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Tokyo Revengers arcs are somewhat debated over in the fanbase (Image via Kodansha)

8 most popular Tokyo Revengers story arcs, ranked

Tokyo Revengers is mangaka Ken Wakui’s magnum opus. The manga and the subsequent anime adaptation have garnered much attention and praise. However, they have also attracted criticism.

Of the manga's seven arcs, some are highly regarded by the fandom, while others are controversial and downright hated.


Lately, in the ongoing Kanto Manji arc, every chapter has been causing some form of extreme reaction in the fandom. This article will endeavor to rank all Tokyo Revengers story arcs according to popularity.

[This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers manga and anime and reflects the writer’s personal views. Some of the embeds contain depictions of canon-typical violence. Discretion is advised.]

All Tokyo Revengers story arcs, ranked from least to most beloved

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 - Lead Color Page
8:31 AM · Mar 22, 2022

Technically, the Three Deities arc and the Kanto Manji arc are two sub-arcs that make up the Final arc of Tokyo Revengers. However, this article has considered them separately for better understanding.

Readers should keep in mind that the names of the arcs are not official and thus vary from region to region. This article keeps to the most popular name of each arc.

8) Three Deities arc

why am i doing this to myself and reread draken's death

"the life that you gave me i'll gladly give it for you" AHHHHHHHH
2:40 AM · Apr 12, 2022

The Three Deities sub-arc is arguably the most debated Tokyo Revengers arc. Many readers hated that characters like Chifuyu and Pah-chin, who had seemingly gotten out of the gang life, had to re-enter it due to Takemichi’s need to save Mikey.

However, the single greatest grievance every reader had with this arc is Draken’s death.

While most fans felt that it completely negated the Moebius arc, others were simply sad to see their favorite character go. Some felt that the removal of Draken made Mikey much more dependent on Takemichi.

Contrarily, however, some fans deemed it an apt development, citing the effect that Draken’s death had on everyone as cohesive and instrumental.


7) Bonten arc

I’m once again thinking about this… they both died in bonten arc and Michi can’t come back until he changes the future. If Mikey dies during the final battle he will be stuck in the past so I think they either die together once again or Michi will be the one dying.
12:09 PM · Mar 7, 2022

Undoubtedly the most controversial arc in the series, the Bonten arc divided the fandom into two factions.

One group believes that Tokyo Revengers should have ended with the Tenjiku arc. Another group argues that there were too many unanswered questions left for the manga to end at this point.

Fans still argue over the merits of Takemichi abandoning a near-perfect future in order to save Mikey.

takemichi (an empath) sensing that mikey is not truly happy in bonten arc
8:07 AM · Jan 15, 2022

From a critical point of view, the Bonten arc was necessary because of several unresolved plot points. These include the secret to Kisaki’s knowledge about Takemichi’s time travel, Hanma’s investment in Kisaki, and what triggered the first time leap.


However, it is understandable why readers would be outraged over having a happy future snatched from the grasp of their favorite characters.

6) Kanto Manji arc

The battle is over and won by Kantou Manji Gang, now Kantou Manji is getting bigger and took over Rokuhara Tandai, this is the same as in the Valhalla arc where Valhalla joined Toman and from there the tragedy happened. Will this be the beginning of the formation of Bonten? 🤔
11:11 AM · Dec 7, 2021

The Kanto Manji arc is ranked lower on this list because it is still ongoing and thus has room to garner more praise.

Many were skeptical about it after the reveal of Mikey’s past with Haruchiyo and Senju, and even more fans disliked the development with Mitsuya. However, the slow movement towards a concrete resolution appeased everyone.

Many disliked the out-of-character moments of Chifuyu and Takemichi, while others pointed out how these moments humanized these characters.

More questions were raised regarding Mikey’s status as a possible time leaper, and Hanma’s re-entry further complicated the matter. Hopefully, the ending which Wakui has planned will provide satisfactory answers to all of these questions.

5) Toman arc

While the first arc does little more than introduce the characters to the audience, it also establishes the relationship dynamics and the world of Tokyo Revengers.

The mystery surrounding Takemichi’s time-leaping ability and his unspecified goal, which later solidifies as saving Hinata Tachibana, are all fleshed out in the Toman arc.


Additionally, this arc is less about fighting and more about the intricacies of the world of delinquents. It is not just Takemichi who becomes enticed by Mikey’s dream but the readers as well.

4) Black Dragon arc

Can’t wait to see the total switch up Anime only’s have on Takemichi once the Black Dragon arc gets animated
11:27 AM · Aug 3, 2021

The Black Dragon arc serves as a reorientation process for many characters. After Baji’s death, both Takemichi and Chifuyu needed a purpose to continue on the respective paths they chose.

Saving Hakkai Shiba gave them that purpose and formed the unbreakable friendship between the trio as well.

i think ALL THE TIME about how koko was the one to deliver these lines in the black dragon arc and then in tenjiku, BEFORE we even learn about his backstory with the inui siblings 🥺
5:20 AM · Jul 25, 2021

Chifuyu becomes the first person whom Takemichi willingly tells about his time travel. This is the cornerstone of their partnership, which saves both of them countless times in the future.


Additionally, Kokonoi and Inui’s introduction in the arc has made it even more popular.

3) Moebius arc

While the Moebius arc wasn’t as extensive as the Tenjiku arc or as potent as the Valhalla arc, it was the arc that first displayed the snowball effect of Takemichi’s savior complex.

Draken’s importance to Mikey, and to Toman as a whole, is highlighted in this arc, and Takemichi savors his first taste of victory. Hanma and Kisaki also solidified their positions as the chief antagonists of the series.

This arc also sets up the structure of Tokyo Revengers, where every action unfolds like a domino effect in a chain of infinitely possible futures. Takemichi also understands the priorities of his life, and his relationship with Hina starts to take shape in the eyes of the reader.

2) Tenjiku arc

tenjiku arc is so special to me
8:24 AM · Dec 12, 2021

The most gruesome arc in Tokyo Revengers is also one of the fan-favorite arcs. With Izana’s introduction, the manga finally elaborates upon the Sano family dynamic.

Although we lost Emma here, the incident presented an opportunity for Takemichi to step up as a leader while bringing Mikey and Draken to a new resolution in their lives.

// tokyo revengers chapter 170 & 231

remember when izana asked mikey if he’s already feeling empty in the tenjiku arc? and now that we’re in the final arc, he finally admitted it when every1 he holds dear were already in their deathbed. michi ik u’re tired but pls save mikey : (
9:08 AM · Nov 17, 2021

Many fans stubbornly consider Tenjiku to be the final arc in Tokyo Revengers, negating Bonten’s existence as a whole.

With the reveal of Takemichi’s time-leaping to everyone, fans believe that Tokyo Revengers should have ended with this arc, where every character had found meaningful happiness.

1) Valhalla arc

Undoubtedly the most revered Tokyo Revengers story arc, the Valhalla arc changes many characters completely.

With Baji’s death and Kazutora’s incarceration, Chifuyu becomes far more devoted to Toman than he previously was, the effect of which we see in the subsequent Tenjiku and Bonten arcs.

Takemichi suffered his first failure in this arc. Unlike previous times, there remained no chance of him going back in time and saving Baji.

Additionally, Mikey loses one of his anchors, and his slow descent into darkness begins after Baji’s death.

This arc also presents the serious nature of gang wars between delinquents. It makes clear to the reader that even middle-school students are capable of taking lives. It further reminds them that death is irreversible after a point, and not even time-travel can help you.

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