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  • Bleach TYBW episode 24: Yhwach arrives in Soul King Palace, The Zero Squad in action as Oetsu takes on the Schutzstaffel
Oetsu vs Schutzstaffel in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

Bleach TYBW episode 24: Yhwach arrives in Soul King Palace, The Zero Squad in action as Oetsu takes on the Schutzstaffel

The highly anticipated Bleach TYBW episode 24, titled Too Early To Win, Too Late To Know, was released on September 23, 2023, at 11 pm JST. Under the brilliant production of Studio Pierrot, the episode captured the intense moments between the Schutzstaffel versus Zero Squad, perfectly setting up the stage for the grand finale next week.

Evidently, the episode had plenty of rearrangements and additions. Some key moments were cut from the manga, while a special anime-only scene was included for narrative purposes. Overall, Bleach TYBW episode 24 was a fascinating spectacle that saw the Zero Squad members in action.


Bleach TYBW episode 24 highlights


An original anime-only sequence featuring Yhwach and Ichibei set the mood of the episode

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Bleach TYBW episode 24 kicked off with an anime-only scene featuring Ichibei Hyosube and Yhwach in the form of a flashback. The Manako Osho came to Yhwach to propose a non-aggression pact between the Soul Society and the Licht Reich. According to his terms, the Soul Society would deal with the world, while Yhwach and others in the Licht Reich would enjoy prosperity.

However, Yhwach refused to sign this pact, as he found it deceptive. In Bleach TYBW episode 24, it was revealed that the world was once one, and it was Soul King who set the boundaries to that eternal peace by separating life and death. By this, the Soul King had brought the concept of fear to the world.

Anime-only scene in Bleach TYBW episode 24 (Image via Pierrot)

Since Yhwach could sense the anguish of people, he wanted to unify the three worlds once again and eradicate the concept of fear and pain. Thus, his vision and mission went against Ichibei's pact. As such, a fight broke out in the midst of the discussion, where Manko Osho was able to seal Yhwach's Almighty powers, albeit at the expense of sacrificing Soul King's left arm.


However, Yhwach was glad as he no longer had to watch Soul King's humiliation anymore. The King of the Quincy knew that Reio (Soul King) had become a mindless and hideous lump of flesh to be worshiped. As such, Yhwach wanted to give him another purpose, which was to vanish along with the world.

Ichibei and Yhwach in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

In other words, he wished to make the Soul King a grave to the three worlds. The scene then cut to the present time, showing Yhwach and the others storming into the Royal Palace. The King of the Quincy told Haschwalth how he felt no shred of emotion from looking at the decaying grave of the Soul King. He declared to end the existing world and create a new world of true peace.

Ganju joins Ichigo and others while Senjumaru defeats Sternritter 'W'

Ganju in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

Following the anime-original scene, Bleach TYBW episode 24 moved to the Seireitei showing Ichigo and others preparing to launch the cannon. However, Ganju Shiba arrived and expressed his desire to join. He also brought with him a map to the Royal Palace, which could come in handy.

Ichigo informed Ganju that the upcoming battle could be dangerous. However, Shinigami knew that already, and wanted to join precisely for that reason. The scene ended with Urahara launching the cannon, which went off, although in an ugly fashion, according to Mayuri.

Senjumaru Shutara in Bleach TYBW episode 24 (Image via Pierrot)

Bleach TYBW episode 24 then took the audience back to the Royal Palace, where Senjumaru Shutara confronted Yhwach and his troops. She summoned the Soul King's Blades, who quickly defeated Yhwach's soldats. However, due to the Sternritter 'W' The Wind, Nianzol Weizol's schrift, her summons weren't able to inflict damage on either Yhwach or him.

That being said, Senjumaru showcased her prowess as a Zero Squad officer, as she retailored the Nianzol's fabric with her own, and skewered him to death. Bleach TYBW episode 24 then once again shifted to Ichigo and others, as they discussed about Yhwach's plan, and wondered his true objective of going to the Royal Palace. Additionally, he expressed his desire to drag Uryu back from Yhwach's troops.

Yhwach summons his Schutzstaffel, as the Zero Squad Captains showcase their tricks

The Schutzstaffel in Bleach TYBW episode 24 (Image via Pierrot)

Following Ichigo's scene, Bleach TYBW episode 24 returned to the Royal Palace, where Yhwach summoned his Schutzstaffel or Royal Guards, namely Gerald Valkyre, Lille Barro, Pernida Parnkgjas, and Askin Nakk le Vaar. Once Gerald charged at Senjumaru, the latter called forth the Shield of the Soul King.

However, Pernida deformed Senjumaru's summon, while Lille Barro pierced through her head with his X-Axis. When it seemed all over, Senjumaru reappeared and mentioned how it was a false Royal Palace built to lure Yhwach and his troops in.

Hikifune's tree of life in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

It was revealed in Bleach TYBW episode 24 that Kirio Hikifune made a wooden cage to restrict the Quincies from infiltrating the Soul King's own palace. She further mentioned that the cage, known as Tree of Life, cannot be breached, as it has her own Reiatsu flowing.

Even if the trees are pierced, they could grow at an even faster rate. Following this, the Squad Zero Captains introduced themselves and revealed their designation. The episode then saw Oetsu Nimaiya arriving in a grand style.

Oetsu Nimaiya obliterated the Schutzstaffel, while Yhwach managed to break free from the wooden cage, and face Ichibei

Oetsu Nimaiya in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

Bleach TYBW episode 24 introduced the number one Zanpakuto creator, Oetsu Nimaiya, the third officer of the Zero Squad. Wielding his blade, Oetsu challenged all the Schutzstaffel to a battle. As Gerald Valkyre charged at him, the number one Zanpakuto creator dodged his assault and swiftly sliced him with his blade.

After one-shotting Gerald, Oetsu then sliced Lille Barro's X-Axis bullets before eliminating him in one strike. Following that, the Third Officer of the Squad Zero threw his blade at Pernida to impale him, before striking Askin Nakk le Vaar with a lethal blow with his sword.

Oetsu's Sayafushi in Bleach TYBW episode 24 (Image via Pierrot)

In Bleach TYBW episode 24, Oetsu revealed that his sword, Sayafushi, was a failed blade. Because of its extreme sharpness, the Zanpakuto creator couldn't make a scabbard. As such, the blade was unqualified to be a sword that could be sent down to the Seireitei.

However, he was glad that Yhwach and the others infiltrated the Royal Palace, as he found an opportunity to test the blade's strength. Just when he was about to aim at Yhwach, the King of the Quincy managed to break free from the cage, and teleport himself to Ichibei's place.

Ichibei Hyosube in Bleach TYBW (Image via Pierrot)

Confronting Manako Osho, Yhwach called him out by his name to order that he would make way for him so that he could reach the Soul King's place. The episode then ended with Ichibei vehemently threatening Yhawch to dare not speak his name so casually, lest he wanted to lose his voice.


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Bleach TYBW episode 24 was an action-packed one that saw Nimaiya Oetsu and others in a full flurry as they tackled Yhwach's Schutzstaffel members. Additionally, the anime-original sequence at the beginning carried immense weight in terms of the narrative. The episode then ended with a poem recited by Ichibei.

"The future, pitch black, upside down." - Ichibei Hyosube

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