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Senku as seen in Dr. Stone anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)

Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20: As Senku works on reviving the petrified, Why-Man plots something significant

Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 was released on Thursday, December 7, 2023. This episode, titled First Dream, primarily dealt with the consequences of Senku’s victory over Ibara, with the petrified individuals finally starting to be revived. This episode marked both the end of the Treasure Island Arc and the beginning of the New America City Arc.

In the previous episode, viewers were treated to the thrilling climax of Senku’s struggle against Ibara’s army. The battle between Senku and Ibara was nothing short of breathtaking, and fans loved the back-and-forth between them. Ryusui Nanami also played a significant role and was instrumental in securing Senku’s victory.


Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 marks the start of a fresh chapter for Senku, with a new adversary to confront and an uncharted world waiting to be explored.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.


Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 sets up Why-Man as Senku’s next enemy

Everyone is revived

Chrome as seen in Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 (Image via TMS Entertainment)

Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 opened with Chrome being revived by Senku and for a brief moment, the two rejoice in their victory before getting to work preparing the next batch of the revival fluid to avoid starving. Thus, starting with Amaryllis, they focus on reviving people who would help them survive.

Next, in Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20, after they finished having a meal together, they discussed how they had been receiving calls from the mainland. They initially thought it would be Ruri, but soon dismissed the idea as she, who had endured far worse, would not continue to call them just for her piece of mind knowing that by doing so she would be getting in their way.

Francois suggested that Perseus’s equipment might allow bidirectional calls, and so they went to check, only to find the whole place had been trashed. Undeterred by this setback, they proceeded to revive the remaining petrified individuals, and everyone got together to start the repairs. Senku chose to revive Kirisame, who subsequently disclosed where Ginro and Kohaku were. Thereafter they got saved and the celebrations continued.


A mysterious message

Everyone gathered around the communication device as seen in Dr. Stone episode 20 (Image via TMS Entertainment)

In Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20, the repaired communication device allowed Senku to reach out to Ruri. The latter revealed that she too has been picking up odd transmissions. Their discussion was cut short by an ominous message from Why-Man which stated “twelve million eight hundred thousand meters and one second.” Senku quickly deduced that the figure mentioned was the Earth’s diameter and everyone became certain that Why-Man intends to use the petrification device to turn all humans to stone again.

Thus, Senku told Kohaku to keep the petrification device at a safe distance from the speaker. Interestingly, Ukyo noted that Why-Man’s message is being read out by a synthetic replication of Senku’s voice but the reason behind this action remains a mystery.

Senku’s next destination

Matsukaze as seen in Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20 (Image via TMS Entertainment)

In Dr. Stone season 3 episode 20, Matsukaze, a man who had been petrified for centuries, is revived. He had a tattoo of the petrification device on his arm and disclosed that he and his fellow villagers were turned into stone when multiple petrification devices fell from the sky.

This information, along with Senku’s complex calculations to locate the origin of Why-Man’s transmissions, confirmed that Why-Man was on the moon. Much to everyone’s horror, Senku announced that their next destination would be the moon.

Dr. Stone season 3 episode 19 recap

Ibara as seen in Dr. Stone anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)

In the previous chapter, viewers saw the shock on Ibara’s face as he found out that Senku was alive and unpetrified. A flashback revealed that Senku had calculated the petrification beam's speed and direction, and used this information to un-petrify himself by splashing the revival fluid on himself at the right moment.

Senku managed to get hold of the petrification device, but Ibara seized this chance to stab him and reclaim it. Senku retaliated by throwing acid vials from nearby trees, which Ibara easily avoided. However, Senku had also thrown some revival fluid at Ryusui who then used a drone to snatch the device.

Ibara, not one to surrender easily, continued the struggle for the device. Amidst this, Ryusui was petrified again and shattered to pieces. But he managed to attach the communication earring to the device before turning to stone. Senku activated the device through the earring and successfully petrified Ibara.

After achieving victory, Senku felt a sense of loneliness that night. However, a call from Ruri and the others at Ishigami Village on his cell phone made him feel less alone as she inquired about the situation on Treasure Island.


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