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Zeno's Guards distressed (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super (Theory): Are Zeno’s guards stronger than the Angels?

When we think about Zeno, also known as the Omni-King, we think about an adorable God with frightening power, and that raises the question, why would a being that powerful need two guards for him? And where do they come from?

The Omni-King’s guards are a mystery inside the Dragon Ball Super Multiverse, and right now we know next to nothing about them. How powerful are they? Could they surpass the Angels if they were to rebel? In this article, we will talk about those questions.


Note: This article is based on the author’s opinion and will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s anime and manga.

How strong are Zeno’s guards in Dragon Ball Super?


In Dragon Ball Super, Zeno’s guards do not have much of a personality or character development as of now. We only know they follow the Omni-King around wherever he goes, except for the future timeline, and they do everything they can to keep him happy.


Besides that, we can also infer from context clues in the show that they are not unique in the same way Angels, or the Grand Priest are. When a future version of the King appears and becomes friends with his present self, two more guards take care of this new King. To the King, they are more than likely replaceable as he is not fazed by the idea of erasing them if he is not content with their care.

The only thing funnier than them giving Zeno’s guards a vacation day is the implication that this is the kind of thing Zeno does with the guards all the time

Which begs the question, why are they there? Their job is to protect the King of all Universes, and to do that they must at least be above mortals or Gods who would try and fight him. Or are they?


The five strongest beings in existence


When the Grand Priest was introduced to us during Goku’s visit to Zeno’s house, Whis explained that he was a being with a power few could manage, listing him as one of the five strongest beings in the universe.

Unlike Gods of Destruction, who can inherit their power and become stronger thanks to the title the moment they take it, Angels are born with an incredible power and the ability to control those Gods with ease. This could be seen during the Tournament of Power while the universes were erased.

4. Zenō’s Attendants

The Attendants are below the Daishinkan, since they are never said to be in the top 5. However, they would still likely be superior to the Angels, since while the Angels merely train Hakaishin, the Attendants guard Zenō himself, and there are fewer of them.

All beings in that universe were eliminated from the multiverse except for the Angels. It was never officially implied, but it would seem that Angels are harder to erase or are fundamental to the King. So, Angels could become a problem for the Omni-King if they were to fight him.

Zeno’s guards should be on par or stronger than the Angels to be able to fight them if the occasion were ever to arise, according to this theory. This would place them between the five strongest beings in the universe, and since they can be erased, it is likely their power is inherited, like a God of Destruction.

Glorified babysitters


Another theory considers Zeno’s apparent mental age and his predisposition to erase the things he does not like in Dragon Ball Super. It makes some valid points while keeping the speculation to a minimum. This theory proposes that the Omni-Kings’s guards are there to make him happy, like babysitters.

Zeno’s has not only a child-like appearance but is also often depicted to have the mind of one as well. Easily impressionable with colors and flashes, quick to get bored when things are repetitive or hard to follow for him, and prone to anger and destruction when he is in a bad mood.

If you ever fell useless remember that Zeno lord has body guards

His guards, as well as the Grand Priest, seem to know his power is dangerous in the hands of someone who is not mature enough for it, and always try to keep Zeno happy, containing his desire for destruction to the bare minimum.

The only time we saw Zeno without his attendants was during the Future Trunks arc, when he appeared to help Goku defeat Zamasu. But the Omni-King went overboard, judging the entire timeline as defective and erasing it from existence without a second thought.

Zeno’s guards need to have an impressive level of strength to be the ones to protect the Omni-King, but that is not their key role. They are there to keep the King’s tantrums low and the universes in balance.

Zeno's Guards before preventing Goku from coming closer (Image via Toei Animation)

In summation

Until we know more about the mysterious guards that hang around always taking care of the Omni-King, we can only speculate about their power level and function inside the series. But that does not mean we cannot infer some clues from what we see in the show. If they are part of the strongest five or exist just to keep the King happy, only time will tell.

Do you think Zeno’s attendants are really part of the strongest warriors in the multiverse? Or do you have any other theories you want to share with us? Let us know down in the comments and follow us here at Sportskeeda Anime for the latest news and content about Dragon Ball Super.

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