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Shinra Kusakabe as seen in Fire Force (Image via David Production)

Fire Force: All Generation Levels explained

Fire Force has become one of the most popular Shonen animes that garnered praise for its bewitching animation and idiosyncratic plot. The anime features the Special Fire Force, who solves the secrets behind the Spontaneous Human Combustion Phenomenon and eradicates Infernals (humans who are turned into deformed fire monsters).

The characters in Fire Force can generate and manipulate fire with their Ignition Ability. People who have gained this ability are called Pyrokinetic, and they are classified into Generations, which pretty much speaks about the level of control they have over their Ignition ability.


This article will list all the Generation Levels that exist in the Fire Force franchise.


All Generation Levels of Fire Force explained


1) First Generation Pyrokinetic

Infernals as seen in Fire Force (Image via David Production)

The First Generation Pyrokinetics are also known as the Infernals. These misshapen fire creatures are humans who have fallen victim to the Spontaneous Human Combustion and transformed into Infernals. The First Generation Pyrokinetics are basically immortals who will live until the core inside their chest remains intact and undestroyed.


They are categorized into different types: Demon Infernal, Sentient Infernal, Artificial Infernal, Great Infernal, and Titanic Infernal.

2) Second Generation Pyrokinetic

Maki Oze as seen in Fire Force (Image via David Production)

The Second Generation Pyrokinetics are people who have harnessed the Ignition Ability by adapting the Spontaneous Human Combustion instead of transforming it into an Infernal. They can manipulate flames around them with ease, but they can’t generate their own flames.

These Generation Pyrokinetics have accumulated a high set of skills with their Ignition Ability which they use in different ways. Their proficiency in manipulating the flames surpasses even the likes of the Third Generation Pyrokinetic.

3) Third Generation Pyrokinetic

Arthur Boyle with his Excalibur Sword as seen in anime (Image via David Production)

The Third Generation Pyrokinetic, apart from manipulating flames efficiently, are also capable of generating them, either from their body or through a certain object. The only drawback of the Third Generation is that they can’t manipulate existing flames like the Second Generation Pyrokinetic.

Their physical abilities like strength, agility and endurance are greater than both first and second Generation Pyrokinetic. These Generations can generate electricity, superheating their flames into plasma, and even create mirages to confuse their enemies.

Some Third Generation Pyrokinetics with immense control over their flames can manifest weapons by shaping their flames and can even enhance their physical capabilities by energizing themselves with it.

4) Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic

Shinra Kusakabe defeating Tempe as seen in the anime (Image via David Production)

The Fourth Generation Pyrokinetics have been hailed as the strongest of all the previous three generations. These Pyrokinetics have awakened the Adolla Burst by connecting it to an Evangelist or an Adolla entity. The Adolla Burst, also known as the Genesis Flames, is regarded as "pure and unsullied.”

The Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic abilities can defy the very laws of physics. Sho Kusakabe can slow down time, and Shinra Kusakabe can accelerate to the speed of light.

5) Hybrid

Benimaru Shinmon as seen in the anime (Image via David Production)

Hybrids in the Fire Force are also referred to as the Fifth Generation Pyrokinetic. They possess the ability to use both Second and Third Generation Pyrokinetics as they can generate and manipulate flames with ease. Benimaru Shinmon, who is said to be the Mightiest soldier, is the only known Hybrid.

Due to his unique feat of having the abilities of the Second and Third Generation, Konro compares Benimaru to the god “Kagutsuji” (a god of fire in Japanese Mythology).

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