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8 most iconic moments in Attack on Titan (Image via Wit studios)

8 most iconic moments in Attack on Titan history

Attack on Titan needs no introduction. The series has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most well-known anime and manga franchises of all time, thanks to its amazing animation, intricate storyline, and plot twists. The scenes that have enthralled viewers and left them gasping for air are at the heart of this amazing series.

Across AoT, some moments have served as the defining points of the series and have had a profound effect on viewers all across the world. These moments, which range from thrilling action sequences to moving character arcs, have cemented Attack on Titan's status as a contemporary classic and a must-watch for any fan of anime.


So grab a seat and prepare to relive some of the most exciting and memorable moments from the series.

Armin's sacrifice, the battle of Trost, and 6 other iconic moments in Attack on Titan history


8) Eren's attack on Marley

Eren's Attack on Marley (Image via Wit studios)

The Assault on Marley, wherein Eren and his allies launched a surprise attack on Marley, the nation that gave origin to the Titans, was a turning point in Attack on Titan. Eren's tenacity and willingness to save his comrades and the entire Earth from the Titans were demonstrated by the attack.

The series was significantly impacted by Eren's assault on Marley in terms of both the plot and the characters. It marked the pinnacle of Eren's growth as a person—from a scared youngster to a fierce warrior. The attack had a profound effect on the characters as well, especially Reiner, who was made to face the repercussions of his actions.


7) Armin's sacrifice

Armin's sacrifice (Image via Wit studios)

One of the most adored characters in the series is Armin Arlert, and his sacrifice in the conflict with the Colossal Titan is one of his most enduring moments. As he devoted his life to save his friends, the heartbreaking scene shocked viewers and turned many of them into fans of the show. The scene had a big effect on the characters as well, especially Eren and Mikasa, who had to face their own emotions.

Both of them confronted Levi to force him to revive Armin instead of Erwin by letting him take the Colossal Titan.

6) The return to Shiganshina

The Return to Shiganshina (Image via Wit studios)

When Eren and his companions returned to Shiganshina, where their quest had started, it marked a turning point in the Attack on Titan storyline. The mission's objective was to retake Wall Maria and learn more about the Titans, but as they faced the Titans and the hostile troops who stood in their way, it quickly became a battle for survival.

5) Erwin's charge

Erwin's Charge (Image via Wit studios)

One of the most recognizable characters in Attack on Titan is Erwin Smith, the leader of the Survey Corps, and his assault against the Beast Titan is among his most enduring scenes. Erwin led his soldiers on a desperate charge against the Beast Titan, sacrificing many of them in the process, and the scene was a tribute to his ability to lead and strategize.

In terms of the plot and the characters, Erwin's accusation marked a turning point for the show. It demonstrated how desperate humanity was in its war against the Titans and how far they would go to defend themselves. The scene also had a tremendous effect on the characters, especially Levi and Armin, who had to weigh the price of their own desires.

4) The basement reveal

The Basement Reveal (Image via Wit studios)

The Basement Revelation, which revealed the truth about the Titans' ancestry and altered the path of the series for all time, was a crucial point in the Attack on Titan storyline.

Fans had been eagerly awaiting the reveal for years as it marked the end of Eren and his pals' quest to learn the truth about their world.

3) The Battle of Trost

The Battle of Trost (Image via Wit studios)

The first significant conflict in the series took place at the Battle of Trost, as Eren and his allies fought to reclaim the Trost District from the Titans. The soldiers fought valiantly to keep the Titans from overrunning the city during the cruel and violent combat. A crucial turning point in the conflict occurred when Eren turned into a Titan, giving the soldiers hope and motivating them to fight back.

For the first time, the show depicted the Titans' real ruthlessness and the sacrifices that troops would make to defend humanity. The conflict also revealed the depth of the protagonists' emotions, as spectators were left with their sacrifices and hardships.

2) Levi's fight against the Female Titan

Levi's Fight Against the Female Titan (Image via Wit studios)

One of the most recognizable characters in Attack on Titan is Levi Ackerman, and his battle with the Female Titan is among his most remembered scenes. The fight sequence demonstrated Levi's amazing fighting prowess, as well as his capacity to maneuver at breakneck speeds and dispatch Titans with ease. The conflict also made Female Titan's skin-hardening ability known.

This scene cemented Levi's status as one of the series' best warriors, and it was also made clear how far the Titans will go to defend their own species. The scene struck viewers with a strong impact, leading many to develop a love for the show.

1) Eren's first transformation

Eren's First Transformation (Image via Wit studios)

One of the series' most recognizable scenes, Eren's initial metamorphosis, can be seen in the opening moments of Attack on Titan. With its graphic representation of Titans inflicting destruction on the city, the scene was so stunning that it immediately established the tone for the entire series.

The incident foreshadowed the subsequent events by displaying the Titans' destructive power and revealing Eren's capacity for transformation.


Each memorable scene in the Attack on Titan series is more exciting and significant than the one before it. The series has held viewers' attention with its tremendous action, intriguing characters, and compelling plot from the Titans' initial appearance through the revelation of their origins.

Other iconic events like Levi's battle with the Beast Titan, the discovery of the Founding Titan's real power, and the Survey Corps' escape from the Titan-infested Forest of Big Trees could potentially receive honorable mentions. Overall, thanks in large part to these amazing moments, Attack on Titan has solidified its place among the best anime and manga series of all time.

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