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Gabimaru is set to face likely his toughest challenge yet in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku anime foreshadows Gabimaru's first fight against a major villain

The preview for Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku episode 9 was posted to the television anime series’ official Twitter account on Friday, June 2, 2023. After the episode was unfortunately delayed by one week, fans are more excited than ever to see how Gabimaru and Sagiri’s expedition for the fabled Elixir of Life turns out.

Especially exciting for fans is that the Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku episode 9 preview seemingly teases a major fight against an overwhelming opponent for Gabimaru in the upcoming episode. The preview shows Gabimaru going against the being who killed Tenza in the previous episode, whose identity is still a mystery in the anime.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku Manga.

Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku episode 9 set to feature Gabimaru's battle against Zhu Jin of the Lord Tensen


Zhu Jin vs Gabimaru in the preview






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As mentioned above, the Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku episode 9 preview predominantly features Gabimaru fighting against the unknown being and getting overpowered. Those who have read the manga know that this being is called Zhu Jin, one of the seven beings who are collectively called Lord Tensen.

TheFighting Zhu Jin is Gabimaru's first foray into being truly outclassed in the Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku manga. The preview also hints at a gathering of the Lord Tensen, which means that the episode will adapt chapter 26 from the manga. Along with Ju Fa and Tao Fa, Rien is also recognizable in the preview.

Given that Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku anime has been chronologically experimental, it cannot be said whether they will adapt Gabimaru's entire fight against Zhu Jin, but there is a high possibility of the same.


A brief recap of Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku episode 8

#Jigokuraku Ep.8

I thought there'd only be 2 Tensen but a 3rd Appeared and Man is this one Unnerving. Tensen are such weird creatures, are they plants or people, who knows but we do learn more about Tenza and he's cool.

#Anime #Manga #Gabimaru #Sagiri #Paradise #HellsParadise

Zhu Jin was first introduced in the previous episode, where they accosted Tenza and Nurugai. Zhu Jin’s offensive and healing skills overwhelmed the two, leaving both in a dangerous situation. This was when Yamada Asaemon Shion stepped in, giving Tenza and Nurugai an opportunity to rest briefly.

This also signaled a shift in the narrative due to his speaking with Tenza, revealing a shocking truth about his past. Shion, meanwhile, continued to chide Tenza for recklessly fighting. He also shared a potential escape route off of the island, but as he said this, an unfamiliar presence was felt.

As Tenza begged Shion to save Nurugai, the two entered into a debate about their duties as Yamada Asaemon. This eventually led to a reconciliation between the two, the emotional impact of which was heightened by their recent brush with death.

Really love how they made Gui Fa’s height as somewhere between male and female forms because they’re in the neutral state 🥹

However, Zhu Jin then returned, this time appearing as a female and catching them by surprise. After a bloody battle, Tenza finally succumbed to his injuries while Shion took Nurugai and ran away from the place, even as the young girl berated him for abandoning his student. Zhu Jin was seen standing above the collapsed body of Tenza.

The episode then continued onward with a flashback focusing on the two’s past, giving context to their relationship. Essentially, Shion felt guilty over the fate of his former student, Tesshin, who turned to crime and was executed by Shion himself. This reminded Tenza of his own journey from street criminal to Yamada Asaemon, with the episode ending with both having a deeper appreciation for each other.

Be sure to keep up with all Hell’s Paradise - Jigokuraku anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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