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  • Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers and raw scans: Kaiser tries to steal Isagi's goal, Hiori's plan gets hindered
Yoichi Isagi and Michael Kaiser as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit, Kodansha)

Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers and raw scans: Kaiser tries to steal Isagi's goal, Hiori's plan gets hindered

With the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 234 having come out, fans witnessed Hiori and Isagi finally start their attack. Through this, fans saw Hiori use his Meta Vision for attacking for the very first time. While all seemed to go Hiori's way, his plan got foiled by Michael Kaiser.

The previous chapter revealed how Hiori Yo had changed his goal. With that, he was now planning to help Isagi become the best player in the world. Thus, he tracked back after losing the ball and intercepted the pass from Lorenzo to Barou using his Meta Vision.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers: Isagi and Kaiser's combined shot gets blocked by Barou and Aryu

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Blue Lock chapter 234 opened with Hiori leading the attack while using his Meta Vision. After intercepting the pass to Barou, Hiori dribbled the ball and went past several Ubers players, including Sendo and Niko.


Blue Lock Chapter 234 spoilers then shifted its focus to Hiori's monologue. Hiori was aware of Isagi's weapons. While everyone believed that Isagi's best weapons were his direct shooting and football IQ, as per Hiori, Isagi's best weapon was his ability to devour his rivals. After Isagi arrived at Blue Lock, he has been evolving at a dramatic rate. Thus, Hiori started to believe that Isagi could end up becoming the best player in the world.

Yoichi Isagi as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

However, with the level of play around them, Isagi needed some help. Thus, Hiori took it upon himself to help Isagi defeat Kaiser and Barou. While most people believe that the one who scores the goal is the only egoist, Hiori did not believe that entirely. He himself was an egoist, however, his objective wasn't to score the goal but to create it.

Just then, Hiori spotted a small opening to pass to Isagi. He immediately played a strong long pass that reached Isagi swiftly. Isagi was impressed by the Hiori's precision pass and was just about to shoot when Don Lorenzo arrived. Nevertheless, Isagi was ready as he shifted the ball to place the shot with his leg foot.

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Just as Isagi was about to shoot the ball, Michael Kaiser appeared out of nowhere as he intended to steal Isagi's shooting opportunity. Fearing that Kaiser would steal his goal-scoring chance, Isagi proceeded to shoot the ball as well. By some miracle, both Kaiser's and Isagi's feet touched the ball together. Unfortunately, the shot was blocked by Aryu and Barou.


Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers again shifted its focus to Hiori's monologue. He was certain that his and Isagi's goal vision was perfect. The only thing that went wrong was Kaiser's unorthodox movements that forced Isagi to shoot in an unfavorable way. Due to this, Hiori was convinced that they needed one more step to conquer the field.

Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers

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Blue Lock chapter 234 spoilers showed fans a glimpse of Hiori Yo's attacking ability while using his Meta Vision. Given his smooth dribbling and technical movements, he has certainly become an asset for Bastard Munchen. Thus, there lies a possibility that Hiori could end up joining the starting lineup in the future. That said, he is currently set his sights on getting Isagi his winning goal.

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