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Handyman Saitou in Another World: How to watch and what to expect

The Handyman Saitou in Another World anime series has been one of the surprise smash-hits of the Winter 2023 anime season. An adaptation of author and illustrator Kazutomo Ichitomo’s original manga, the series first aired in early January 2023, and received widespread acclaim after only three episodes.

Handyman Saitou in Another World is an isekai fantasy series in which the eponymous protagonist, Saitou, is transported to a fantasy world. He is then taken in by an adventure party, where he quickly proves himself indispensable to his new dysfunctional friends.


Follow along as this article fully breaks down how to watch Handyman Saitou in Another World, as well as what to expect from the series.

Handyman Saitou in Another World set to be a hit 2023 anime season based on initial reception and praise

Handyman Saitou in another world
C’est marrant haha

Handyman Saitou in Another World anime series premieres weekly in Japan on Sundays at 10:30 PM, Japanese Standard Time (JST). The Japanese broadcast can be watched on several channels, including AT-X, TOKYO MX, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto. An additional broadcast on BS NTV also began shortly after the series initially premiered.

International audiences can watch the anime series on Crunchyroll. As with many of their simulcast properties, there is a slight time delay between when the episode initially airs in Japan and when fans can watch it via the Crunchyroll platform, typically being roughly 1 hour. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime worldwide excluding Asia.

Future Handyman Saitou in Another World episodes will begin broadcasting in Japan at the following times for the corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 5:30 AM, Sunday
  • Eastern Standard Time: 8:30 AM, Sunday
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 1:30 PM, Sunday
  • Central European Summer Time: 2:30 PM, Sunday
  • Indian Standard Time: 7 PM, Sunday
  • Philippine Standard Time: 9:30 PM, Sunday
  • Japanese Standard Time: 10:30 PM, Sunday
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 11 PM, Sunday


What to expect (speculative)

TV Anime "Handyman Saitou in Another World" (Benriya Saitou-san, Isekai ni Iku) – New Trailer (Stills).

As mentioned above, the series follows the eponymous protagonist Saitou, who is a handyman from Japan. Despite his job skills, he feels inadequate, and he is eventually fired by his unappreciative boss. Due to being wrapped up in dejection over this development, he accidentally walks in front of a speeding truck, subsequently being sent to a fantasy world.

Saitou is then taken in by an adventuring party, where he quickly learns that each member’s personal quirks hinder their overall performance. Thus, he begins lending them a helping hand in various ways, eventually helping them to be more generally successful while also making him indispensable to his new friends.

As with most isekai anime, fans can expect Handyman Saitou in Another World to spend the first season establishing the major rules and facts of the new world Saitou finds himself in. A majority of this will likely be done via the framed narrative of Saitou’s group being recruited or volunteering for several different adventuring jobs.


The series is also heavily praised for featuring more slice-of-life scenes and situations than one would expect from a fantasy isekai anime. Likewise, the side characters generally seem more developed than most of their foils in other isekai series would be. While the majority of the first season will likely be episodic in nature, fans can expect the first season to end with some sort of overarching storyline across the final few installments.

Be sure to keep up with all Handyman Saito in Another World anime news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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