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Pele and Blue Lock’s Isagi join forces (Image Via Getty & 8bit)

How Blue Lock could immortalize soccer's greatest legend Pelé

Blue Lock is known for integrating real-life situations and players into its story to give the setting added weight and realism. Players such as Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Eric Cantona have all been mentioned alongside their anime likenesses in the show.

Jinpachi Ego's program in Blue Lock is all about finding Japan’s greatest soccer genius, and there’s no player who was more of a genius in his time than soccer's iconic World Cup champion, Pelé.


As the talented players of Blue Lock continually face challenges designed to bring out their hidden potential, the series has also found a way to draw attention to the legendary striker.

Pelé's appearance in Blue Lock

Pele as seen in Blue Lock (Image Via 8bit)

In Blue Lock, Pelé was used as an example as Jinpachi Ego explained the type of ideal striker he was setting out to create. While this was a great shoutout, there is another possible manner in which Pelé could be even better represented in the series.


Given that Ego's main goal is to create a player who can win the World Cup for Japan, making his ideal player face up against the most winning player in the history of the World Cup as a final trial would only seem like the logical decision.

Given the technological advances portrayed in the show, that wouldn't be nearly as impossible as it may first appear.

Isagi encountered advanced training technology during the Second Selection


At the start of the second selection, Isagi is sent into an individual trial to determine if he’s cut out to be the kind of scorer Japan's national team needs. The trial consists of a single goal and a holographic goalkeeper who, due to the use of state-of-the-art technology, can physically interact with and even block the ball.


Isagi has to put his skills and Soccer IQ to full use in order to score, and it really demonstrates the great potential he has as a player. Considering this type of holographic technology has already been used in the real world to immortalize popular figures like Tupac Shakur, introducing Pelé as the show’s final trial to test the player's ability wouldn’t be outside the range of possibility.

Legends like Pelé need to be immortalized through popular media like Blue Lock

Pele in Black & White (Image Via FIFA)

Pelé is often hailed as the greatest soccer player of all time, and that title makes sense, considering he still holds several unbeaten records even now.

His recent passing has only put a magnifying glass on his unparalleled achievements in soccer, as fans all over the world consider his lasting influence on the sport.

Isagi in Blue Lock (Image Via 8bit)

Being able to even stand on the same pitch as Pelé, let alone go toe-to-toe with him in a match, would certainly prove any striker's worth, and could also further accentuate the greatness that is Pelé for younger audiences. Having a deep understanding of the history of a sport is vital for the next generation, and there is no medium of art that is more equipped to deliver that message than anime.

While he has already been immortalized through his inventive playstyle and relentless ability to score goals, Pelé’s inclusion in popular forms of modern media only raises awareness of his greatness for the younger generation who may never get to see him play otherwise.

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