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Goku's Ultra Instinct (Image via Toei animation)

8 most iconic moments in Dragon Ball history

Legendary anime series Dragon Ball has won over fans all over the world for more than three decades. The series has grown to be associated with memorable events that have stood the test of time, epic fights, and strong transformations.

Dragon Ball has made a deep impression on viewers of all ages, from the introduction of fan favorites to the dramatic climax of key plot arcs. A few events, which will be discussed in this article, not only influenced the series but also had a massive effect on the entire anime and manga industry.


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Goku's Ultra Instinct, and 7 other iconic Dragon Ball moments

8) The introduction of Super Saiyan God

The introduction of Super Saiyan God was a significant moment in the Dragon Ball franchise. It marked the first time that Goku had achieved a new level of power since the introduction of the Super Saiyan form.

Goku Super Saiyan God (Image via Toei animation)

The transformation was a unique concept, as it required a ritual involving five pure-hearted Saiyans. The introduction of Super Saiyan God also led to the introduction of other godly forms, such as Super Saiyan Blue.

7) Super Saiyan transformation

An important turning point in the Dragon Ball saga was the Battle of Namek. It was the first time the Z Fighters faced off against a formidable foe, Frieza, and it served as the starting point for numerous subsequent conflicts.

Goku vs Frieza (Image via Toei animation)

Several ideas were introduced throughout the conflict, including the Namekian race, the Super Saiyan transformation, and the Dragon Balls. As they battled together to preserve the universe, it also highlighted the friendship between Goku and his allies.

6) Goku's sacrifice against Cell

A turning point in the series was Goku's sacrifice in the fight with Cell. The unexpected action demonstrated Goku's generosity and desire to put others' safety ahead of his own.

Goku's sacrifice (Image via Toei animation)

As Goku traveled to the Other World, the idea of the afterlife was also established. The sacrifice had a long-lasting effect on the series since it made Gohan the Earth's protector and hero.

5) Gohan's Great Ape transformation

A pivotal milestone in the narrative was when Gohan turned into a Great Ape during the Saiyan Saga. This was the first time a character other than Goku assumed the shape of a Great Ape.

Great Ape (Image via Toei animation)

It demonstrated the form's devastating potential. The metamorphosis also brought the idea of the moon, which would be important in upcoming conflicts.

4) The fusion dance

The show introduced a novel idea called the fusion dance. It made it possible for two characters to combine and become a more potent creature. The character Gotenks, who would go on to win over many fans, was first created using the dance by Goten and Trunks. Gotenks went head-to-head with Super Buu and gave his enemy a tough time.

Gotenks (Image via Toei animation)

Characters learned to use the idea of fusion to their advantage, which gave a new level of strategy to the series' confrontations.

3) Goku's battle against Majin Vegeta

One of the most stressful fights in the series was Goku's fight with Majin Vegeta. It featured a conflict between Goku and Vegeta and was the first time the two characters engaged in full-power combat.

Goku vs Majin Vegeta (Image via Toei animation)

Vegeta finally had the chance to test his strength against Goku during the battle, so it was a big occasion for him. The conflict also introduced the idea of the Majin power, which would be crucial in later conflicts.


2) The introduction of Future Trunks

A pivotal point in the series was Future Trunks' introduction. It unveiled a brand-new character with a compelling narrative and increased power. Trunks was also crucial in the conflict with the androids and the chronology of the future.

Due to the character's appeal, he has appeared in numerous other Dragon Ball-related works, such as video games and motion pictures.

Future Trunks (Image via Toei animation)

A new phase in the Dragon Ball series began with Future Trunks' debut, bringing a fresh level of depth to the plot. It demonstrated the effects of the characters' present-day decisions and how they affected the future.

Trunks' debut also paved the way for the revelation of the series' pivotal future storyline.

1) Goku's Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super's introduction of Ultra Instinct was a turning point in the series, and it immediately rose to the status of one of its most memorable events. Goku was pushed to the edge by this form, which also gave him a whole new level of power because it allowed him to act and move automatically.

Goku's Ultra Instinct (Image via Toei animation)

Goku first used Ultra Instinct when he faced Jiren, a formidable warrior from Universe 11. Goku was on the verge of losing when all of a sudden, his body started to move on its own, enabling him to strike Jiren with deadly blows.

Fans eagerly anticipated when Goku would next be able to use its strength, which increased the excitement of the story.


In conclusion, Dragon Ball has permanently changed the anime and manga industries, and its influence is still felt by fans all over the world.

The eight iconic scenes we examined in this article highlight the finest of Dragon Ball and demonstrate its capacity to produce thrilling combat, touching scenes, and endearing characters.

DBZ is the greatest anime of all time

Every event has had a significant influence on the show and has added to its enduring appeal. It is obvious that the series will continue to produce legendary moments that will endure the test of time as Dragon Ball continues to develop and new stories are told.

The next generation of anime and manga producers will be motivated by these moments to push the boundaries of storytelling and character development. These moments will definitely win over the hearts of both old and new fans.


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