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Yoichi Isagi as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock chapter 235: Isagi finds the missing piece in Hiori's failed shot

With the release of Blue Lock chapter 235, fans witnessed Hiori Yo finally coming to terms with himself as he managed to make a decision for himself. While his shot failed to enter the goal, Isagi appreciated it as he found the missing piece he needed for the winning goal.

The previous chapter saw Hiori start his team's attack, with some assistance from Yukimiya and Isagi. Following that Hiori passed the ball to Isagi. Just when Isagi was set to hit it, Kaiser interrupted his shot attempt, causing both of them to shoot the ball together. Unfortunately, the shot got blocked by Barou.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 235: Hiori Yo struggles to make a vital decision

Hiori Yo and Yoichi Isagi as seen in Blue Lock chapter 235 (Image via Kodansha)

Blue Lock chapter 235, titled The Reason You Were Born, opened with Kunigami and Aryu battling for the ball. However, Aryu managed to head the ball away which reached Kaiser and Aiku's position. While they were struggling, Isagi lunged in on them and passed the ball to Hiori. Immediately after the ball reached Hiori, Isagi asked him to pass it back.


Hiori was adamant about surpassing Isagi's expectations and was just about to pass the ball when he remembered his parents. He realized that despite hating expectations, he was trying to reach Isagi's expectations. While he did not hate what Isagi expected from him, he was contradicting himself. That's when he saw a vision of Ego Jinpachi asking him to shoot. Given that Hiori was a striker, shooting was the right option for him, nevertheless, he was confused.

Hiori Yo as seen in Blue Lock chapter 235 (Image via Kodansha)

Soon after, Hiori remembered what Tabito Karasu had told him. Hiori needed to start believing in himself. This helped him realize that he blamed his parents because he did not want to make decisions for himself. Having lived such a pathetic life, Hiori wanted some control over his career. Therefore, he decided to shoot the ball.

Hiori shooting the ball left everyone shocked as they were expecting him to pass it to Isagi. Nevertheless, Sendo Shuto managed to block the shot by redirecting it toward the goalpost. Seeing that his shot failed to become the winning goal left Hiori disappointed. However, Isagi wasn't enraged, instead, he found the missing piece in their partnership.


Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 235

Yoichi Isagi as seen in Blue Lock chapter 235 (Image via Kodansha)

Blue Lock chapter 235 saw Hiori Yo's shot fail to become the match's winning goal. This left Hiori disappointed as he had decided to believe in his football career if he was able to score the goal. Unfortunately, the shot got blocked.

Nevertheless, Hiori's shot left Isagi very happy as he had found their partnership's missing piece. While Isagi did not reveal the same, there is a good possibility that he is set to try and hit his shot during the rebound. This could be identical to how Rin Itoshi managed to score against him and his team at the end of the Second Selection Round. That said, fans will have to wait until next week to get a confirmation for the same.

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