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Buddy Daddies episode 5 release date and time, where to watch, what to expect, and more

As seen in the previous episode of Buddy Daddies, Rei and Kazuki recently realized that raising a four-year-old comes with many challenges. Since they are not acquainted with the kids, Miri has been wreaking havoc around them, eventually affecting their upcoming missions. Fortunately, they enrolled Miri in daycare, the only ticket to their freedom.

Buddy Daddies fans appreciated how Kazuki was able to notice that something was bothering Miri, which he soon rectified like an actual parent. Despite not understanding parenting, Rei and Kazuki are doing their best to ensure Miri has the best "papas" in the world. Rei and Kazuki are free to take on any missions, but given Miri's tantrums, fans wonder what would happen if the assassins would disappoint Kyuutaro again.


Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for the Buddy Daddies series.

Buddy Daddies episode will see Rei and Kazuki undertaking a new mission assigned by Kyuutaro

Release date and time, streaming platform:


Buddy Daddies episode 5 will air this Saturday, February 4, 2023, on local Japanese broadcasting channels like Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV at 12.00 am JST. Crunchyroll is streaming the series to international audiences exclusively on its platform.

Buddy Daddies fans can catch the latest episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll for free, albeit at the cost of multiple ads. For the ad-free version, viewers can subscribe to paid-up plans such as Fan and Mega Fan, which come with a 14-day free trial. The release timings are listed below, along with the corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time: Friday, February 3, 7.30 am
  • Central Standard Time: Friday, February 3, 9.30 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: Friday, February 3, 10.30 am
  • Greenwich Mean Time: Friday, February 3, 3.30 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: Friday, February 3, 9 am
  • Central European Time: Friday, February 3, 4.30 pm
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: Saturday, February 4, 2 am
  • Philippines time: Friday, February 3, 11.30 am

What to expect from Buddy Daddies episode 5?

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After getting Miri into a daycare, Rei and Kazuki are finally liberated and back to being the highly lauded assassin duo. However, since they have displeased Kyuutaro with their recent two missions, it will take a lot of convincing. Kyuutaro appears to be the only handler for Rei and Kazuki, as the duo has always been in contact with him, even in their leisure time.

Since Rei and Kazuki are two of the skilled assassins at their disposal, Kyuutaro will eventually assign them to a mission that can be anticipated to be more challenging than their previous assignments. The upcoming installment will also see Miri making new friends and creating more trouble for her papas at the daycare, so fans will have to buckle up for yet another hilarious episode of Buddy Daddies.

A brief recap of Buddy Daddies episode 4

@OhMyMithrandir I can't stop thinking about this since this ep of Buddy Daddies I s2g.

With Miri causing trouble and preventing them from working, Rei and Kazuki decided to enroll her in daycare. However, they eventually discovered that as assassins, they don't possess the essential documents they must provide the government before getting Miri into a daycare. Kazuki pulled an all-nighter, forging all the necessary documents required.

Rei and Kazuki almost got in trouble after Miri casually blurted out details regarding her papas' occupations in front of the head of Yumeboshi Daycare. After trying their luck at Aozora Daycare, the duo was successful in getting Miri enrolled. Kazuki went a little overboard to make a strong impression on others, shopping for expensive clothes and supplies.


Miri tried her best to get along with the other children, but they avoided her. Elsewhere, Rei and Kazuki begged Kyuutaro for another mission, to which he agreed. Kazuki found Miri acting unusual and depressing. To find the cause of Miri’s Miri'state, Kazuki visited the daycare, where the daycare manager Anna explained that her expensive clothes made her stand out from the rest.

Kazuki and Rei took Miri on another shopping spree, but at a much cheaper place. All three of them were fascinated by the goods available there. Despite the changes, no children wanted to befriend Miri, so Kazuki stepped in and enthralled the kids with his juggling skills. Impressed by Kazuki, all the kids eventually became good friends with Miri. Later, Rei and Kazuki surprised Miri by redecorating a spare room as her bedroom.


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