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#NaLu in Fairy Tail (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

Fairy Tail: 5 most beloved canon ships (& 5 that are fanmade)

An extensive backstory has been woven into the fabric of Fairy Tail. Over the years, Hiro Mashima has produced more than 500 chapters of the graphic novel. As with his last manga, Rave Master, Mashima has been a huge hit with this one.

As a result of their devotion to the show, Fairy Tail fans have penned fanfiction to honor their favorite ship pairings. Because of this, a wide range of canon and fan-made ships came into being.


The show is terrific at allowing its supporting cast members a chance to shine even if they receive comparably less screen time.

Fairy Tail canon ships we all grew to love


5) Zeref+Mavis (#Zervis)

#Zervis (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

Their history goes back a long way. It had been a long time since anybody had treated Zeref with kindness or treated him like a regular person until Mavis came along, and Zeref taught her some magic. She was able to rescue Magnolia thanks to the power Zeref taught her. She went on to develop Fairy Tail as a result. While teaching her magic, Zeref started to fall in love.

Zeref and Mavis had to flee society when they found out that they were cursed. They reunited and briefly became lovers before the curse took hold and Mavis was sent into a death-like slumber. Zeref's kid was born as a culmination of their love. Zeref and Mavis reunited at the end of Fairy Tail's last fight and entered the afterlife together.

4) Gajeel+Levy (#Gajevy)


Gajeel and Levy were good friends and guildmates from the beginning of their guild's existence. However, they were part of opposing guilds when they initially met. During one-on-one combat with Levy and her colleagues, Gajeel brutally beat the group and tattooed the Phantom Lord's insignia on Levy's abdomen. Their relationship took an unexpected turn when they were reunited in the Fairy Tail guild.


While Levy was picked to participate in the S-Class Promotion Exam, she lacked self-confidence since she was one of the eight finalists. Gajeel, on the other hand, encouraged her and even offered to be her companion, making her blush.

Levy has proven to care for Gajeel's well-being, as seen by her presence on Tenrou Island while he was unconscious.

3) Gray+Juvia (#Gruvia)

#Gruvia (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

It's safe to say that Gray and Juvia have a special bond. Juvia fell in love at first sight, and it has now been verified that Gray shares her feelings as well. Mage's efforts to win his love failed as he was cold towards her approach. However, over time, his concern for her well-being turned into true, passionate love, as seen in the sequel.

2) Ntasu+Lucy (NaLu)

Natsu and Lucy, in Fairy tail (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

Natsu and Lucy have one of the most intimate connections among Fairy Tail's members, owing to Natsu's role in Lucy entering the guild. Together with Happy, they formed a team and now work as partners on projects. With Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster, and subsequently Wendy Marvell and Charle, Team Natsu was formed.

Natsu and Lucy had a tremendous deal of faith in each other, as was shown when Lucy leaped from the Phantom Lord Guild's Sky Prison as she was confident that Natsu would catch her. Lucy even reassures Happy if Natsu is absent or battling someone.

1) Jellal+Erza (#Jerza)


Erza and Jellal have been companions since they were little. At Jellal's suggestion, Erza took on the surname "Scarlet," and the two formed a close friendship while being captive in the petrifying Tower of Heaven. When Erza's slavers were torturing her, Jellal tried his utmost to defend her.

While Erza appreciated Jellal's strong sense of justice, she also looked up to him as a role model. Despite Jellal's betrayal, it was revealed that Erza cherished Jellal so much that she could never force herself to dislike him. As Jellal's influence wears off, she forgives him for his transgressions and mistakes.

A mutual attraction between Erza and Jellal emerges following the tragedies of the Heaven tower. Erza's demeanor softens when she converses with Jellal.

Fairy Tail ships that are fan-made

5) Romeo+Wendy (#RoWen)


Friends Romeo and Wendy care for each other's well-being, even though they don't communicate much. They're not that close, but they're the guild's youngest magic users.

Romeo and Wendy finally met after the 'Handsome Purfume' transformed everyone into Ichiyas. Despite Romeo's best efforts, he and Wendy were quickly encircled by Ichiya. Demonstrating his devotion to Wendy, Romeo selflessly risked his own so that she may flee.

4) Carla+Happy (#Cappy)

#Cappy (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

Carla is their love interest of Happy. At Master Bob's Palace, during the first alliance meeting, Happy first encountered Carla. She caught his fancy when he asked Lucy to feed her a fish. However, Carla paid no attention to him despite Happy's best efforts to win her favor.

However, once Carla joined Fairy Tail, her attitude towards Happy deteriorated when she advised him not to be near her. In the end, it's revealed that Carla's animosity for Happy has its origins in the fact that they're both from the realm of Edolas and that Happy is blissfully unaware of this.

3) Laxus+Mirajane (#Miraxus)


Fans feel that Laxus and Mirajane would make the prettiest pair, despite the fact that they don't receive much attention. There were just a few flashback moments with the two encouraging companions to each other as they connected throughout the series.

It's clear to Laxus that Mirajane is a formidable adversary and he takes her powers exceptionally seriously. They encourage one another and support each other in their endeavors.

2) Elfman+Evergreen (#Elfgreen)


Since Lisanna opted to be with Juvia, Elfman sought a companion for the S-Class trial, and Evergreen was enraged that Freed picked Bickslow for the position. They saw Mirajane at the S-Class trial and nearly evaded her clutches when Evergreen shockingly announced that they were getting married.

1) Natsu+Lisanna (#NaLi)

#NaLi (image via Studio A1 Pictures)

Although Natsu and Lisanna haven't been together for more than two years, they have a more extended connection than anybody else in the guild of the Fairy Tail.

The relationship they had, despite their distance, was never broken. Natsu vowed to find her following her supposed death. His efforts in the Edolas arc helped bring the two back together. Their relationship seemed to devolve into more of a friendship once they met Lucy.

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