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Dragon Ball Daima illustration is so disappointing fans already want it canceled (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Daima illustration is so disappointing fans already want it canceled

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 saw the Dragon Ball Daima anime series receive a new illustration from the Dragon Ball Super manga’s illustrator, Toyotaro. The simple illustration features just Goku and Vegeta in their child forms striking an action pose, with a note at the bottom that seemingly reaffirms Daima’s Fall 2024 premiere window.

The Dragon Ball Daima anime was first announced in October 2023, and was met with an interesting mix of reactions from fans online. Some praised the idea to return to the series’ roots by seeing Goku and the others turn into children once again. Others are staunchly against such a direction, especially when considering the series opposite a potential Dragon Ball Super season 2.


In any case, this divisiveness has seemingly spilled over into the responses to Toyotaro’s celebratory Dragon Ball Daima illustration. Whereas some find the illustration encouraging, others are lamenting a potential Daima manga arc given how the Super Hero recap arc has gone. With both the Daima anime and the Super manga in hot water right now, the good intentions behind Toyotaro’s illustration have been overshadowed.

Dragon Ball Super manga and Dragon Ball Daima anime crossover illustration doesn’t quite go as planned


Why Daima anime and Super manga are in hot water, explained

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As mentioned above, both the Dragon Ball Daima anime and the Super manga are far from being positively perceived by fans of creator, author, and illustrator Akira Toriyama’s franchise. While this may be a shocking discovery for some, there are thankfully some clear and explicit reasons behind these negative perceptions

As for the Daima anime, much of the hate for it stems from the fact that fans were hoping for an announcement of Super season 2 rather than a new series entirely. Fans had also been anticipating the Super Gallery Project to be leading into Super season 2’s release. However, it has since become clear that it’s meant to set up the premiere of Daima in Fall 2024.

That being said, there is also legitimate criticism of Dragon Ball Daima which exists from fans. As seen in the GT anime, having Goku return to his childlike form could potentially be setting the series up for disaster. Add in the fact that several other characters have also been made into their younger selves, and Daima certainly seems to be walking a fine line with a major aspect of its core plot.

The Super manga distaste, meanwhile, is much more straightforward. The series has spent several months doing a retelling of the Super Hero film immediately after introducing what seems to be one of the series’ strongest forms in Black Frieza. This recap arc also followed what many consider to be a subpar arc for the series, further intensifying the distaste for current events in and the current direction of the series.


Fan reaction

A small sample of the varied fan reactions to Toyotaro's celebratory Dragon Ball Daima artwork (Image via Sportskeeda)

This distaste for both the Dragon Ball Daima anime and the Super manga series came to a head in the replies to the post containing Toyotaro’s celebratory illustration. Many fans are immediately offering their hopes and prayers that the Super manga doesn’t also choose to do a Daima-style arc rather than move forward to fresh, new material.

Others are simply focusing on the illustration itself, praising Toyotaro’s artwork which is of an exceptional quality. Others still are even going as far as to share excitement for the Daima anime, proving that at least a section of the fanbase is open to the series and the certainly bold choices it is making.

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