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Rangiku has yet to achieve her Bankai (Image via Tite Kubo / Shueisha / Bleach)

Bleach: 7 Bankai that fans have yet to see

Bleach is widely known for the use of the word "Bankai," the ultimate form of the Zanpakuto.

Only a select few Shinigami will ever learn this rare and powerful technique. A Zanpakuto has two basic forms upon release, which are known as Shikai and Bankai. Their special abilities must also be related in some way, so a revealed Shikai could provide clues to an unrevealed Bankai.


Even at this point in the series, there are several Bleach characters who have never shown off their Bankai. This list will go over the ones that have never been released, not even in light novels or the final manga arc.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views. It will also contain major spoilers from the manga.


The following Bleach characters have yet to reveal their mysterious Bankai


1) Tenjiro Kirinji

With the notable exception of Ichibe Hyosube, the Royal Guard have yet to fully showcase their full powers. The remaining four members haven't even revealed their Shikai, let alone their Bankai. Dedicated fans can only speculate on their powers based on feats in the story.

Tenjiro is known as the "Hot Spring Demon" in the Bleach series. He is a master healer who taught Retsu Unohana how to cure ailments. Fittingly, his Zanpakuto is Kinpika, which resembles a wooden oar used to move water around. Tenjiro's Bankai will likely have a hot spring motif.


2) Senjumaru Shutara


Senjumaru is quite the mysterious figure in the Bleach series. She is best known as the "Great Weave Guard," with a special ability to manipulate clothes. Senjumaru also uses artificial limbs and sewing needles to create special outfits, which makes her resemble a spider.

Her Zanpakuto has yet to be revealed in any capacity. It should be noted that Senjumaru can also be translated into "thousand hands." It's very probable that her Shikai and Bankai focus on high level proficiency and technique.

3) Kirio Hikifune


Kirio earned her prestigious title for a reason. The "Ruler of the Grain" is a master of culinary arts. She can make food that greatly enhances the spiritual abilities of whoever is lucky enough to eat it. Kirio believes that she is able to control life itself by taking charge of food.

While her Zanpakuto is still unnamed, it does take the form of a Wok Chuan. It remains to be seen if she can use the weapon for offensive purposes. Most of Kirio's attacks seem to be either defensive or supportive in nature, which could also extend to her Bankai.

4) Oetsu Nimaiya


It takes a great swordsman to be called "God of the Sword" in Bleach, but that's exactly what Oetsu is known as. Sayafushi is among the sharpest Zanpakuto ever seen in the series. It cannot be contained in a sheath because it cuts through everything, including the Schutzstaffel.

Oetsu is the creator of the Zanpakuto, which means he also knows everything there is about the subject, including where they are. It would be interesting to see how that affects his Shikai and Bankai techniques.

5) Rangiku Matsumoto


Unlike other Bleach characters on this list, Rangiku has yet to fully master her Zanpakuto, which means she cannot activate her Bankai yet. Haineko is difficult to control since the spirit weapon is temperamental just like Rangiku.

Bleach fans can only theorize what the 10th Division lieutenant is capable of with her Zanpakuto. By releasing her Shikai, Rangiku is able to scatter ashes everywhere, giving her the special ability to cut down anything it surrounds. One can only imagine what an upgraded version of that move looks like.

6) Isshin Kurosaki


The Bleach series has only given a few hints of what to expect from Isshin's ultimate move. During his battle with Sosuke Aizen, it was revealed that Isshin cannot properly use his Bankai if he suffers from considerable injuries, since he cannot precisely control his Reiatsu.

Isshin wields Engetsu, a sharp katana that lights itself on fire whenever he releases his Shikai. Ichigo's father can launch powerful blasts of energy just like his son, all by swinging his sword. Isshin can also inject his own blood into his blade for even stronger attacks.

Fans have to wonder if his Bankai requires a certain amount of blood. At the very least, it must be extremely powerful since Aizen respects the basic Shikai techniques. Isshin is truly a monster in the Bleach series.

7) Sosuke Aizen


With the obvious exception of Yhwach and "The Almighty" Schrift, there is not a single more powerful technique in the Bleach series than Aizen releasing his Zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu. If a person were to witness the event, Aizen would be able to control their senses.

Needless to say, it's among the most broken abilities ever seen in Bleach. It's scary to even think about what could possibly top Aizen's Shikai. His perfect illusions make it extremely difficult to fight him.

Without question, there is not a single more anticipated Bankai reveal in the Bleach series. One has to wonder if Aizen would stand a chance against Yhwach if he used his most powerful technique.

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