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Yoichi Isagi and Rin Itoshi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock chapter 244: Major spoilers to expect

Fans can expect the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 244 to be either out on Friday, December 8, or Saturday, December 9. However, for those fans who aren't willing to wait, we have brought you the developments that could happen in the upcoming chapter. Given that the previous chapter ended with the Kaiser finding a new weapon, the next chapter's events seem unprecedented.

The previous chapter revealed how Michael Kaiser and Alexis Nedd ended up partnering up and getting selected for Bastard Muchen's academy. With that, fans got to see glimpses of their friendship. Later in the chapter, Kaiser revealed how he had found a new weapon to defeat Yoichi Isagi.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

What to expect from Blue Lock chapter 244?


Blue Lock chapter 244: Bastard Munchen vs Paris X Gen may begin

Rin Itoshi as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

According to the end of the previous chapter, Blue Lock chapter 244 is set to be titled "PXG." Up until now, the manga chapters that have referred to a team's name have always seen the beginning of a new match. Considering that the upcoming chapter is titled "PXG," there is reason to believe that it will see the start of the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen.

That said, considering the gap of chapters between other matches, it seems like the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen is going to be a bit rushed, as the manga creator may want to end the Neo Egoist League Arc as soon as possible.

Blue Lock chapter 244 may focus on the Paris X Gen team

Ryusei Shido as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

If fans remember, while the Bastard Munchen team was on a break, Paris X Gen was matched up against Barcha. Thus, the upcoming chapter may likely focus on the end of the match and the players, especially Rin Itoshi.


He is currently the top-ranked Blue Lock player in valuation and only recently scored a hattrick against Manshine City. Thus, the upcoming chapter may reveal more about his resolve to beat Isagi.

Otherwise, the upcoming chapter may also focus on the other Paris X-Gen players. With that, the manga may reveal what role they play for the team. One must note that Shido Ryusei is also part of the team, however, he has yet to receive a valuation, meaning that he hasn't made his debut yet. Therefore, the upcoming chapter may show how he will break into the starting lineup.

Bastard Munchen may strategize against Paris X Gen in Blue Lock chapter 244

Noel Noa as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

The upcoming chapter may take an altogether different route, as it may feature the Bastard Munchen team strategizing against their upcoming opponents. With Hiori Yo's fantastic performance against Ubers, he could likely become part of the starting lineup. However, that would mean that Kurona Ranze may need to start from the bench.

Unfortunately, Master Striker Noel Noa had also promised Kiyora Jin that he would be given the opportunity to play in the next match. Therefore, Noa could be faced with a difficult decision.

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