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Eida and Boruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Every hint in Boruto manga that foreshadowed chapter 79's game-changing twist

The Boruto manga has been going through some intense times in the past couple of chapters, which has captivated fans. Fans were still processing the plot twist from a few chapters ago, in which Kawaki sealed Naruto and Hinata in another dimension, when an even more shocking plot twist occurred.

While Kawaki’s betrayal was foretold, Boruto's chapter 79 was unforeseen, as readers expected Kawaki to go into hiding. There has been a lot of debate among Boruto fans about whether there was any foreshadowing at all. Eida's hidden power seems far too contrived. Furthermore, Kishimoto's final takeover of the writing may have caused disunity in the overall story. Fans have already commented on how much more interesting the manga has become since the original mangaka returned. However, this may have reduced the likelihood of relevant foreshadowing and could explain why the major reversal of identities that took place in chapter 79 of the Boruto manga was so shocking.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

How the Boruto manga foreshadowed Eida's true power that led to Boruto’s current predicament

Boruto tells his story

Boruto anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In the opening sequence of the Boruto manga, right after the flash forward ended, Boruto was seen saying that the series would revolve around him. He admitted that there will be a portion in which his father appears, but that it will ultimately be his story. In recent chapters, Naruto has been removed, and the junior Uzumaki is now the only character being highlighted in the narrative.

At first, it was assumed that he was speaking directly to the readers. However, now that everyone has forgotten who he is, it appears that he will need to tell his story to someone in the future in order to reveal his true identity. While it may seem like a stretch, there may have been a hint that a situation like this would arise when the young protagonist would need to clarify his identity.

Vision in chapter 75

Mitsuki in Sage mode (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In the flashforward sequence from chapter 75 of the Boruto manga, fans saw a vision of the future where Shikamadai and others were chasing someone in the woods. Mitsuki appeared next in sage mode, followed by Kawaki.

Fans initially assumed that Kawaki had done something to truly enrage Mitsuki because Mitsuki despises Kawaki. Now that the roles have been switched, everything makes sense. The flashforward is from Boruto's point of view, and in the future, Boruto is being sought after because Kawaki and his identities have been reversed.

Eida hid her powers

Eida and Code (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Eida is an extremely powerful cyborg created by Amado, who implanted the cells of the Otsutsuki God Shibai in her body. This has bestowed upon her two incredible abilities. The first is the Senrigan, which allows her to see everything from her birth to the present as if she were sitting there. The second ability captivates everyone and renders them unable to harm her.

However, it was quickly established in the Boruto manga that Eida purposefully did not reveal all of her cards to Code. Making things even more complicated was Momoshiki's confusion about whether her power charm was shinjutsu. While he eventually realized what it was about, the truth was only revealed in the manga's most recent chapter. The power in question is Omnipotence, which can manipulate almost everyone's memories.

Momoshiki's prophecy

Eida's blue eye (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Momoshiki's prophecy also foreshadowed the epic reversal that transpired in chapter 79 of the Boruto manga. He had previously stated that the blue eyes would steal everything from Boruto. Again, it was assumed that Otsutsuki was referring to the young protagonist's blue eyes. However, it was Eida's blue eyes that took everything away from Boruto and made him an outsider in the Leaf Village.


Other incidents, such as an enemy telling Boruto that he is too forgiving and that it will cost him later, or Kawaki expressing a desire to kill the young Uzumaki, may have led to the switching of identities, but they never hinted at its possibility. It should also be noted that it was understandable that Eida would use her charm to send people after Boruto to protect Kawaki. However, the abruptness with which her true power is revealed has led some readers to believe that it is just poor writing.


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