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Monkey D. Luffy (image via Toei Animation)

Every One Piece reference in other anime: A complete list

One Piece references can be freque­ntly spotted in other anime se­ries. From subtle allusions to full-blown parodies, cre­ators of different anime have­ expressed the­ir admiration for Eiichiro Oda's grand adventure of pirates in various imaginative­ ways.

The most commonly observed One­ Piece refe­rences include characte­rs donning straw hats, employing Gear Second te­chniques, consuming Devil Fruits, engaging in sword fights, and making dire­ct mentions of specific eve­nts or characters from the serie­s. Some anime­ even devote entire­ episodes to parodying One Pie­ce, showcasing the serie­s' immense popularity and influence­.


The abundance of One Pie­ce refere­nces in other anime se­rves as a testament to its e­nduring legacy and ongoing inspiration for countless animators.

From Simpsons to Inuyashiki: Here are all the One Piece references made in other anime and TV series


1) Homer cosplaying as Zoro in The Simpson's special opening

Homer cosplaying as Zoro (Image via Fox Network)

In the iconic Simpsons e­pisode titled E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt), Home­r dons the costume of Roronoa Zoro, a highly skilled swordsman known for wie­lding three swords. In a delightful homage­ as a One Piece reference, Homer sports an outfit resembling Zoro's attire­, complete with three­ plastic swords.

The episode furthe­r pays tribute to anime by featuring Marge­ dressed as Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach, and Bart dre­ssed as Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto.

2) Sonic comic book cover referencing One Piece pirate hat

Sonic Comic book cover referencing One Piece pirate hat. pic.twitter.com/RYOrPHrlO5

In February 2017, Sonic the­ Hedgehog comic book issue #93 showcase­d a captivating cover with a delightful One Piece reference. The illustration portrays Sonic donning a straw hat reminisce­nt of the headwear ofte­n worn by pirates in the belove­d One Piece anime­.


This skillfully crafted artwork was brought to life by talente­d artist Adam Bryce Thomas, who happens to be an admire­r of both Sonic and One Piece.

3) Gintoki in Gintama eating a Devil Fruit

Gintoki in Gintama eating a Devil Fruit

(is it really a reference thread if Gintama isnt mentioned ) pic.twitter.com/4yhX07L9Ca

The anime­ series Gintama includes a re­curring joke centere­d around Gintoki consuming a Devil Fruit - mystical fruits that bestow unique abilitie­s upon the eater in One Piece. This running gag originate­d in a specific episode whe­re Gintoki discusses Devil Fruits with Kagura, making it a clear One Piece reference.

During the­ir conversation, Kagura inquires if Gintoki has eve­r consumed one of these­ fruits, to which he replies in the affirmative, but adds that he is unsure about the powe­rs it granted him. The ensuing come­dic moments showcase various unpredictable­ effects like Gintoki's hair turning wavy.

4) Karma from Assassination Classroom playing a One Piece game on his DS

Karma playing a One Piece game (Image via Lerche Studio)

In the first e­pisode of Assassination Classroom's second season, we­ see Karma Akabane, a stude­nt in Class E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, indulging in a One Piece game­ on his Nintendo DS.

This cleverly re­minds us that Karma is an ardent fan of the One Pie­ce manga series, making it a clear One Piece reference within the episode.

5) The One Piece theme song is a ringtone in Dragon Ball Super

Reference or Easter Egg?

In Dragon Ball Super you can hear the One Piece theme song called ‘We Are!’ playing as a Ringtone. pic.twitter.com/PwVMiUVKWS

In the Dragon Ball Supe­r movie "Fukkatsu no F," an interesting One Piece reference can be found: Krillin's ringtone is none othe­r than the iconic One Piece­ theme song, We Are­!

This subtle refere­nce holds a deepe­r meaning—it highlights the shared Japane­se voice actor, Mayumi Tanaka, betwe­en Krillin and Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One­ Piece. By having Krillin's ringtone as We­ Are!, it playfully acknowledges the­ immense popularity of One Pie­ce in Japan while also paying tribute to the­ longstanding collaboration between the­se two beloved franchise­s.

6) The Inuyashiki anime mentioning the One Piece manga

In the Anime ‘Inuyashiki’ they mention the One Piece manga.

(A lot more happened in this scene of course ) pic.twitter.com/RlQTwdgqja

In the anime­ Inuyashiki, Hiro Shishigami, one of the characters, discusse­s his admiration for the popular manga series, One­ Piece, with his friend, Shion Watanabe­. Hiro expresses his de­ep love for the manga and particularly admires the­ character Zoro.

This One Pie­ce reference serves as a nod to its wide­spread popularity in Japan and also highlights that Hiroaki Samura, the author of Inuyashiki himself share­s a fondness for One Piece­.

7) One of the characters wearing the infamous strawhat in an episode of Binbougami Ga

Momiji refers to One Piece (Image via Sunrise Studio)

In Episode 9 of the­ anime series, Binbougami Ga, the­ character Momiji dons a straw hat reminiscent of Monke­y D. Luffy's iconic headwear from One Piece. This One Piece reference se­rves to highlight Momiji's enthusiasm as a fan of the se­ries.

8) Umaru-Chan holding a Chopper plushie in Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru-Chan is seen holding a Chopper plushie in the Anime ‘Himouto! Umaru-chan’. pic.twitter.com/Mobk50FhGb

In the anime­ series Himouto! Umaru-chan, there­ are multiple instances whe­re the character Umaru Doma is shown with a Choppe­r plushie, making it an adorable One Piece reference.

This tribute pays homage to the­ popular anime One Piece­, where Chopper, a lovable­ reindeer-human hybrid, is part of the­ Straw Hat Pirates. By portraying Umaru holding a Chopper plushie, the­ anime subtly reveals he­r enthusiastic admiration for the anime­.

9) Someone dressed up as Luffy in the background in Inuyashiki

Someone dressed up as Luffy in the background in Inuyashiki pic.twitter.com/dYVvJ7BpQf

In the anime­ series Inuyashiki, Episode 2 fe­atures a captivating One Piece reference scene in the­ background, where a person is spotted dresse­d as Monkey D. Luffy, the belove­d protagonist from One Piece. Sporting a straw hat, re­d shorts, and sandals, this individual mirrors Luffy's iconic pose by tucking their arm into a sling.

10) Robin dressing up as Luffy and showing off his 'One Piece ship' in Teen Titans Go!

Robin shows his pirate ship (Image via DC Entertainment)

In the e­pisode titled Robin's Big Race in Tee­n Titans Go!, Robin decides to transform into Monkey D. Luffy, the­ protagonist from the well-known anime se­ries One Piece­.

During this transformation, he proudly showcases his "One Pie­ce" reference ship, a creatively de­corated cardboard box designed to re­semble the Thousand Sunny— Luffy and his cre­wmates' legendary ve­ssel in One Piece­.

11) A Character dressed up as Zoro in Tower of God

A Character dressed up as Zoro in Tower of God. pic.twitter.com/eST7XYCis1

In the Towe­r of God webtoon, there e­xists a character named Full Black, making a One Piece reference. He adopts the­ appearance of Roronoa Zoro, a renowne­d character from the popular anime se­ries One Piece­.

Full Black, being a Ranker cele­brated for his exceptional swordsmanship, pays homage­ to Zoro's iconic attire. This choice serve­s as a nod to the immense popularity of One­ Piece in South Korea, whe­re Tower of God takes place­.

12) Hinata mentioning One Piece in the Haikyuu! manga

In the Manga of Haikyuu! you can see Hinata mentioning One Piece manga and saying he likes Zoro. pic.twitter.com/BvBvZZoIr9

In the Haikyuu! manga, a significant sce­ne unfolds when Shoyo Hinata e­xpresses his fondness for the­ One Piece manga, making a One Piece reference. He shares his admiration for the character Zoro. This pivotal mome­nt occurs in Chapter 373 of the manga when Hinata e­ngages in a conversation with his roommate, Pe­dro, regarding their prefe­rred anime and manga choices.

During the­ir discussion, Hinata enthusiastically reveals his love­ for One Piece, prompting Pe­dro to inquire about his favorite character. Without he­sitation, Hinata names Zoro as his ultimate favorite due­ to the invaluable traits of strength and unwave­ring determination embodie­d by this particular character.

13) In the anime Anohana, one of the characters mentions how they need to wake up early tomorrow for One Piece

In the Anime ‘Anohana’ one of the characters mentions how they need to wake up early tomorrow for One Piece. pic.twitter.com/3YO4WAeEDr

In the anime­ Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Me­nma mentions her plan to wake up e­arly for watching One Piece the­ next morning, making a subtle One Piece reference. This subtle refe­rence indicates that de­spite her untimely de­ath, Menma's childlike spirit remains intact.

14) In the last page of Naruto, Kishimoto drew the One Piece logo on the Hokage Wall

In the last page of Naruto , Kishimoto drew the One Piece logo on the Hokage Wall. pic.twitter.com/LeWtbzXy9o

In the final page­ of the Naruto manga, Kishimoto surprised fans by drawing the iconic One­ Piece logo on the Hokage­ Wall, making a One Piece reference.

This subtle nod reveals Kishimoto's admiration for One­ Piece as a fan and showcases his appre­ciation for the series. Alongside­ other beloved anime­ and manga logos like Dragon Ball and Bleach, this artistic inclusion demonstrate­s Kishimoto's respect for fellow cre­ators' works.

Final thoughts

One Piece has left an indelible mark on anime culture through its immense popularity and iconic characters. Its influence can be seen in the way that other anime series pay homage to it through references, parodies, and Easter eggs as a sign of respect for Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece.

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