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Doukyusei manga and all the details about it (Image via Edge Comix).

Doukyusei manga: Where to read, what to expect, and more

The Doukyusei manga is classic shojo for a lot of different reasons and it is also a very underrated gem when compared to other series in the genre. However, Rihito Sajo and Hikaru Kusakabe's love story in an all-boys high school has a journey that is compelling enough for people to give it a shot.

The first volume of the Doukyusei manga was adapted into a film by A-1 Pictures Studio back in 2016, and while the reception was overall positive, it didn't do enough justice to the source material.


Author Asumiko Nakamura crafted a love story that grows and grows as the story progresses and the art style, while peculiar, adds to the allure and appeal of the manga, making it a big selling point.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Doukyusei manga.


All the details about the Doukyusei manga


Where to read

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Unfortunately, for people who want to read the Doukyusei manga online, there are no official apps or platforms where it can be read. This is a fairly obscure manga when compared to many other titles in the market and there hasn't been an app made by their publishers, Seven Seas Entertainment, where it can read, so the only viable option on that front would be to read fan-made translations but, those of course, are not legal.

For those readers who want to get their hands on a physical copy of the Doukyusei manga, there is good news on that front as the series can be bought on Amazon. There are editions both in English and French, especially when it comes to the first couple of volumes, so there shouldn't be much problem regarding getting a hold of physical copies of this underrated yaoi gem.


What to expect

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Rihito Sajo is the protagonist of the manga and he is part of an all-boys high school where he excels as a student. However, the problem is that he is struggling a lot when it comes to socializing with other students and a lot of people misjudge him, which makes things all the more surprising when he meets Hikaru Kusakabe. Subsequently, their romance begins, and his life changes forever.

Kusakabe is quite straightforward when it comes to his intentions and kisses Rihito, which at first causes issues but eventually plants the seeds for their relationship. The Doukyusei manga then focuses on their relationship and the many ups and downs they face, including having to deal with a music teacher trying to ruin their romance, which is a huge plot point in the middle of this shojo series.

The series also has a lot of progression as it shows both characters dealing with things normal teenagers have to go through, such as college exams and the fear of the future. The story evolves and there are volumes dedicated to their time in university, their relationship, situations such as family drama, uncertainty about who they want to be, and a lot more.


Final thoughts

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The Doukyusei manga is not going to reinvent the wheel or come up with a story that is going to revolutionize the shojo genre, but it is quite enjoyable. Rihito and Hikaru end up being a very compelling couple and watching them progress through life makes the series all the more memorable for the readers.

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