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Licita and Asta as seen in Black Clover (Image via Pierrot)

Can Asta's mother return as a Paladin? Black Clover's latest question explored

The world of Black Clover has been thrown into disarray with the recent release of chapter 354, which introduced some surprising twists and turns. Fans have been buzzing about the possibility of Asta's mother, Licita, being resurrected by Lucius as a Paladin, leading to an attack on the Clover Kingdom.

With the latest chapter illustrating a fierce battle about to unfold between the Magic Knights and the Paladins, this theory has gained significant traction, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the story's development.


Chapter 354 saw the arrival of Lucius and his army in the Clover Kingdom, leaving the Magic Knights shaken and doubting their ability to defend their land. As the battle looms, the question remains: will Licita be resurrected as a Paladin, and what impact will this have on Asta and the Magic Knights?

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Black Clover manga.

Black Clover: Paladin Licita’s anti-magic can be troublesome to tackle


In Black Clover chapter 354, Lucius, the devil king, enters with an army of Paladins, shocking the Magic Knight captains. The Paladins consist of several familiar faces, including Morgen, Yami's closest friend in the Clover Kingdom, and Acier Silva, Noelle's mother.

The presence of these long-lost loved ones has had a profound impact on the Magic Knights, stirring up emotions and potentially weakening their resolve.

The theory that Licita may be resurrected as a Paladin has been gaining momentum among Black Clover fans. Asta's mother not only took care of Liebe but also possessed a powerful anti-magic that could sap the life force of anyone near her. This unique ability, coupled with the immense magical power held by the Paladins, which showed in recent chapters, could make her a formidable opponent.

@Francesleonsil1 Paladin Lichita would make Liebe go on a real rampage ngl. It might be the time that we'll see the true power of the Anti-Magic.

Lucius might consider bringing her back to life to break Asta and Liebe's spirits and further demoralize the Magic Knights. Her formidable power will also be amplified after being resurrected as a Paladin.


Many Black Clover enthusiasts hope to see Licita's return, as they believe it would allow her to meet Asta and Liebe and witness their growth. The expectation that Lucius will resurrect her has been building among the fanbase, adding to the upcoming chapters' anticipation.

If Lucius wants to kill everyone or weaken them and then turn them into #paladins without having to spend too much of his magic power,making #Lichita a #paladin would be his best option
#bcspoilers @themarvelousfan @vic_reviews @1__phoebe__1 @Emixa_95 @emiel_art_ @AnimeBallsDeep

Licita was first introduced in the series through Liebe's flashback. Portrayed as a kind woman, she adopted Liebe and cared for him as her own child, despite her forced isolation due to her anti-magic. It was later revealed that she was Asta's mother, but she tragically died protecting Liebe from Lucifero.

Final thoughts


The potential resurrection of Licita as a Paladin has generated much excitement among Black Clover fans. With the recent developments in the storyline, it is only a matter of time before we learn whether or not Licita will return.

Regardless of the outcome, the upcoming chapters will be filled with intense action as the Magic Knights face off against the formidable army of Paladins.

As fans eagerly await the next chapter, the speculation and anticipation surrounding Licita's possible return as a Paladin continue to grow.

With so much at stake for Asta and the Magic Knights, the outcome of this battle will have lasting consequences for the characters and the Clover Kingdom as a whole. The world of Black Clover remains as captivating as ever, with fans on the edge of their seats, ready to see what unfolds next.

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