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Mohito smiling after his universe is erased (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball (theory): Why Universe 9 Angel was smiling as their Universe was erased

Dragon Ball Super’s most prominent mystery has to be the Angel race. These beings of enormous power follow the Gods of Destruction in each universe. They are expected to follow every command their respective Gods give them.

But one of the Angels presents during the Tournament of Power was not particularly pleased with his universe. Mohito is the angel of Universe 9, the universe with the lowest mortal level. He is also the only Angel who appears to smile when his universe is erased.


That left the fans asking, why? Why did he smile when his home was erased? This article dives into some of the theories that relate to this mystery.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the writer’s opinion and will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super.


Why did Dragon Ball Super’s Mohito smile?


To begin with, let's talk about Dragon Ball's Universe 9. This universe is the weakest of the 12 that exist during Dragon Ball Super in power levels. Sidra, the God of Destruction of this Universe, is a pacifist-being not fond of destroying anything. Meanwhile, Kai is harsh and quick-tempered, the opposite of what he should be.

Their universe struggled to get strong fighters during their preparations for the Tournament of Power and was the first universe to get eliminated and subsequently erased. All of this during the first few minutes of the competition.

After this event happens, Mohito is left alone, and he sighs and smiles while admitting that this was something he expected. He does not seem fond of the beings in his universe, particularly The God and Kai duo.

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He knew they were coming back


The first theory some fans have produced relates to the end of the tournament. After Android 17 wins the tournament, he is allowed to ask for any wish to be granted, and he uses the opportunity to restore all the universes that were erased.


After his wish is fulfilled, we are informed that this was always the intended result of the fight, all universes would be brought back, and any selfish wish would get the winner's universe destroyed.


Some fans have theorized that Mohito already knew about this outcome and was never really worried about the fate of his universe. He smiles because he is enjoying his time away from the deities of his universe who cause him daily annoyance.

Or maybe he is expecting this experience to be a wake-up call to Sidra and Roh. Once they are truly aware of the weaknesses their poor management has brought to their universe, they will begin to do a better job with it.

He was just glad they were gone


Even if he did not know they would come back, some fans think that he was just glad to be rid of the burden his universe was. He even sighed while smiling, admitting a moment later that was his expected outcome.

His universe is the weakest of all Dragon Ball Super. It is also unmanageable at the moment. When the planets were informed about the Tournament of Power, they broke into riots attempting to escape. When informed they had no fighters for the match, Mohito became furious.

The people he works with are incompetent, and they are the opposite of what they should be. His God of Destruction is a pacifist who can never make up his mind and prefers to leave their planets to become complacent and weak. The Supreme Kai is an annoying bragger who does not do anything for the universe but takes the spotlight.


Even the fighters he had to deal with were a part of his recurring nightmare while attending to his universe. The strongest amongst them were not capable of delivering the news about the tournament in a way that would not cause a riot. They could not find other fighters who would be able to help them, and even when they did, they were the first ones to be eliminated from the tournament.

In summation

Mohito’s smile is most definitely due to the anger and frustration his universe has caused him. But whether it was because he expected to be a lesson for his deities or because he was just happy to finally be free, we will probably never know. We can only hope Mohito has an easier life after what he had to go through during Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of power.

These were some theories about Mohito’s enigmatic smile during his universe’s elimination. Do you agree with any of them? Do you have any other ideas concerning his smile? Let us know in the comments section below. Follow us here at Sportskeeda Anime for news and content about Dragon Ball’s universe.

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