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A look at Quirks that would be extremely useful in real life (Image via Bones)

8 My Hero Academia Quirks that would be incredibly helpful in real life

My Hero Academia has many Quirks that would be fascinating to use in real life. It's an incredibly popular series for a multitude of reasons, which often leads to people wanting to discuss certain aspects of it with one another. In this case, it would be interesting to think of Quirks that most people could use in their daily lives.

Something like Creation is exceptionally powerful, but it requires a deep understanding of molecular structures, making it useless for the average person. Hence, this list will focus primarily on easy-to-use Quirks in My Hero Academia (at least with enough training).


Note: This list will generally focus on Quirks that have the potential for non-destructive applications. Additionally, it won't focus on artificial Quirks like Warp Gate.

8 My Hero Academia Quirks that would be amazing to have in real life


1) Search (Tomoko Shiretoko)

Ragdoll would unfortunately lose this Quirk (Image via Bones)

Ragdoll was the original user of the Search Quirk in My Hero Academia. It simply allows one to monitor up to a hundred different people at once, which would be useful in a variety of ways. For example, one could use it to find their lost child in a crowded area.

Another example would be that it could help law enforcement find a dangerous criminal. It's not destructive by itself, either. Simply knowing so many people's potential locations is useful (although one could argue that knowing a person's weak points could be abused).

2) Barrier (Hejika Tengai)

An example of Barrier in action in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones)

Barrier is a completely defensive Quirk in My Hero Academia that, unsurprisingly, creates a barrier. Ergo, it would be a great power to have in the real world, as it wouldn't be as easy to abuse for harming others as some other options. Not only that, but it could protect an individual or group of people from serious bodily harm.


These barriers can be broken with enough pressure. Given how few its users are in My Hero Academia, its full potential couldn't be realized. Thus, who knows just how durable those barriers can be.

3) Anivoice (Koji Koda)

Anivoice will work as long as somebody can speak (Image via Bones)

Koda's Quirk might not be the most powerful on its own, but it would still be incredibly useful for everyday tasks. For example, one could talk to a disobedient pet and command them to do something. It works for every animal, and there is no shortage of animals surrounding human beings in real life.

Its sheer versatility would be amazing in a world where humans can't communicate with animals as easily as they'd like. Who knows, it could lead to some new discoveries that would be exciting to learn.

4) Float (Nana Shimura)


Human beings often long for the ability to fly. Sadly, they cannot fly and have resorted to relying on technology to be airborne. Having a Quirk like Float would be nice, as one wouldn't have to be in a plane or helicopter to experience flight. Similarly, the powered-up version from One For All allows the user to fly quickly in My Hero Academia.

It wouldn't just have to be used for long-distance flights as one could also use it solely to avoid using something mundane like stairs or ladders. Having more mobility would be great in general, especially in cases where it lessens the likelihood of somebody taking fall damage.

5) Telepath (Shino Sosaki)

Talking to people from a distance has incredible applications (Image via Bones)

Imagine forgetting to turn off the stove before leaving for work. It would be a hassle to go back, but it would be easy to tell a roommate or family member to turn it off via telepathy. That isn't even the sole example of what one can do being a Telepath.

It's a Quirk that Mandalay uses in My Hero Academia, which essentially allows her to speak to other people via telepathy. It can even be used to talk to multiple people at once, although one can't listen to other people via telepathy.

6) High Spec (Nezu)

Nezu is insanely smart because of High Spec (Image via Bones)

Nezu is an interesting My Hero Academia character with a Quirk that essentially gives him an insane amount of intelligence that far exceeds an average genius. It doesn't turn him into a non-human. Instead, he's a rare animal born with High Spec.

Intelligence is an incredibly valuable trait for anybody to improve upon in a variety of fields. Everybody from chess Grand Masters to the average person could benefit from having High Spec, as this ability simply allows them to be smarter than any human being.

7) Heal (Chiyo Shuzenji)


Chiyo Shuzenji is a My Hero Academia character who can heal most injuries at the cost of her own stamina. Given the sheer versatility of such an ability, it should go without saying that it's something that would be one of the most potent abilities in the real world.

One downside is that healing somebody with low stamina could apparently lead to their death (hence the need to heal people multiple times over a period of time rather than all at once in some cases). This power would be incredibly helpful everywhere for clear reasons.

8) Rewind (Eri)

An example of Rewind in action in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via Bones)

Although properly mastering it would be extremely difficult, the potential of Rewind makes it one of the best My Hero Academia Quirks to have in real life. She was able to restore the limbs of small animals in the series whilst training with Aizawa.

Now imagine the capabilities of being able to restore body parts for human beings. Even just rewinding a sick person back to their healthy days would be amazing, although it's hard to gauge the Quirk's true capabilities due to the fact that its user in My Hero Academia is just a kid.

One limitation of it is that it can't fix non-living things. Still, there isn't anything like her powers in real life, so it would be a godsend to have. By comparison, Chiyo's Heal ability can't restore lost limbs and drains the user's stamina (although it is less dangerous to others).

Rewind is a high-risk, high-reward ability, where its advantages are practically unparalleled compared to other Quirks. Ideally, it would also mean that one could use it and not end up like Neito, who couldn't replicate it.


Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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