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The Cart Titan has a very unique appearance among the titans, and might be one of the weaker ones. (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Attack on Titan: Is the Cart Titan the weakest? Pieck’s strength and weaknesses explained

The Cart Titan might be one of the strangest titans in Attack on Titan. A behemoth that walks on all four legs, it is the Titan form of Pieck Finger, and one of the great Nine Titans that were passed down by the Eldian people following Ymir Fritz’s death. It’s certainly a memorable design, though its mundane use might make fans doubt its power.

While it's true that among the Nine Titans it probably is the weakest, it is nonetheless one of the Nine Titans, and has several other advantages that still make it a rather versatile and strong power for those of Marley to wield against those of Paradis. Pieck can truly make the most out of an otherwise awkward and bizarre transformation.


The Cart Titan in Attack on Titan: The strongest Titan on four legs

The Cart Titan is very useful for transporting goods in an age without mass transit options. (Image via Studio MAPPA)

The Cart Titan does not have much strength on its own. Besides its massive size, its strength is not extraordinary when compared to titans like the Armored Titan. But raw strength isn’t everything - the Cart Titan’s unique body lets it carry mounted weapons on its back. Furthermore, it can walk a very long distance with those heavy weights, and Pieck can even maintain her titan form for up to two months.

This sort of endurance makes it perfect for operations that require going into enemy territory and tactics like trench clearing. It can carry troops and supplies on its back, making for a great transportation method at a time when modern transportation technology isn’t readily available, if at all. Few titans in Attack on Titan come close to the sheer utility provided by the Cart Titan.


However, the Cart Titan does have some pretty big flaws. Perhaps due to the span of time the Titan form can be retained, it only takes one or two good hits to take out the quadruped form, making it much less durable than most titans. It also has a worse regeneration factor than other titans, meaning it takes longer for the Cart Titan to be fielded again after an injury.

Pieck Finger: The strangest Titan shifter in Attack on Titan

Pieck's crawling nature is pretty shocking to those who see it. (Image via Hajime Isayama)

Pieck in Attack on Titan herself seems to suffer a particular effect due to her long-held forms - she seems to forget how to walk upright. She uses a crutch in public, but when people aren't looking, she reverts to her four-legged position. While this is a strange look to the outside world, it’s easy to understand from the perspective of her walking around on all fours for months on end.

Regardless, she seems to not mind terribly much about this odd looking habit - Pieck is very obviously just doing her job as a soldier, looking to make money for her ill father. If that means she has to walk like a turtle sometimes, then that is just part of the job description.

So Pieck’s Cart Titan might be the weakest of the Nine Titans in Attack on Titan, but its stamina and endurance are something to be reckoned with - none of the Nine Titans are specifically weak after all, they just have different scenarios they are more useful in and certain ways to make the most of their abilities.

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