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Redemption is not for everyone (Image via Studio Pierrot)

8 Naruto characters who lost their way and never recovered

Some anime characters truly have it bad, and no matter what they do, their actions always cost them their lives. Nothing more authentic can be said about certain Naruto characters. Most are led by certain ideologies that strike fear into many people's hearts, yet they themselves can't see an issue with this type of thinking.

Some genuinely think they're committing acts of righteousness, while others are determined to live life in their way. Sometimes, however, they have no reason, just their own moralities.


However, even if either Naruto or other influences sway them, their redemption is too little too late. Usually, they reach redemption as they're fighting for breath, so fans can surmise they were desperate to get into the Pure Land.

Eight Naruto characters who lost their way, including Haku


1) Zabuza

Just got into Naruto and when Zabuza cries I'm a better person for watching it

Zabuza, one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, was known as a demon since he murdered multiple students at the academy. He trained Haku in the art of war and loved him like a son.

Years later, Naruto showed Zabuza the error of his ways, but it was too late as Haku was already dead. Zabuza perished beside him. He tried to remedy some of his actions, but his sins were too great.

2) Haku


Haku is a boy who grew up in a country torn apart by war and bloodline limits. Unfortunately, he also possessed a bloodline limit in which he could control and manipulate water. Since the war, his mother was horrified by his ability and ordered him never to use his chakra again.


He joined Zabuza after tragedy struck, and together, they terrorized their village. Haku was eventually redeemed as he saw an error in his ways, though he perished shortly after.

However, fans could argue he was never redeemed in the first place, as his actions negatively changed people's lives.

3) Konan


Konan was a follower of Yahiko and believed in his message of world peace. However, her world was shattered when he was murdered by the very country they served.

She agreed to change the Akatsuki's ideology to one of violence and horror. However, after Nagato's change of heart, she realized that she wished for her previous desire for world peace and sought to erase the evil she had wrought.

Unfortunately, before she could act upon this, she was murdered by Obito.

4) Obito


Obito was a Konoha Shinobi who was unsatisfied with life. He loved Rin and encouraged Kakashi to value friendship over duty. He seemed to be on the right path until Madara Uchiha rescued him during the Third Shinobi World War.

He was tainted by Madara's ideals and would spread violence and death across the nations until it cumulated in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Naruto and Kakashi managed to sway him, but he perished before seeing the war's end.

5) Nagato

Nagato lost his way long ago (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Nagato wished to find peace in this world, yet was denied this basic ideal when he was forced to murder his dear friend. His ideals twisted as he went along with Obito's plans to awaken the Ten Tails.

However, his ideologies were challenged by Naruto in such a way that Nagato was forced to change them. He resurrected those he killed, yet he perished shortly after.

6) Danzo


Danzo wished to be Hokage as he adored the Hidden Leaf, but to a deadly degree. He formed a secret branch of the Anbu in which he forced the members to kill each other to cut all ties from the realm of emotion.

Later on, Danzo encouraged the massacre of the Uchiha Clan for two reasons. The first was to protect the village, while the other reason was to implant multiple Sharingans in his arm.

7) Hidan

His violence could never be quenched in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Hidan believed that Shinobi should live a life of war and violence. However, when his village became a tourist destination, he flew into a rage and left. He joined a group of cultists who taught him about their god, Jashin.

He then returned to his village and murdered them all in Jashin's name. As his sacrifices fueled his immortality, Hidan's arrogance never died until Shikimaru cut off the supply of his sacrifices.

8) Kisame


As one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist in Naruto, Kisame worked tirelessly for his country. He kept their secrets hidden at all costs, even killing his teammates when the situation was dire.

However, he was enraged when one of the officials was found trading secrets to Konoha. Kisame was approached by Obito and eventually joined the Akatsuki. In the end, he perished, protecting their secrets.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

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