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Ranking some of the major races in Dragon Ball (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball: Every race's strongest character ranked

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series that has garnered attention from fans globally. This series is popular for the sheer number of characters there are in the multiverse.

Dragon Ball features multiple races, each having a unique set of abilities. This article will rank some of the major races and mention the strongest character belonging to each race.


Ranking major races and their strongest character in Dragon Ball

10) Earthling


Strongest character: Uub

Uub my favorite Dragon Ball Z character
2:25 AM · Dec 25, 2021

This race in Dragon Ball is significantly weaker compared to the likes of Namekians and Saiyans. Their average power levels are said to be around 12 to 16. For comparison, the average power level of a Saiyan is said to be around 4000.

Uub is the strongest earthling being the human reincarnation of Majin Buu.

9) Namekians


Strongest character: Piccolo


This race is quite stronger compared to earthlings, as they have special abilities that include enhanced hearing and quick regeneration. That being said they’re not very strong either as the average power level is close to about 2500-3000.

Piccolo is the strongest Namekian as his powers were good enough to rival a Super Saiyan.

8) Android

Strongest character: Super 17

It’s time to behold...

The terror of two 17’s. The ultimate cyborg creation!

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12:05 PM · Sep 20, 2018

These characters in Dragon Ball are part human and part robot. Most of them, including Cell and Android 17 were created by Dr. Gero. Owing to their inorganic nature (Cell being the only exception), they have unlimited amounts of energy at their disposal.

Super 17 is the strongest Android in Dragon Ball, but it is important to mention that this character is not canon. Super 17 is a mixture of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17.

7) Demon

Strongest character: Dabura


These creatures in Dragon Ball enjoy torturing and tormenting characters using their powers. This is a race that is strong and has a decent power level. Dabura, who is one of the strongest, if not the strongest demon, has power levels that match Cell.

6) Majin

Strongest character: Kid Buu/Super Buu

Kid Buu players learn to eat crayons before learning to walk

youtube.com/watch?v=38XHsW…" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">youtube.com/watch?v=38XHsW…" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">youtube.com/watch?v=38XHsW…
1:05 AM · Oct 31, 2020

These magical beings in Dragon Ball are actually from a race called "Offworlders." They are extremely powerful beings, who could increase and multiply their 'ki' using Kaioken technique.

In Dragon Ball, both Kid Buu and Super Buu are so strong that when they first showed up, none of the Z fighters of that era were able to beat them.

5) Tuffle

Strongest character: Baby

Dragon Ball GT VS Super Dragon Ball Heroes
1 - Goku SSJ4 VS Baby/Vegeta
2 - Goku Ultra instinto VS Oren/Vegeta
7:46 AM · Mar 8, 2019

It’s a little hard to place them on this list as they’re extremely advanced when it comes to technology, but are not as powerful as the Saiyans. Their race became extinct in Universe 7 as the Saiyans took over the Planet Plant. That being said, they were strong enough to cause problems for Super Saiyans.

Baby was the strongest Tuffle and appeared in Dragon Ball GT. His power level is around 1,580,000,000.

4) Frieza Race

Strongest character: Frieza

-Just wants to be 5 cm taller
-Saves 2 men and lets them join his army
-Goes to earth to kill 2 big problems (goku himself admits being alive causes problems)
-Was willing to leave at any moment when Broly couldn't beat vegeta
-Kills an abusive parent
So what did he do wrong?
9:31 AM · Jun 28, 2021

With respect to their origins, not much was revealed in Dragon Ball. Their species was initially referred to as Frost Demons. This race is extremely strong and has relatively high power levels. Frieza is the strongest individual from this race and was one of the main antagonists in Dragon Ball.

The power level of Frieza is at 120 million.

3) Saiyan

Strongest character: Goku

UI Goku

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5:06 AM · Mar 27, 2019

Some of the main characters in Dragon Ball are from the Saiyan race. They’re exceptionally strong and are very good when it comes to combat as well. While the average Saiyan power level is just around 4000, Goku boasts a power level of 4.8 quadrillion. Goku is by far the strongest Saiyan in Dragon Ball.

2) Angels

Strongest character: Grand Minister

goku getting trained by the grand priest is definitely something super should do at the end of the show's run.
9:15 AM · Mar 7, 2019

The Angels are some of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball multiverse. Their role is to train and guide the Gods of Destruction from each universe. The Grand Minister is the only exception as his role is to serve the Omni-king or Zeno. The Grand Minister’s power levels are at about 100 octiliion.

1) Dragon

Strongest character: Super Shenron


In Dragon Ball, there are multiple types of Dragons varying in appearances and power levels. These dragons grant wishes to those who can collect all the dragon balls, upon which they can summon the respective dragon. Super Shenron is the strongest dragon who is omniscient and omnipotent.

He can manipulate time, space and matter, and can grant any wish to the person with the super dragon balls.

Note: The characters are ranked from weakest to strongest.

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