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  • Blue Lock chapter 212 spoilers and raw scans: Isagi shocks everyone with the results of his training
Yoichi Isagi as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock chapter 212 spoilers and raw scans: Isagi shocks everyone with the results of his training

With the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 212 out, fans of the series finally got to see the results of Isagi's additional training. Before the match against the Ubers, Isagi devised a new strategy to defeat Kaiser after watching Igaguri's malicia. While it wasn't previously revealed what idea Isagi had come up with, things have now become much clearer.

The previous chapter saw Don Lorenzo listing out the auction values of the Bastard Munchen players, after which he started dribbling through the opposition's defense. Just as he was about to reach the penalty area, Lorenzo passed the ball to Barou. However, Isagi used his meta-vision to intercept the pass.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 212 spoilers: Isagi's ambidexterity shocks Ness

Yoichi Isagi as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)

As per the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 212, the upcoming installment is set to be titled Unknown. With his sharpened meta-vision, Isagi defeated Barou with a single move, as he managed to steal the killer pass to Barou with pinpoint accuracy. Following that, he used the momentum to begin his counterattack.


Isagi was certain that his body and mind were much more in tune with each other than in his previous game, thus he was glad that his special training paid off. So, in Blue Lock chapter 212, Isagi instantly began his counterattack by passing the ball to Kurona, who was willing to support Isagi as long as he got to play.

Blue Lock CH212 Spoilers! (1).

Isagi and Kurona working together!

Yukimiya, who was observing from afar, was planning to steal the ball while the focus of the match would be on Isagi and Kurona's counterattack. He had no hard feelings towards Isagi, however, that's how his team functioned; based on a chemical reaction that saw them devour each other. Thus, Yukimiya ran towards Isagi with the intent of stealing the ball.

Yukimiya tried to steal the ball from Isagi, however, an Ubers player happened to block him, leading Isagi to keep the ball with him. Yukimiya was impressed by Isagi's meta-vision, as it allowed him to use an opposition defender to get past him with ease.

Blue Lock CH212 Spoilers! (2).

Yuki tried to take over the ball but Isagi ain’t having it this time! Kaiser tries to catch up but Lorenzo is in his way!

Kaiser was also on the lookout for Isagi, but Lorenzo was heavily guarding him. Niko, Aryu, and Aiku were to manage the fortress-type defense. Regardless, Isagi managed to get past the three defenders by passing the ball to and fro with Kurona. The moment Isagi managed to get away from the three defenders, Ness came to stop Isagi.

Ness declared that he was assigned to stop Isagi if Lorenzo got in the way of Kaiser. He was certain that Isagi was a one-trick pony, able to score only using his right-footed direct shot. Thus, Ness made sure that Isagi wasn't able to score using his right foot. However, Isagi was unaffected by Ness' taunts and used his left leg for a direct shot to score his first goal in the Neo Egoist League.

Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 212 spoilers


Blue lock 212 isagi goal !

Blue Lock chapter 212 spoilers saw Yoichi Isagi show off his ego by demonstrating his true potential. He was finally able to score his first goal in the Neo Egoist League. However, he did not do it in his regular style, instead evolving through different dimensions that saw him score using his left leg, thus opening new goal opportunities for him.

Blue Lock chapter 212 is set to release on March 29, 2023, at 12 am JST.


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