping, and her rage awakened her Byakugan.

But Naruto got hit by her attack instead, causing him to pass out and miss the Hokage ceremony.

1) Cheated during Chunin exams

This was probably one of the worst things he did in the series. In an attempt to impress Naruto, he broke the “no scientific ninja tools” rule during the Chunin exam finals.

He even betrayed Shikadai, gaining an advantage over the latter using a scientific ninja wristband. An ashamed and furious Naruto not only disqualified his son but even stripped him of his Konoha headband.


Four times when Naruto was proud of his son

3) Created the Vanishing Rasengan

Despite Naruto being embarrassed by Boruto multiple times, he undoubtedly loves his son and is proud of him. The series has shown the young shinobi prove himself to his power plenty of times. His creation of the Vanishing Rasengan was one of those instances.

5 years ago today (2/9), Momoshiki was defeated in Chapter 9 of BORUTO! The ‘Momoshiki Arc’ still stands as one of the best arc’s of the Boruto Anime & Manga, it had some of the best moments!
2:56 PM · Feb 9, 2022

Both Minato and Kakashi had attempted to combine their Nature Release chakra with the rasengan and failed. Even Naruto’s rasenshuriken was a forbidden jutsu until he learned to use Sage mode chakra to prevent the damage it caused to the user.

But the young shinobi combined Lightning Release with the rasengan to create his unique jutsu, which played a crucial role in defeating Momoshiki.

2) Accepted Kawaki as a brother

In Chapter 26 Kawaki was taken to Naruto’s home, where he was called a “freeloader” by Boruto. Fast forward to chapter 35, boruto calls Kawaki his brother. It took them 6 chapters to develop this bond (officially its 9 but 3 ch’s were dedicated to Naruto v Delta) #Boruto
06:30 AM · Jun 9, 2019

Boruto and Kawaki did not get along when Naruto first brought him to live with them in their house.

Naruto was afraid his son’s blunt attitude and tactlessness would prevent him from accepting Kawaki, but the younger Uzumaki slowly warmed up to the other boy, primarily due to the bond they shared because of their resonating karma.


While Naruto called Kawaki his son, his son also referred to him as his brother. This sentiment is echoed once more in the latest manga chapter where he asks Kawaki to kill him while calling him “brother.”

1) Was ready to die during the Isshiki fight

Boruto chapter 49: Great set up chapter for the upcoming fight, Loved Sasuke and Borutos conversation... thinking of the Consequenses of using Karma. Sasuke being ready to kill Boruto If it comes to that, Imagine Boruto(momoshiki) Killing Sasuke and Boruto has to live with that
9:04 PM · Aug 20, 2020

The young hero had saved his father more than once, which Naruto was always proud of, but he proved his shinobi grit when he remained firm even when death loomed ahead. Due to his inability to control his karma, he was initially afraid of using its powers, fearing that Momoshiki would take control and go on a rampage.

But after being reassured by Sasuke that he would kill him if Momoshiki did take over his body, Naruto’s son displayed courage and determination similar to his father. He played a crucial role in the Otsutsuki’s defeat.

Boruto has come a long way from being an entitled brat and seems to be quickly growing into his role as the series' protagonist. Many fans predicted that he would become a rogue ninja like his mentor Sasuke, but his unexpected “death” in Chapter 66 of the manga makes it seem unlikely.

However, the post-timeskip scene showed that he will return, and Naruto will finally heave a sigh of relief at his son’s safety.

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