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Shoto Todoroki has been through a lot in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

How did Todoroki from My Hero Academia get his scar?

My Hero Academia fans should be aware of how Shoto Todoroki got his scar in the first place.

There are three distinguishable features of this popular character. Besides his heterochromatic eyes and split hair colors, he also carries a burned scar across his left eye. When he was first introduced in My Hero Academia, many fans wondered if something happened to him.


Unfortunately for Shoto, he grew up in a very difficult household. Enji Todoroki, also known by his hero name Endeavor, married a woman named Rei for political reasons. He wanted Shoto to inherit both of their Quirks. However, Enji's overbearing nature became too much for his family.

Warning: This article will deal with topics such as childhood abuse.


Here is a quick recap of how Shoto Todoroki got his scar in My Hero Academia


Some scars just never seem to fade away. Shoto Todoroki has been through a lot of abuse in his childhood, both physically and mentally. This article will take a brief look at how Shoto got his scar.

His mother gave it to him during a mental breakdown


During the Sports Festival arc, Shoto had a flashback to his childhood. It was revealed that his mother threw a pot of boiling water at his face. This is how Shoto ended up with his burn scar in My Hero Academia.

However, when Rei realized what had happened, she broke down into tears and used her Ice Quirk to heal Shoto.

Rei was briefly disconnected from reality due to a mental breakdown. For several years, her abusive husband kept taking out his frustrations on her. Rei had just reached a breaking point in that moment. When Shoto entered the kitchen, she was triggered by his red hair, which reminded her of Endeavor.

Needless to say, Endeavor wasn't a good father


There is a reason why so many fans despise Enji Todoroki. For several years, he desperately wanted to surpass All Might as Japan's number one hero. When he realized it would never happen, he wanted to have a son to carry on that legacy.

Sadly, he was very hard on his entire family. Shoto went through a lot of physical abuse just to train his fire and ice Quirk. At the start of My Hero Academia, he became completely distant with his father. It wasn't until the Pro Hero arc that Enji tried to make it up to his family.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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